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Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids: Our 5 Top Picks for Family Pets

Introduction For Dog Breeds That Are Great With Kids

Choosing Dog Breeds That Are Great With Kids is like picking a new family member – it’s a mix of excitement, a bit of anxiety, and constant queries of “Are we there yet?” from the backseat of life. Deciding on the perfect canine companion involves more than just falling for a pair of puppy eyes; it’s about finding that fluffy piece that perfectly fits your family puzzle. Here’s why certain dog breeds are tail-wagging champions for households with children:

  • Natural Babysitters: Some breeds just have a knack for dealing with the pint-sized humans in your life. They’re the furry equivalent of a favorite fun uncle or aunt – always ready for playtime, yet gentle and patient.
  • Energy to Match: Kids are like little balls of energy, and so are many dog breeds! Finding a breed that matches your kids’ energy levels means playdates are sorted, and everyone’s happy (and hopefully a little more tired by bedtime).
  • A Learning Experience: Integrating a dog into your family is like adding an extra-curricular activity. Kids learn about responsibility, empathy, and the value of companionship.

In short, when you’re browsing through the list of “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids”, you’re not just looking for a pet; you’re choosing a new playmate, teacher, and family member who will leave paw prints all over your hearts (and maybe a bit on your couch too). Let’s wag our way through the best picks for your family’s new furry friend! 🐾👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Why Some Breeds are Better with Kids

Temperament Traits Ideal for Children

When it comes to finding the perfect match from the “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” think of it as seeking a furry sidekick for your little superheroes. Kids and dogs share a lot: a love for playtime, seemingly endless energy, and, let’s be honest, a mysterious fondness for occasionally eating things off the floor. Here’s what makes certain breeds stand out:

  • Patience is a Virtue: Just like a seasoned kindergarten teacher, the best breeds for kids are those that display an almost saint-like patience. Whether it’s tolerating dress-up sessions or understanding that the tiny human might not always play by the rules, these dogs are unflappable.
  • Playfulness Galore: A dog that can keep up with your child’s energy is like a live-in playmate. They’re ready for action, whether it’s fetch in the yard or a spirited game of chase around the living room.
  • The Protector Role: Many dog breeds come with a built-in bodyguard feature. They’re like furry superheroes, always keeping a watchful eye on their younger, more vulnerable human siblings.

In essence, the ideal dog breeds for kids are those that blend the energy of a playmate with the protective instincts of a guardian, all wrapped up in a patient and loving package. It’s not just about finding a pet; it’s about welcoming a new, furry family member who’s ready for every playdate and adventure your kids can dream up.

Size and Strength Considerations

In the quest for “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” size and strength play a role as crucial as the secret ingredient in your grandma’s famous cookie recipe. Yes, size matters, but it’s just part of the bigger (or smaller) picture. Here’s the scoop on how size and strength can impact the family-pet dynamic:

  • Big Dogs, Big Hearts, Big Spaces: Larger breeds often come with a ‘gentle giant’ label. They’re robust enough to handle the exuberance of high-energy kids. However, remember, they’re like living, breathing, tail-wagging SUVs. They need more room to roam and can, albeit accidentally, turn a simple game of tag into a bowling match with your toddler as the pin.
  • Small Dogs, Big Personalities: Smaller breeds might fit perfectly in your lap or a cozy apartment, but don’t underestimate their spirit. They can be feisty and full of energy, perfect for play but sometimes a bit overwhelming for very young children.
  • Strength in Play: A dog’s strength is like a superhero’s power – it needs to be used wisely. Stronger breeds might not realize their own power, especially in play. It’s important to teach both your kids and your canine how to play safely to avoid any accidental ‘Hulk-smash’ moments.

In short, when choosing from the “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” consider your living space, the age of your kids, and how a dog’s size and strength will fit into that mix. It’s like choosing a new car – you want one that fits all your passengers comfortably and safely, with enough trunk space for all their adventures.

