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What Is The Best Dog Supplements

Just like humans our for legged babies also benefit from supplements, and I often get asked what is the best dog supplements available today?

Supplements can be hugely beneficial to your dogs, many dogs get a complete and balanced diet through commercially processed dog food however many owners are now starting to see some real health benefits from Raw feeding dogs.

For those of us (I am one) that haven chose to put their dogs on a Raw food diet, and by that I mean a homemade raw diet may need to add supplements, however with many pet food manufacturers now seeing the benefits of raw feeding are adding the best dog supplements into their food.

As I mentioned earlier I feed all my dogs on a homemade raw diet and only add the best dog supplements to their meals.

Choco who passed away last year at the ripe old age of 16, Narla and Saffron who are 12 & 2 respectively are all on the supplements I have set out for you to have a read of and is part of their everyday diet.

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Omega Chew With Salmon Oil

It contains regular premium ingredients and is ideal for pets & humans alike, everything being equal. Glucosamine With Chondrotin have a scrumptious flavor both you and your buddy will love. Now there is no need to worry about the bones and joints of you and your dog as it is the best hip and joint supplement.


Properties of glucosamine mean it is directed as an enhancement for a few conditions in dogs, including and regularly for: Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, joint pain, plate degeneration, quicker mending and fixing of wounds.

One of the indicated advantages of glucosamine is the moderately brief time frame range for its belongings.

A greater part of pet proprietors have professed to notice their dogs to have decreased manifestations of joint inflammation and less torment inside about two months of beginning day by day glucosamine supplements.


Gentle symptoms of glucosamine supplement for canines incorporate heaving or unusual dung creation. A blood-diminishing impact can happen if the glucosamine is matched with chondroitin (another dog enhancement fixing), or increased glucose levels may happen.

You should quit giving your dog painkillers once you start glucosamine supplementation routine.

Wild Caught Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3 Fish Oil is made with sardines, mackerel, anchovies and herrings, trapped in spotless, cold waters off the bank of Iceland.

These fish are high in Omega-3s; however, low in mercury and poisons and assists with supporting your dog’s joints, heart, skin, coat, cerebrum and generally speaking well being.

The high measures of DHA, EPA and other Omega-3 unsaturated fats found in this 100% Natural Fish Oil for dogs will assists with advancing solid skin and a radiant coat.


• Advance joint well being + versatility

• May assists with facilitating joint uneasiness related to ordinary every day movement

• Supports a solid insusceptible framework

• Supports typical and solid fiery pathways in the body

• Supports solid supplement assimilation

• Supports mind and heart well being

• Advances solid processing and good well being


Consequences from omega-3 fish oil may include:

• An off-putting taste in the dog’s mouth

• Off-putting breath

• Stomach upset

• Free stools

• Nausea

Hemp Chews (Mobility Formula)

These chews have regular premium ingredients ideal for pets of all ages. It is sound, safe and sustainably sourced.

Hemp bites are made by stringently keeping the most elevated assembling guidelines, utilizing just reasonably sourced fixings.


• fortifies the immune system

• supports skin and coat well being while at the same time decreasing chipping and shedding

• helps with energy and supports solid weight

• upholds solid organs and heart well being

• upholds solid cerebrum capacities

• goes about as a mitigating

• Supports skin well being

• Advances hip and joint well being by supporting adaptability and solace

• Assists with cardiovascular capacity and sound resistant reaction

As we can see, Omega unsaturated fats are an unquestionable requirement for any sound dog’s eating routine, and hemp is one of the most flawlessly awesome fixings to utilize.


While you may not appreciate tidying up after your dog’s drool, spit assumes a significant part in the well being of dogs.

On the off chance that spit creation in dogs were to stop or back off, it can influence their well being by influencing their teeth, gums, and give them awful breath, in any event, making it troublesome or difficult for them to swallow.

Another conspicuous result of giving your dog hemp chews is spewing. Loose bowels might be one of the most awful, the grossest symptoms of hemp chews for dogs. You may see your pet turning out to be more lazy and languid once you start utilizing hemp chews for them.

Epaktin Oral Powder

Epakitin contains chitosan. It is soy protein-based nourishment powder which normally upholds ordinary kidney work and well being in dogs and cats. It is very simple to regulate.


Epakitin powder upholds kidney work and lessens phosphorous assimilation to treat felines and canines with chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD frequently causes passing in tainted cats and dogs and can’t be restored; notwithstanding, pets determined to have the infection may have their life delayed by legitimate kidney and renal consideration.

One of the significant impacts of CKD is hyper phosphatemia, which can cause more genuine intricacies all through the renal framework. Epakitin straightforwardly battles the impacts of hyper phosphatemia to forestall the heightening of CKD indications.

These chitosan-based enhancement capacities as a phosphate folio to diminish the measure of phosphorous that is consumed by your pet’s stomach-related framework. This can be pivotal to pets with persistent kidney issues, as consumed phosphorous can do extra harm to the kidneys.


There are no announced results. If there should be an occurrence of unplanned ingesting too much and prior to utilizing your veterinarian, it is the best wellspring of advice.

Continuously talk about exhaustively to the vet if your pet is on different meds or renal enhancements or calcium/phosphorus controllers like calcitrol.

All In All – What Is The Best Dog Supplements

Did we cover everything you needed to know?

I would like to remind you that you should always confirm proper dosing whenever introducing supplements to your dogs diet.

Contrary to popular belief, human supplements should NEVER be given to your dogs, as they could have harmful ingredients that are not right for your pet.

So would you consider adding supplements to your dogs diet?

