Cute golden retriever laying on concrete pavers with a black harness and leash

Tips to Put on a Dog Harness

A harness is the best way to walk your dog. Harnesses are complex for dogs to slip from and protect them against neck strain for pullers. Dog handlers will find it easier to walk their dogs on a leash with harnesses. They reduce the desire to pull the dog and make it easier to correct … Read more

Dog Looking at Santa in Front of Fireplace

Dog Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun, celebrations, presents, and sumptuous feasts. It is the perfect time to do things that you’ve been putting off because you can’t carve out time for them (Excuse the pun!). Well, Christmas is coming, and you know what that means! Of course it’s a gift-giving season! If you want to … Read more

How to Safely Leave Your Dog Home Alone

It can be challenging to leave your dog alone. Dogs view us as part of their pack. However, it is not always possible to spend every moment with our furry friends. It is best to show our dogs as parents that being alone at home isn’t a problem. Otherwise, they may develop separation anxiety. It … Read more

Dog jumping into blue lake with trees in background

How to Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs

Dogs have a thick, warm fur coat. They also sweat to regulate their body temperature. In some cases, however, panting may not be enough. As a dog’s body heat rises, so do its chances of suffering from heat-related illnesses. Heatstroke can occur in dogs due to hot weather, lack of air, and humidity. In extreme … Read more

How to Prevent Dog Theft

Dog theft, also known as dog napping, can be distressing for both pets and parent. It is increasing in the US, UK, and other countries. Some estimates suggest that dog thefts have increased by 250% since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. This post will show you how to prevent dog theft. Are you … Read more

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