Big dog watching TV.
My Gentle Giant Saffron checking out her favorite TV show..

Top Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids

Labrador Retriever

The Epitome of Family Dog

If there’s a canine equivalent to the high school quarterback who’s also the prom king, it’s the Labrador Retriever. These dogs are like the popular kids in school – friendly, outgoing, and always the first picked for a game of fetch. They’re not just a top choice among “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids”; they’re practically the poster pups for the category.

  • Mr. Popular of the Dog Park: Labradors have a reputation for being high-spirited companions, perfect for keeping up with energetic kids. Their playful nature and love for outdoor activities make them ideal for families seeking a furry addition to their adventure squad.
  • Training with a Tail Wag: Labs are known for their intelligence and eagerness to please, making training sessions more of a fun game than a chore. They pick up on commands as quickly as they do tennis balls.
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: Remember, a tired Lab is a happy Lab. Their energy levels are akin to a kid after a candy binge. Regular exercise is crucial – a perfect excuse to drag the kids away from screens and into the great outdoors for some quality family time.

In essence, the Labrador Retriever is more than just a pet; it’s a furry bundle of joy, ready to bring laughter, energy, and a bit of slobber into your family life. They embody the joy and companionship that every family seeks when searching for the perfect dog breed to add to their clan.

Close up of a black labrador sleeping
My Black Labrador Retriever Narla having a snooze.

Golden Retriever

Preteen boy sitting on green grass with pack of fluffy Golden Retriever dogs in summer

The Gold Standard of Family Pets

Golden Retrievers are the epitome of the cool aunt in the dog world, always ready for a game of Frisbee or a snuggle session on the couch. They’re the fur-covered answer to the quest for “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” bringing a blend of joy, gentleness, and patience to any family.

  • Gentle and Patient: Known for their kind nature, Goldens are like walking, wagging, slobbering therapy sessions. They have an incredible amount of patience, making them a fantastic match for families with kids who are learning the ropes of pet ownership.
  • Playful Yet Calm: These dogs strike the perfect balance between being playful and laid-back. They’re up for an impromptu game of tag but are just as happy lounging around during movie night, probably hogging most of the couch.
  • A Heart of Gold: Golden Retrievers aren’t just about good looks and a shiny coat; they have hearts of gold. They form deep bonds with their family members, both big and small, and often become a child’s most trusted confidant.

In conclusion, Golden Retrievers are more than just a family pet; they’re a furry member of the family who brings a sense of calm, a lot of love, and maybe a bit of drool. They’re the perfect blend of fun and tranquility, making them a top pick among “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids.” Plus, who can resist that golden fluff?

Health and Exercise

Golden Retrievers, a shining star in the lineup of “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” require a bit more than just love and cuddles to keep their tails wagging. Think of them as a fancy car; they’re gorgeous and reliable, but they do need regular check-ups and the occasional tune-up.

  • Daily Dose of Exercise: Goldens have energy to burn. Regular exercise isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a must. Whether it’s a game of fetch, a brisk walk, or a run in the park, these dogs need to stretch their legs and burn off that golden energy. It’s a great way to keep the kids active too – double win!
  • Health Check-Ups: Just like cars need their oil changed, Goldens need regular vet check-ups. They can be prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia, heart problems, and ear infections. Regular vet visits help keep these issues in check and ensure your furry family member stays healthy and happy.
  • Nutrition is Key: Just as you wouldn’t fuel a high-performance car with low-grade gasoline, feeding your Golden high-quality food is crucial. Proper nutrition keeps their coat shiny, their energy levels up, and supports overall health.

Remember, owning a Golden Retriever is a commitment to their health and happiness. It’s about more than just enjoying their fluffy company; it’s about ensuring they remain an active, healthy part of the family for years to come. So, while they may not need oil changes or new spark plugs, they do need love, care, and the occasional trip to the doggy doctor.


