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10 Best Dog Tooth Scalers

Pet parents only brush their dogs’ teeth less than 4% of the time. This is consistent with the fact that between 80 and 89% of dogs develop periodontal disease by the time they turn three.

If you want to be a responsible pet owner and learn how to prevent your dog from developing painful dental issues, what are your options?

Are you sure that brushing your dog’s teeth is the only way to clean their teeth? It isn’t. Tooth scaling at home is a lesser-known option. It has its benefits but also comes with a lot of potential dangers.

This post will examine the 10 best dog-tooth scalers you can get around!

But first, let’s talk about tooth scaling.

Tooth Scaling: What Is It?

Tooth scaling is the process of removing plaque from teeth using a surgical instrument. A professional dentist will use special tools to remove plaque from teeth.

The vet will remove plaque from above and below the gum line and will then begin root planning. This involves smoothing the root surfaces to allow the gum to reattach to their tooth.

Tooth Scaling at Home

Some pet owners use a dog-tooth scaler to remove tartar. This sharp, pointed edge removes tartar from teeth and prevents plaque buildup.

However, it is usually not a good idea for people who don’t have experience with scaling teeth at home or for dogs that are not willing to stay still.

Tiny scratches can be caused by using any instrument on the tooth enamel, which eventually damages the tooth surface. A professional veterinarian dentist will polish the teeth after removing any plaque using dental tools.

Some owners may use a tooth scraper between dental cleanings to remove the plaque and polish their teeth until their next vet visit.

Is It Safe To Do It?

Your vet should perform any dental work that is more than just brushing your dog’s teeth.

Any dental work that involves the removal of teeth or gums could cause severe pain for your dog. So your vet might need to administer general anesthesia to your pet to treat the pain in your dog’s mouth.

If you don’t have experience in dental cleaning, tooth scaling at home could also cause gum injuries and breakage. Tooth cleaners can be sharp and dangerous. This can be a problem if your pet cannot remain still while you clean its teeth.

Dental scaling is less dangerous for dogs that are calm and willing to let you handle their mouths. Dog teeth must be maintained and cleaned just like human teeth.

10 Best Dog Tooth Scalers

Are you looking for the best dog teeth scalers? To reduce stress in your dog’s life, the best dog teeth scalers are durable, efficient, and simple to use. We’ll be discussing the best and worst options available today.

1. Joy Pet 6-1/2 Inch Double-Headed Scraper

This super-effective scraper will keep tartar from building up on your dog’s teeth. The handle’s octagonal shape is knurled for better grip and confidence while working on your dog.

The scraper can also be used double-ended so that you can use it longer. Simply flip it and it will do the job in one go.

This scraper is loved by pet owners who are happy with its effectiveness. Some owners can remove tartar even with regular brushing.

The scraper’s edges are sharp enough for removing tartar, and the angles make it easier to scrape. It is durable and washable, making it an excellent investment.

Customers have complained that the scraper’s ends are identical in size. They would rather see two different ends so they can try them.

The scraper might also be too big for small or tiny breeds, making it difficult to use. A smaller scraper might be necessary for owners with smaller dogs to get the best out of their tool.

2. OdontoMed2011 Tooth Scaler

The OdontoMed2011 Tooth Scaler has a double-ended design and a knurled handle that makes it easy to grip. The one end measures approximately 4mm, and the other is slightly larger at 5mm.

Though it has not yet been reviewed, the stainless steel material is durable and long-lasting. The double-ended design makes it easy to complete the job in one sitting.

This tooth scraper has a major drawback: Both ends are identical in size and shape, making it less versatile than other scrapers. You can use the OdontoMed2011 Tooth Scalers in conjunction with other scrapers for maximum cleaning.

3. Kenko-care Pick&pick; Double Header Tarter Remover

The Kenko-care Pick&pick; Double-Header tooth scraper can get rid of stubborn tartar. This pick is made from titanium-coated stainless and includes a protective silicon rubber sleeve. For a more versatile finish, the ends of each pick are ground at a different angle.

This scraper is sturdy and simple to use, and customers love it. Customers also love that the ends are not sharpened, which gives them more confidence and less worry about their furry friend.

