Go Dog Go Fetch Machine – Christmas Gift Review

Jack Russell Terrier with giant ball at tennis court

Throwing a ball for your beloved furry friend to tirelessly fetch and return may be one of his favorite pastimes. Playing fetch with your dog provides plenty of benefits to your furry companion. It keeps them mentally stimulated and promotes greater health through exercise. How about when you’re out all day and your dog is … Read more

9 Amazing Dog Sleeping Positions and Their Meaning


Dogs often sleep in strange positions, such as lying down, belly up, or in a ball. Your dog’s choice of the sleeping position may depend on the temperature, how active they are, and how trusting you are. Who doesn’t like a dog snuggled up against their feet or in a semi-constrained position while they sleep? … Read more

What Is a Probiotic For Dogs?

Probiotics is a hot topic for dog parents these days. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about probiotics for dogs. What are Probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria that live in the dog’s body, primarily in the stomach, colon, and intestines. They are good bacteria because they are helpful to … Read more

Gift Guide for Dog Lovers – Dog is Good

Dogs are indeed one of the most magical and amusing creatures on earth. Dog parents really are a special breed of humans. They love their dogs unconditionally and often talk about them to other people non-stop, even if they don’t want to hear about them. Stuck for gift ideas for dog lovers? If you are … Read more