Which are the Most Adorable Dog Breeds?

Are they small and fluffy, or are they large and majestic? Many different characteristics go into which dog breeds make the best-looking dogs. All dogs can be cute. I chose the most loved breeds to compile this list. Learn more about these lovely dogs’ temperaments and care requirements to determine if they are right for … Read more

Do Dogs Have A Sixth Sense?

Dog owners know that there’s more to those cute puppy dog eyes than just thinking about the next biscuit. Dogs are able to sense many things that humans cannot. They seem to sense our moods, a storm approaching, or when we are coming home. Is there a sixth sense in dogs? Many people believe that … Read more

Brown Dog Digging A Hole

12 Tips To Relieve Dog Boredom

Dogs are social creatures. They can easily become bored if they don’t get enough attention. Bored dogs will seek out interesting activities, but it’s possible for them to be dangerous. Canine boredom is easy to identify, but it can be difficult for busy owners to deal with. Unless your dog has other pets or children, … Read more

Our Dogs World 101

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me

Have you ever noticed your dog’s eyes following you in whatever direction you are taking, and thought to yourself, why does my dog stare at me? Maybe while your dog is chewing a bone or a toy, you look across at your furry friend only to see them already staring at you. Perhaps you are … Read more

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