4. Mars Stainless Tooth Scaler for Cats & Dogs

Our Mars Stainless Steel Tooth scaler is an excellent option for experienced pet parents. This scraper is sharper than other ones on the market.

The handle is textured for greater grip. Our Mars Stainless Steel Tooth scaler, unlike the others on the list, is only one-sided.

Our Mars Stainless Steel Tooth Scaler is an excellent choice for customers looking for a more precise tool. Many owners love the scraper’s long-lasting sharpness, and its angled edge makes it simple and efficient to use.

This scraper is only one-sided, so it’s less versatile than other ones. If you haven’t used a scaler before, removing enough tartar from one side may be difficult.

5. Cherioll Pet Teeth Cleaning System

Are you looking for a complete kit to care for your furry friend? You can use six instruments from the Cherioll Pet Tooth Cleaning Kit to clean your dog’s teeth.

You will receive a dental mirror and tartar scraper as well as a dental probe, dental scaler (dental scaler), toothpick, and dental weezer. For durability, each tool is made of stainless steel.

This product has only two reviews, with both stating that it is well-made and efficient. For easy handling, the tartar and scaler have grips.

This kit can pose some concerns. It comes with tools that should only be used by a professional veterinarian dentist, such as a probe to check the depth of any cavities or gum pockets. Unprofessionally done, this could cause injury to your dog’s gums and stress it.

6. NICARE Plaque Remover

NICARE Plaque Remover is not for dogs, but some people still use it. This tooth cleaner does not use mechanical scraping but ultrasonic technology to remove the plaque. The package comes with three heads

Customers who have used the product on their dogs were happy to see that it is effective. This tool may remove tartar easily, but it may take longer for dogs with more stubborn buildup. Anesthetic is also required to clean your dog’s inner teeth properly.

This product is not specifically designed for dogs. Your vet may use ultrasonic tools to clean your pet’s teeth.

However, the vibrations from this instrument can be pretty distressing for your pet while they are conscious. If your vet needs to clean out all of your pet’s teeth, they will likely use anesthesia.

7. Atmonas Plaque Remover for Teeth

Although Atmonas Plaque Remover was not designed for dogs, the manufacturer claims it can be used. The tooth cleaner includes four replacement heads and three modes of operation. It is also battery-powered.

Customers love this product. One reviewer even used it to clean their dog. Many power settings can be used to clean the product. However, there aren’t enough pet owners who have used it to test its effectiveness for their dogs.

Less satisfied customers say that the tool is too slow and consumes too much power. Some customers report that the product is not durable as soon as it’s used.

Dogs that don’t like having their teeth cleaned may find it challenging to use. Any aggressive movements or actions could cause damage to the product and/or harm to your dog.

8. PetEdge Stainless Dental Scaler

The PetEdge Stainless Steel Dental Scaler will give you a better clean! The instrument is made from surgical-grade stainless and has knurled handles that provide comfort and accuracy.

It is different from other dental scrapers because it has a pointed and curved end that allows for easier access to small spaces in the mouth.

This tool is durable and made of surgical-grade material, making it suitable for long-term usage. Because of its unique shape, it can reach smaller areas in the mouth.

The PetEdge Stainless Steel Dental Scaler can be used with other tools from this list to ensure your pet has the best possible cleaning experience.

This tool has one side and only one way to use it. You can also use it with other similar tools that have different edges.

9. Boao’s 9-piece Teeth Cleaning Kit

Are you looking for a complete kit? This kit is likely what you want.

Boao’s 9-piece Teeth Cleaning Kit comes with a mirror and two scrapers. It also includes a toothpick, finger toothbrushes, long-handle dual-headed toothbrushes, as well as a mirror. This kit contains all the tools necessary for a thorough dental cleaning.

The tools are so easy to use that pet owners love them! These owners love that it is easy to clean tartar off the teeth between professional dental cleanings. You can use them in a variety of ways to clean your dog’s teeth.

The tools are not as sharp and well-made, according to less satisfied customers. These owners feel that the tools are too dull for them to remove enough plaque. Sometimes, the toothbrushes included in the kit arrive flattened.

10. BreedomMade Toothbrushes for Cats and Dogs

Do you need something more to help your dog with their dental care? BreedomMade’s kit includes a 360-degree dog toothbrush. A tube, scraper, tooth scaler, and finger toothbrush are what you need.