A beautiful hound dog sits on a green grass lawn looking at the camera,  with sunlight backlighting her head.  Horizontal with copy space.

Small Size, Big Personality

In the diverse world of “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” Beagles are like the compact cars – ideal for smaller living spaces and packing a personality that can rival any oversized SUV. They’re the perfect blend of size and spirit for families, especially those with younger kids.

  • Ideal for Younger Kids: Beagles are not too big and not too small – they’re just right. Their manageable size makes them perfect for little hands learning to pet gently and big enough to be robust playmates.
  • Compact and Adaptable: Living in a smaller space? No problem. Beagles are adaptable and can thrive in various living situations, as long as they get their daily dose of exercise and mental stimulation. Think of them as the versatile hatchback with surprising trunk space.
  • Personality Plus: Don’t let their size fool you. Beagles are full of character. They’re curious, friendly, and have a nose for adventure. They might be small, but their personalities are anything but. Expect a lot of sniffs, a lot of exploring, and a whole lot of love.
  • Great for Play: These dogs love to play, making them fantastic companions for children who need a playful, energetic friend. From tug-of-war to hide-and-seek, a Beagle is always up for a good time.

In essence, Beagles are a wonderful option for families looking for a smaller dog with a big heart. They embody the joy and companionship that make “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids” such an important choice for any family, fitting perfectly into the tapestry of a busy, loving household. With a Beagle, expect a big-dog personality in a compact, family-friendly package.

The Nose Knows

Among the “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” Beagles hold a special title as the Sherlock Holmes of the canine world. Their sense of smell is not just good; it’s superpowered. This trait shapes much of their behavior and can be both amusing and a bit challenging for families.

  • Sniffing Adventures: Beagles are born sniffers. Their world revolves around scents. This means walks can turn into sniffing marathons, as they explore every nook and cranny with their noses. It’s like having a four-legged detective in the house, always on the case of The Missing Sock or The Great Backyard Mystery.
  • Food Detectives: If there’s food around, trust your Beagle to find it. They’re like living, breathing food detectors, able to sniff out snacks from two rooms away. This also means you’ll need to be clever about where you stash the treats.
  • Training Challenges: Their strong sense of smell can sometimes lead them astray, especially during training sessions. It’s like trying to get a food critic to focus on a book review while sitting in a bakery.
  • Interactive Play: Use their sniffing skills to your advantage. Hide-and-seek games, scent trails, and puzzle toys that involve finding treats can keep their minds and noses happily engaged.

In short, a Beagle’s nose is their superpower, making them a fascinating and engaging choice among “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids.” Just remember, with a Beagle, life is never dull. It’s filled with sniffing, exploring, and the occasional unexpected snack discovery.


Two English Bulldogs dog puppy outdoors meeting

Couch Potato Companion

In the realm of “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” Bulldogs are the epitome of the chill, laid-back companion. They’re like that friend who’s always ready for a movie marathon, content to lounge on the couch with some popcorn (or dog treats, in their case). Here’s why they’re the perfect low-energy buddy for your family:

  • Relaxation Experts: Bulldogs have turned relaxation into an art form. They’re happiest when snuggled up next to their human pals, making them perfect for families who prefer quiet evenings over rowdy outdoor activities.
  • Movie Night Aficionados: If your idea of family time involves watching films or binge-watching TV shows, a Bulldog will be your enthusiastic partner. They might not follow the plot, but they’re all about the snuggles and warmth.
  • Kid-Friendly Mellow Vibe: Their calm demeanor makes them great companions for kids. Unlike more energetic breeds, Bulldogs are less likely to inadvertently knock over or overwhelm younger children.
  • Low Exercise Needs: While they do need some exercise to stay healthy, Bulldogs are far from being workout warriors. A short walk and some playtime are usually enough to keep them happy and fit.

