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How To Breed A French Bulldog

French Bulldogs, with their friendly, loving personalities and adorable natures, make wonderful pets. With great care and attention, you can breed French Bulldogs.

You should choose males that have good health histories and females that are not related. Keep an eye on the breeding experience and be alert for any signs of C-section. You can build your reputation as a breeder by joining respected organizations.

Part 1: Mating between the Animals

Step A

Look for dogs that have a strong breeding record. If you want to breed French bulldog puppies, make sure you choose healthy dogs with traits you wish to pass on to their offspring. You should consider physical characteristics like size, color, temperament, and personality.

It is important to ensure that the male dog and female dog do not have any close relationships.

Make sure both dogs are tested for infectious diseases such as Brucellosis and genetic testing before you decide to breed them.

Step B

Monitor your bitch’s ovulation cycle. The average bitch will begin ovulating 5 days after her first spotting. To signify the start of her fertile periods, you’ll see a little bit of blood and irritability.

This is the time to take your female to a vet to verify that she is ovulating.

Step C

Place the dogs together once the bitch has ovulated. Place your bitch in the same room with your stud once you’ve confirmed that she is ovulating.

You can place one hand under the female’s rib cage and one under the collar to support her while the male mounts. You should be present during the mating session to avoid any aggressive outbursts.

It is best to keep the dogs on leashes if either of them shows aggression during the mating session. You can then pull them apart and better manage their interaction to prevent injury.

Intercourse will cause the male stud’s penis to grow larger than the female. This can lead to the penis becoming “stuck” inside the female.

The male dog will often turn around, so it looks like the two dogs have become stuck butt-tot. This is perfectly normal and lasts about 20 minutes.

Step D

Your vet can help you with artificial insemination. This is an alternative to physically breeding your dogs and an excellent option for veteran breeders as it can be less stressful on the female.

If you are comfortable with the process, you can collect the semen from the stud’s penis and pour it into the vagina of the bitch using a clean dropper. To help with conception, place the male on her back and elevate her hips.

If you don’t have the training, you can inflict injury on your dogs.

Part 2: How to Raise Puppies

Step A

Bring your female dog to the veterinarian for prenatal care before giving birth. Radiography or ultrasound will allow you to determine the number of puppies your dog will have.

You can also have them check for potential issues and provide advice about giving birth to the puppies.

Step B

Keep an eye out for signs of labor. You can tell if your female is ready for labor by her behavior. Common signs are restlessness and panting. You may notice your dog retreating to a safe area before delivery.

The puppies should arrive within 12-24 hours of the first signs of labor.

Step C

You should not interfere in the birthing process unless necessary. Each puppy should be brought to the same place within 10-30 minutes.

The dam will typically cut off the umbilical cord; remove the placental sac from each puppy, and then vigorously lick it to stimulate circulation and breathing. If your female dog is doing all these activities alone, you can leave it to her to bond with the puppies.

You will have to act if the dam doesn’t know what to do. Begin by gently tearing open the placental sac to allow the puppy to breathe. Cut the umbilical cord and tie it using thread.

Make sure to clean the puppy’s nose, mouth, and any liquid or mucus. Next, rub your puppy vigorously to stimulate breathing and circulation.

Step D

You should be prepared for a cesarean. French Bulldogs can’t give birth naturally because of their tiny heads and smaller pelvises. You should be aware of this fact and keep an eye out for signs of labor complications in your Frenchie.

If the bitch has been in labor for longer than an hour, she should be taken to the vet immediately for an emergency C-section.

Part 3: Caring for Your Puppy

Step A

Make sure you have a place for whelping. This allows the mother to recuperate from giving birth and can take care of her puppies. The box should measure 32 in (81cm) wide, 16 in (41cm) deep, and 12 in (30cm) high.

For the first week, it is crucial to ensure that there is a source of heat nearby, such as a heating lamp.

Step B

Make sure your puppy is getting enough food. The puppies should eat approximately once every two hours.