The manufacturer provides detailed instructions on using the tooth scraper and scaler, making it more user-friendly and accessible for beginners. You can also use it to clean your dog’s tongue and teeth.

Unfortunately, no reviews describe how sharp, effective, or easy the scraper and tooth scaler are. Although this scraper is effective, it’s unclear if it’s one of the most helpful dog-tooth scalers.

Dog dental scalers can be expensive, but they are well worth the investment!

Dog Tooth Scalers: FAQ

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the best dog teeth scalers? Check the FAQ section below.

Ask your vet for help if you are unsure about your dog’s oral health.

Are dogs prone to scaling their teeth?

Tooth scaling is the process of removing plaque from teeth. This can cause discomfort or pain for dogs with gingivitis.

Too hard or injuring the gums can make it painful. It is best to have a veterinarian perform a thorough dental cleaning with general anesthesia.

Can I give anesthesia at home?

To clean a dog’s teeth, you can’t use a home-based medical-grade anesthetic to administer it. Dogs can suffer from severe dental problems.

They are also prone to hiding their pain, so it is difficult to know if your dog feels “numb”. Do not attempt to clean your dog’s teeth by yourself if you are concerned about causing injury.

For your dog’s safety, make sure you ask your vet for guidance.

What are the benefits of scaling?

There are many benefits to dental scaling! Your vet will perform a thorough dental scaling. This can prevent tooth loss, remove any plaque, and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Dental scaling will also reduce the pain and risk of your dog needing to have any medical procedures.

How can I clean the scraper?

Stainless steel is the best material for dog-tooth scalers. It’s also easy to clean. You can sterilize a stainless steel scraper using isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), hot water, or pressurized steam.

Boiling water is not as effective and will not sterilize 100% of the scraper as other methods.

Are there other ways to clean or scale my dog’s teeth besides using a wand?

Although there are many ways to clean your dog’s teeth, they are not as effective. It is essential to give her a good diet that encourages chewing.


You can use sensory toys for dogs and dental sticks to give your dog some abrasive action. However, chew toys, and dental sticks are not sufficient to clean your dog’s teeth.

Regular check-ups are best for your dog.

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  1. At first, I was a bit nervous to do this at home. But after I saw a friend removing tartar from her dogs teeth, I was encouraged to try it myself. I really liked the OdontoMed2011. I like that it’s built of stainless steel. It will certainly be durable and long-lasting. Thank you for sharing this review. It has been helpful!

  2. Hi Marc, I learnt something new today. In the more than forty years that I have been a dog owner, I have never heard of scaling your dog’s teeth. Brushing it yes, but not scaling. We have just always given them dental sticks, but I can now see the benefit of scaling their teeth. You have provided me with many options when it comes to cleaning my dog’s teeth. Do you think it is advisable to do scaling at home, or would it be better to ask the vet to show me first?

    • Hi Line,

      I have been scaling my dog’s teeth at home for many years now, however in saying that they have been trained from a puppy to accept this routine and as such stay very calm because they know a treat is coming at the end of it.

      Not knowing your dog’s temperament, and being that you have never done it before I would highly recommend that you get your vet to show you for the first time.

      It is not a hard process, but you will need to know the basics.

      Hope this helps.


  3. HI, Mark.  This is an article that every dog owner should read when a dog is starting a relationship with you in your home.  It should be passed out at vet clinics.  Just as we clean our own teeth and would not want to walk around with dental related pain, you dog deserves the same consideration….even more so as they can’t communicate to us when there is a tooth problem.  I’m not familiar with your list of scalers but we will definitely look into this.  We have had our vet do this job regularly, as one of our dogs will not have you looking at his teeth.  Thanks again for the heads up.

  4. My son has been bringing up the topic of dogs lately. I was looking at how to take care of a dog in case he asked for one. I had a dong once a young bub, but a friend of mine ran it over accidentally. From there on, I never wanted another animal because I couldn’t bear another experience like that again.

    Since my son has been talking about dogs lately, so I thought to prepare myself in case. Thank you so much for your website. It educated me on how to take care of a dog and all the tools I can use. If my son asks for a dog, we are going to get it without worrying so much. Thank you


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