If you still have any questions, leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Founder of our Dogs World 101

Mark & Saffron




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  1. Great Article Mark, I am appreciate for the best dog supplements and I am interested in Hemp Chews (Mobility Formula), because I know clearly the befit of hemp. For the law of my country doesn’t  allow for growing Hemp, If I want to order, Can I make order Hemp Chews and bring to my home?

    • Hi Sean,

      Hemp chews are a great supplement for your dogs, however you would need to check with laws in your own country regarding purchasing hemp pet products.

      In my country (Australia) while growing marijuana is illegal the use of hemp products isn’t as they hold no THC.

      Has this helped with your question?

      Let me know if I can help you any further.

      Woof Woof


  2. That is a lovely photo of the collie dog. My dog die three years ago, so he is unfortunately no longer with us. But i used to feed him tins of sardines in with his dried food every day and he had a lovely coat and was fit as a fiddle all his life of almost fifteen years. It certainly does work

    • Sorry to hear about your dog mate.

      Yes sardines are a great addition to your dogs diet that’s for sure.

      Thanks for commenting and let me know if you ever need anything else.

      Woof Woof


  3. Another great post.Thanks, Mark. I have 3 dogs. I think to give them these too. I thought to give them the omega chew with salmon oil in this. I think it will be okay for them. Also, one of them has a skin problem. I give him hemp chews. Thank you so much Mark for this information.

  4. Hi Mark,

    Again, superb article; I really enjoyed the reading!

    My dog is getting old and start to have joint issues. So I am looking for something to prevent those issues and maybe alleviate pain. I’ve heard about Hemp, and I thought I would give it a try. Are the Hemp chews also available in the form of oil?

    One more question if you don’t mind. Is it ok to give supplements to my dog without doing test blood? I ask this because my doctor always tells me not to take supplements if my body doesn’t require any. So I thought it would be the same for dogs:) 

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Daniella,

      So glad you enjoyed the article.

      Yes the hemp chews are also available in oil, so if your dog is not a great lover of treats then the oil is ideal to mix in with their meals.

      I always recommend to all our customers to consult with a vet before starting your dog on any kind of supplement.

      Please reach out if I can be of anymore help.


  5. Hi there Mark! I have read a couple of your articles now And I can say for sure they are highly educative for dog owners”!  Always enjoy reading them. Just getting to know so much about these dog supplements is really refreshing! I definitely will want to begin adding supplements to my Dog’s diet. But which of these listed do you recommend the most?

    • Hi Vanabell,

      I am so glad you are enjoying the articles, and yes the more we know about supplements the more our dogs will thank us!

      I have just done a review on Omega Chews with salmon oil which I have both my dogs on and is a great all round supplement.

      Omega Chews With Salmon Oil Review

      Let me know your thoughts on this one.



  6. I really enjoyed reading the article.  I have just started giving my dog the omega chews.  I was just wandering when giving these to my dog, How long does it take to see a difference in him? or to see if he has any sort of mild reaction to them?

    • Hi Adam,

      Each dog seems to be different, however with my Labrador it took about 8 days for her to feel the difference and for me to notice it.

      Hope this helps and I hope it has the same outcome for your dog.


  7. Hi Mark,

    My son is a lover of dogs. He rears dogs and I think he has no information about the dog supplements. I am also coming to know about this for the first time. Thank you for this helpful information. I would surely share this information with my boy so that he feeds his dogs well. Thank you for this useful piece.


    • Hi Gad,

      I hope this information helps your son and if he needs to know anything more please have him get in touch and I will do my best to help.



  8. My granddaughter has just adopted a puppy so this is post is of great interest to me.  I like the Wild Caught Omega-3 Fish Oil and Hemp Chews as general supplements but I do have a couple of questions.  You mention that you give your dogs a raw food diet.  Would these supplements be helpful for a dog who is eating high-quality processed dog food?  And should/could my dog use these two supplements together?

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Most definitely these would help.

      A lot of my friends also feed a high quality processed dog food and have said the Omega 3 salmon oil and hemp chews have been amazing for their dogs, so using the two together definitely can be done.

      What type of puppy has your daughter adopted?

      I have a great article on house training your puppy if she is interested? She can check that our here if she wants How To Toilet Train My Puppy – Every Owners Dream!

      I also have an article on training your puppy at home which is here How To Train A Puppy At Home – Sounds Impossible?

      Hope this helps and wishing your daughter the best of luck with her new furbaby.


  9. Hello, thanks for this list of dog supplements. I really like the fact that you give unbiased information about all the supplements including their advantages and disadvantages. I tried this one the Wild Caught Omega-3 Fish Oil some time back and my dog had stomach problems and I had to visit the vet doctor. After reading your article, I will now change to Omega Chew With Salmon Oil. Once more thanks.

    • Hello Dr. Mau,

      It is funny you should say that about the Omega3 fish oil, I have had a lot of customers say the same thing recently.

      I have never had any of my dogs on the fish oil, however have had them on the Omega Chews with Salmon oil for a long time now and have never had any issues with their health. They both love them!!

      Please let me know how your dog gets on with them.

      Thanks again for your comments Dr.


  10. Hi and thanks for sharing this. We have a very cute mini Labradoodle. She is healthy most of the time though she is prone to car sickness, she doesn’t like excessive heat at all and recently she seems to be suffering from allergies. She sneezes a great deal and we are starting to wonder whether her constant scratching and itching couldn’t also be a manifestation of allergic reactions. Is there any dog supplement that you would recommend for allergies? Thanks, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for checking out our site.

      The mini Labradoodle definitely falls into the cute category that’s for sure.

      My black Labrador suffered a little with skin allergies and I put her on Omega 3 with Salmon oil and she has been good as gold ever since, so you may want to give those a try.

      I actually did a review on them earlier this month which you may want to have a look at here.

      Hope this helps you and your Labradoodle Andy.



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