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Dog jumping into blue lake with trees in background

How to Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs

Dogs have a thick, warm fur coat. They also sweat to regulate their body temperature. In some cases, however, panting may not be enough. As a dog’s body heat rises, so do its chances of suffering from heat-related illnesses. Heatstroke can occur in dogs due to hot weather, lack of air, and humidity. In extreme … Read more

What Is a Probiotic For Dogs?

Probiotics is a hot topic for dog parents these days. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about probiotics for dogs. What are Probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria that live in the dog’s body, primarily in the stomach, colon, and intestines. They are good bacteria because they are helpful to … Read more

Spotted dalmation mother feeding her puppies

Guide to Caring for a Pregnant Dog

You must give your dog the extra care she requires during pregnancy. You have many options to prepare her for labor and delivery. This is also known as whelping. You can learn as much as you need to know to prepare for when she delivers the puppies. Care during Pregnancy You should consult your veterinarian … Read more

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