Bulldogs, with their relaxed approach to life and loveable, wrinkly faces, make excellent family pets. They fit perfectly into households where calm and comfort are valued, proving that in the world of “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” sometimes the best option is the one that’s happiest just lounging by your side.

Easy Maintenance

When you’re browsing through “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” it’s worth noting that Bulldogs score extra points for being low-maintenance. They’re like the easy-going friend who doesn’t need a fancy night out to have a good time – a simple hangout will do. Here’s why Bulldogs are a practical choice for families:

  • Minimal Grooming: Bulldogs aren’t divas in the grooming department. They require occasional brushing, but you won’t find yourself in a never-ending battle with dog hair or booking monthly haircuts. It’s more of a quick comb-through, and voilà – they’re ready for their day.
  • Skin Care Basics: While they don’t need much in the way of grooming, their skin folds do require regular cleaning. It’s like giving your dog a mini spa treatment at home, keeping them clean and comfy.
  • Exercise Light: Bulldogs are not exactly gym enthusiasts. A short walk and a little playtime are sufficient to keep them healthy. They’re the perfect match for families who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle.
  • The Snore Factor: One charming quirk of Bulldogs is their snoring. It’s a unique soundtrack that can range from gentle purring to a rumble that might remind you of Grandpa napping in his favorite chair.

In summary, Bulldogs, with their low-maintenance and relaxed demeanor, fit seamlessly into a busy family’s lifestyle. They’re the easygoing, snuggly addition that many families look for in “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” bringing joy and a bit of humor (in the form of snores) into the household.

English Mastiff

Close-up of an English mastiffs Head.

Gentle Giants

When it comes to “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” English Mastiffs are like the gentle giants of the canine universe. They’re the living embodiment of a child’s giant teddy bear, except these fluffy pals come with a bit more drool and a heart full of love.

  • Size and Temperament: Despite their imposing size, English Mastiffs are known for their gentle and affectionate nature. They’re like the big, friendly giant in a dog’s body, always ready for a cuddle or a lazy afternoon nap.
  • Kid-Friendly Goliaths: Their size might seem intimidating, but these dogs are famously patient and loving with children. They’re the protective big brother or sister every kid dreams of – always there to watch over their little human siblings.
  • Drool is Part of the Deal: Let’s face it, with an English Mastiff, you’re signing up for a bit of a drool fest. But what’s a little drool between family members? It’s just their way of saying, “I love you.”
  • Exercise Needs: Despite their size, Mastiffs aren’t high-energy dogs. A few short walks and some playtime in the yard are enough to keep them happy and healthy.

In essence, English Mastiffs are a perfect addition to families looking for a large, loving dog breed that’s great with kids. They bring the warmth and protection of a guardian with the gentleness of a best friend, making them a beloved member of any family they join. Just be ready for a bit of slobber and lots of big, loving cuddles.

Space and Grooming

When considering “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” especially the larger varieties like English Mastiffs or Saint Bernards, it’s important to remember that these gentle giants need their space and a bit of beauty care. They’re not just pets; they’re like a furry, four-legged DIY project for the whole family.

  • Room to Roam: Big dogs need room to stretch their legs. A spacious backyard or frequent trips to the park are ideal. It’s like having a mini horse; they need their gallops and trots just as much as a Chihuahua needs a lap to sit on.
  • Grooming Sessions: Regular grooming is a must. It’s not just about keeping them looking good; it’s about keeping them comfortable and healthy. Think of it as spa day, but with more fur and the occasional treat as a bribe.
  • Family Bonding Activity: Grooming and exercise can be fun family activities. Kids can help with brushing or play fetch, turning routine care into quality family time. It’s like a bonding session, but with more fur and slobbery toys.
  • The Right Tools: Invest in the right grooming tools – a good brush, nail clippers, and doggy shampoo. It’s like gearing up for a gardening project, only fluffier and with more tail wags.

