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Signs Your Dog is Bored and What You Can Do

Dogs can get bored just like us. They have limited entertainment options. They have no jobs and are unable to go to the park on their own. Dogs don’t even get to walk by themselves but consider us their primary source of entertainment.

We make their schedules so they can eat, exercise, play, and go to bed. Dogs that are bored often get into trouble when they don’t have enough activities.

There are many ways to know if your dog is bored.

1. Excessive Barking and Chewing

Dog boredom often results in excessive chewing. It’s caused by a lack of stimulation. These include digging in the garden and chewing on our shoes.

In order to curb destructive behavior, it is important to teach your dog how to be constructive. Too often we focus on punishing our dogs but fail to teach them how to behave. It is our duty to model good behavior for our dogs.

2. Attention Seeking (Barking or Whining).

My dog doesn’t hesitate to tell me she’s bored. If that fails, she will approach me and touch my hand. The whining, grumbling, and sighing begin. Dogs know how to get our attention. Barking (or demanding barking), is a good way to get our attention.

They may not bark or whine if they’re bored, but some will still get up at people if they feel bored. This is called attention-seeking behavior. Your dog may be bored or seeking out something new.

You should ensure your dog has a daily routine. It was easier to manage your attention-seeking dog by having a routine every day. She can sense when it’s her turn to exercise, walk, eat, or relax.

Dogs love schedules. They are creatures that do things in a predictable way. If you give your dog a daily routine, they’ll know what to do. Dogs feel more secure if their food is delivered at the exact same time every day.

They don’t have to worry about when it will happen. The same goes for activities and exercise. Your dog will learn how to play, walk and relax with a consistent routine.

Dogs are drawn to routines. It’s a great way to teach them when to play and when it’s time to relax. It is important that you and your dog find a routine that works.

3. Follow You Around (Velcro Dog Syndrome).

Do you have an adult dog that goes with you everywhere? Boredom could be the culprit. Our primary source of entertainment is our dogs.

We make major decisions such as when we go to the park. Dogs are naturally attracted to what we do.
Dogs that follow you around do not always do it out of boredom.

Some dogs simply love to be near their owners. Others are bred as lap dogs. It is fine if your dog follows along with you calmly.
You decide whether it is endearing or encourages independence.

4. Digging

Boredom can lead dogs to dig when they are bored. This can damage your lawn and property.

Dog digging in the snow

5. Over Excitement

Even though your dog will always be happy when you’re not there, her excessive greetings could indicate that she likes being around you.

6. Excessive Licking

You might feel that your dog is trying to be friendly by constantly touching or licking your skin. Sometimes, however, excessive licking may signify that she’s bored.

7. Pacing

Dogs may also pace when they feel bored or fidgety. Those that are bored or have extra energy might pace through rooms, fences, or hallways.

Panting can happen for many reasons. Heat, physical exertion, pain, and your dog’s breed can all cause it. Panting in your dog could be due to boredom, anxiety, or both.

8. Scratching Without a Physical Explanation

Boredom may manifest in dogs as snatching, biting or chewing. After checking for allergies, it could be why your dog behaves this way.

9. Toys: Taking Out The Stuffing

Your dog might enjoy the destructive play. She might become bored if you return home and find all the fluff.

How to Get Rid of Doggie Boredom

It is possible to keep your dog healthy and happy and avoid boredom-related behavior. Your dog’s energy can be channeled to other outlets. These are some ways you can help her avoid boredom.

Use Doggie Boredom Busters

As a puppy, my dog was very mischievous. To stop this dog from tearing down the house, I would offer it mental stimulation such as a food puzzle or a Kong stuffed with frozen treats.

Even though they seem very small, these little boredom busters can be mentally exhausting to dogs. It’s more than just physical exercise.

Boredom can be a cause of behavioral issues. But it doesn’t suffice to simply get more exercise. It won’t take your dog long to get tired. A frozen Kong can be as long as a 30-minute stroll.

Dogs love to exercise and get mental stimulation. It is possible to add training sessions to your dog’s day.

Boredom can be relieved by teaching your dog to chase bubbles. It’s fun, easy, and cheap. It is important that your dog does not consume too many calories. This can cause upset stomachs.

Give Your Dog Enough Exercise

You need to discover why your dog jumps up when you stand up. They will likely have extra energy. Are you ensuring your dog is getting enough exercise? Are you giving her mental stimulation every day?

Do you walk your dog every day? It is a great exercise option for dogs and a way to stimulate their brains. It’s an integral part of your dog’s routine. They love to go outside. Frisbee is a great way to get your dog active.

Dogs may need more stimulation mentally if they are getting enough exercise. I enjoy playing Find the Treats with my dog or giving him a Kong stuffed full of healthy treats. This is one way I love to mentally exhaust her.

Dog owners often work eight hours per day. This allows your dog to go free on the streets. Dogs left alone can get bored which can lead to problems.


It is a thing of joy to have a mentally stimulated, well-trained dog in your house. Although you might not love every minute of your day together, boredom will not be an issue.

If you have any other ideas on ways to relieve a dog’s boredom we would love to hear from you.

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