You should observe your puppies closely to ensure they reach their mother’s nipples at feeding times. To encourage the puppy to eat, you can squeeze its nipple to make it easier for them to find it.

If your puppies seem not to be sucking well or are constantly crying (yelling and crying), then you might need to supplement their diet with Esbilac, a premium newborn formula.

Step C

You should monitor your puppies to make sure that they are urinating and defecating. French Bulldogs do not learn to pee or poop from birth. Their mothers teach them these skills and encourage them to use the bathroom.

If the mother isn’t licking her puppies, it may be necessary to do so. You can apply warm water to a cotton ball and rub it on the puppies’ genitals.

Part 4: Becoming a Certified Breeder

Step A

Look for a breeding female. To be a respected breeder, you will need a healthy, fertile male. It is possible to arrange with other breeders to have their males used as studs.

However, you only need a female for your first breeding venture. You should make sure that your female is healthy enough to carry a litter.

Before you breed your female, make sure a vet examines her.

Your female dog must be updated on all vaccinations and should be actively taking heartworm medicine.

Step B

Join many French bulldog breed clubs. Joining these clubs increases your chances of being approved for certification as a breeder through the Kennel Club.

It will also allow you to network with other Frenchie breeders, which will help you find other studs and bitches with which you can breed your dogs.

Consider joining the Southern Bulldog Club, the French bulldog Club of America, the French Bulldog Club of England,, or other local clubs.

Step C

Register to become an Assured Breeder, recognized by different dog clubs. You can apply for the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme online.

The application form requires you to submit information about your animals (including registration numbers), personal history of breeding French Bulldogs, and pay a small membership fee (typically $60 US).

Approval for this program gives you club access to publicize your litters in the publications and allows you to be approved as a breeder.


Breeding French Bulldogs isn’t complicated after all. Following the steps above will enable you to breed healthy bulldogs and ensure you earn yourself a certification and reputation as an excellent breeder.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Great article on how to breed French bulldogs! French bulldogs are a very popular dog and you provide a lot of relevant information in your article. People can make a lot of money breeding these dogs due to their high demand. I just have one question, how much would you be able to sell one of these puppies for and how do you know that price is justified?

    • Hi Pat,

      I know of a few breeders here in Australia that are getting anything between $5000 and $7000, and I guess the way they justify that price is through the bloodlines and the money these breeders spend to ensure their litters and the parents are always taken care of.

      Hope this answered your question pat?


  2. I am particularly interested in learning how to raise French Bulldog puppies. And I didn’t know how we could help in the birthing process. Thank you for warning us that when the signs of labor start, that means that in half a day or a day we have puppies. I am inclined to interfere in their birthing process, but I will try to watch and only get into the scene if necessary.

  3. Wow, who would have thought there was so much to know to breed a french bulldog. It sounds like it can be a stressful endeavor, especially if there are complications. I had no idea that dog C-sections were a thing. Is this true for any dog, or is do French bulldogs have potentially more complications when giving birth?

    • Hi,

      French Bulldogs are definitely a lot more susceptible than a lot of other breeds however that’s not to say that other breeds cant have complications when giving birth.


  4. In general I am not very fond of small dogs. I always had bigger dogs like German shepherds. But the French Bulldog is the one exception to that. I just love this dog! It’s so cute with these big ears and every time I see one it’s like it’s smiling. I am not very much into breeding to be honest. But I would definitely consider having one. As you said, breeding them may not be so much hard as it seems but certainly there are certain rules you need to follow.

    • Hi Stratos,

      I love all all dogs, however I am with you when my favorite is definitely the large to giant breed.

      The Frenchies are definitely characters that’s for sure.


  5. Hi Mark, I don’t have a French bulldog, but I enjoy reading your article. Also, I will share it with a friend of mine, who has a bulldog puppy. I’m sure, he likes to know more about the future of his dog. I learned a lot from you, and I think that this article is helpful to everyone who wants to know how to breed a dog. I like that you explain everything step by step, giving the right direction not only in the breeding process but also in what comes after, and how to take off the coming puppies. 

    Thank you for sharing this



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