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Best Raw Food Diet Dogs – Take A Look!

Are you looking for the best raw food diet dogs?

Raw food diets according to the Canadian Veterinary Journals, have started to gain popularity. These diets consist mainly of raw meat, along with bones, vegetables, and fruits.

Experts believe that commercial dog food is the culprit behind several health issues in dogs. According to The College Of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota, between 23-53% of domesticated dogs in the United States alone are overweight, and about 5% are obese.

But are raw food diets the solution?

This blog post, will go over some advantages of a raw food diet along with some of the best raw food diets for your pooch!

Let’s walk Right In.

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Best Raw Food Diet Dogs: Let’s Take a Look at a Few Options

1. Raw Boost Mixers By Instinct

These yummy bites contain 85% meat, which is excellent. The rest, 15%, of the dog food has non-GMO vegetables and fruit. This dog food doesn’t contain filler ingredients, such as soy, corn, or wheat, making it a healthy option for your pooch.

2. Meal Mixers By Stellars & Chewy

This is a complete and balanced meal for dogs and contains nutrient-dense meat from organs and muscles. The meat is highly digestible and is healthy for your pooch.

3. Annamaet Grain-Free Salcha Poulet Formula Dry Dog Food, (Chicken & Duck)

Our minimally processed dog food is made using 100% natural, USDA-approved, and human-grade meat. The meat used is free of hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics

Raw Food Diet and Your Dog: Here’s What You Should Know

Certain dog breeds, such as sled dogs and racing greyhounds, have been on raw food diets for the longest because of their unique nutritional needs.

However, the idea of a raw food diet for all breeds was popularized by Ian Billinghurst, an Australian vet.

Lifestyle-related health issues in dogs are on the rise. These include issues such as:

  • ● Obesity
  • ● Cardiac issues
  • ● Diabetes
  • ● Renal failure
  • ● Stroke
  • ● Osteoarthritis

All of these issues can be traced back to dogs eating an unhealthy diet.

Commercial dog food isn’t the healthiest option for dogs. Some experts even believe that it’s doggy junk food because it’s highly processed and doesn’t provide your pooch with optimum nutrition.

Going for a raw food diet seems like a good idea to ensure your dog’s overall health and well being.

Raw Feeding Guide

All in All: Best Raw Food Diet Dogs

Did we cover everything you needed to know?

Raw food diets are a healthier option for dogs because of the following reasons:

  • ● They are identical to a dog’s diet in the wild.
  • ● They don’t contain many carbohydrates, which have been liked to health issues in dogs.
  • ● They’re high in meat content.
  • ● They’re highly digestible.

So, would you consider feeding your dog a raw food diet?

If you still have any questions, leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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4 thoughts on “Best Raw Food Diet Dogs – Take A Look!”

  1. Hey,

    I have a chubby dog and need to keep my dog on prescription food until he loses weight! But I can’t wait to get him this dog food and I am saving this in my bookmarks so I can purchase the raw food booster you recommended! I can wait to read some other posts and get more reccommendations

    Thank you, 


    • Hi Karan,

      Your dog sounds a little like me at the moment LOL!
      The raw food booster is a great choice and what I have all my dogs on.
      Let me know what other products you would like to see for your chubby one and I will do my best to give you some honest feedback.
      What kind of dog is he?

      Woof Woof

  2. Hi there, I fist came across the raw food diet for dogs when my son moved to Australia and got a puppy that he put on a raw food diet. But he gave him uncooked pet mince, which had me worried that the dog would not get the minerals and vitamins provided by veggies. He has subsequently added “chunkies” to the dog’s diet. 

    I will be sharing this list with him as I am sure he will find it very useful. 


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