Owning a large dog breed is a commitment that comes with its own set of joys and challenges. But for families willing to provide the space and care these dogs need, the reward is a loyal, loving companion that’s great with kids and becomes an irreplaceable part of the family dynamic. Just remember, the bigger the dog, the more love (and fur) there is to go around!


A purebred Boxer dog standing outdoors and listening with a head tilt

Energetic and Protective

Boxers, a standout in the lineup of “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” are the canine equivalent of a personal bodyguard, except they’re more likely to lick an intruder than scare them off. They combine energy and protection in a lovable, drooling package, perfect for families seeking a playful yet vigilant pet.

  • Always On Duty: Boxers are naturally protective, always keeping a watchful eye on their family. They’re like your personal security team, except they work for treats and belly rubs.
  • High-Energy Playmates: If your kids are looking for a tireless playmate, Boxers are up for the challenge. Their energy is almost limitless – they’re the type of dog that can play fetch for hours and still be ready for more.
  • Loyal Companions: Loyalty is a Boxer’s middle name. They form strong bonds with their family members and are particularly gentle and patient with children.
  • Slobber and Wiggles: With a Boxer, expect a fair amount of drool – it’s their way of adding a bit of extra love to everything. And their wiggle? It’s legendary. A Boxer’s wiggle is like a full-body handshake of happiness.

In essence, Boxers are an excellent choice for families looking for a dog that’s both fun-loving and protective. They bring a unique blend of joy, loyalty, and a little bit of goofiness to the home, making them a perfect fit among “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids.” Just be prepared for high energy, lots of play, and a protective streak that ensures your family always has a four-legged friend watching out for them.

Keeping Them Busy

Boxers, renowned among “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids” for their boundless energy, are like the fitness instructors of the dog world. They’re perfect for active families or those looking to add a bit more pep to their step. Keeping a Boxer busy is key to their happiness (and yours).

  • Daily Exercise is a Must: A quick stroll around the block? That’s just a warm-up for a Boxer. They thrive on longer walks, runs, and play sessions. It’s like having a personal trainer who’s always eager to go for one more round.
  • Playtime Galore: Fetch, tug-of-war, and agility games are great ways to channel their energy. It’s not just exercise; it’s a fun bonding time that will tire out both the kids and the dog.
  • Mental Stimulation: Boxers aren’t just brawn; they need brain games too. Puzzle toys and training sessions keep their minds as active as their bodies, ensuring a well-rounded fitness routine.
  • Family Activities: They make great companions for family hikes, trips to the park, or any outdoor adventure. With a Boxer, every outing becomes an exercise in fun.

Having a Boxer means you’re signing up for an active lifestyle, but the rewards are immense. Not only do they help keep the family fit, but their enthusiasm and love for life are contagious. They’re more than just a pet; they’re a joyful, energetic addition to any family, especially those with kids who can match their high-energy antics. Just lace up your sneakers, and you’re ready for the Boxer-led fitness journey!

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Allergy Considerations

When exploring “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids,” it’s important to consider the ‘achoo’ factor. Allergies can turn what should be a joyous relationship into a sneeze-fest. Here’s a quick snout-to-tail rundown:

  • Hypoallergenic Heroes: Some breeds are more suitable for allergy sufferers. Think of them as the canine version of a hypoallergenic pillow – less sneezing, more cuddling.
  • Regular Grooming: Even non-hypoallergenic breeds can be manageable with regular grooming. It’s like dusting your house but with more wagging and wet noses.
  • Cleanliness is Key: Keeping your home (and your new furry friend) clean can help minimize allergens. It’s a bit more work, but hey, who doesn’t like a clean house?

Remember, when it comes to allergies, choosing the right dog can make the difference between a house full of happy tail wags and one full of tissues.

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Shredded Chicken closeup with gravy

Your Family’s Lifestyle

Selecting from “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids” is a lot like choosing a dance partner – you’ve got to match the rhythm! Your family’s lifestyle is the music to which your future pet will wag its tail.

  • Active or Relaxed?: If your family loves hiking and outdoor adventures, an energetic breed will keep pace. But, if movie nights are more your jam, a couch potato pup might be the ticket.
  • Space Considerations: Got a big backyard or living the cozy apartment life? Choose a breed that fits comfortably into your living space.

Remember, harmony in energy levels is key. It ensures a smooth and joyful life with your new furry family member, with fewer stepped-on toes!

Long-term Commitment

Welcoming one of the “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids” into your home is more than a festive decision – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Here’s the long-haul lowdown:

  • Years of Companionship: Dogs are a long-term commitment, bringing years of joy, fur, and unconditional love.
  • Time and Care: Beyond the cuddles, there’s training, vet visits, and yes, mastering the art of yard cleanup.
  • Financial Responsibility: From food to healthcare, your furry friend is part of your budget planning.

So, remember, when you bring home a dog, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re gaining a loyal family member for years to come – poop bags and all!

Getting Your Kids Involved

Choosing the Dog Together

Involving your kids in selecting from “Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids” is a fantastic family activity. It’s like giving them a say in the dinner menu – the excitement is real!

  • Educational Experience: It teaches kids about responsibility and the importance of making informed choices.
  • Family Bonding: Discussing and agreeing on a breed can strengthen family bonds – it’s teamwork in action.

Remember, while their choice might lean towards the fluffiest or the one with the biggest eyes, it’s a great opportunity to guide them towards understanding the responsibilities that come with a pet. Plus, it’s way more fun than choosing broccoli over pizza!

Teaching Responsibility and Care

Having a dog teaches kids responsibility, from feeding to walking to understanding the importance of poop bags. It’s like a fun, furry class in growing up.

Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids FAQ Section

When it comes to choosing the perfect canine companion for your family, especially when kids are involved, questions abound. It’s natural to wonder about the best, safest, and least suitable breeds for a family environment. Here, we’ll tackle some of the most commonly asked questions that pop up when families embark on their journey to find the ideal four-legged friend.

What is the #1 best family dog?

The title of “#1 best family dog” often goes to the Labrador Retriever. Known for their friendly nature, intelligence, and eagerness to please, Labs make excellent companions for families with children. Their adaptability and trainability make them suitable for various households, and their playful, affectionate demeanor is a hit with kids and adults alike.

What is the safest family dog?

When it comes to safety, the Golden Retriever is often considered one of the safest family dogs. Golden Retrievers are not only gentle and patient with children but are also known for their loyal and loving nature. They tend to have a calm temperament and a friendly disposition, making them less likely to react negatively in stressful situations, which is a crucial factor in family safety.

What is the least family-friendly dog?

It’s important to note that any dog can be family-friendly with the right training and socialization. However, some breeds might pose challenges due to their size, energy levels, or independent nature. For example, breeds like the Afghan Hound or the Chow Chow are often considered less suited for families with young children. These breeds can be more aloof and may require more experienced handling, making them less ideal for first-time pet owners or families with very young kids.

Remember, the best dog for your family ultimately depends on your unique lifestyle, living situation, and the amount of time you can dedicate to training and caring for your new pet.

Dog Breeds That Are Great with KidsConclusion

Selecting the right dog breed for your family is a journey filled with laughs, licks, and learning. It’s about finding that one furry soulmate who will become an irreplaceable part of your family’s story. Remember, the best breed is the one that fills your home with love, laughter, and a bit of dog hair.

For more fantastic furry insights, visit Our Dogs World 101, because when it comes to dogs, we’re not just barking up the right tree – we’ve built a treehouse and invited all the dogs.

 My name is Mark and I currently live in Australia. I am passionate about educating Doggie parents and helping you to make the best possible decisions to help your dog live a long, happy and healthy life. Remember… Owning a dog should be FUN, not a chore! “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen” – Orhan Pamuk

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