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Omega Chews With Salmon Oil Review

With all the different supplements on the market today its hard to choose which is the best for hip and joint problems. This is where Omega Chews With Salmon Oil comes into play. Question is, is it the right supplement for your dog? In my Omega Chews With Salmon Oil Review I will highlight everything you need to know to make that informed decision.

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What Exactly Are Omega Chews With Salmon Oil?

It is a natural Salmon Oil Omega 3 for dogs. This helps in dog Itch Relief, skin & coat supplement, allergy relief and hip & joint health combined, along-side easing numerous sorts of pores and skin hypersensitive reactions and symptoms. Many dog owners complain about skin allergies and joint problems in their dogs. This might be the best solution for their dog’s good health.


How Do Omega Chews With Salmon Oil Work?

These chews will help maintain your dogs coat giving it a soft and shiny feel and ensure that it is allergy and scratch free.

They will help to promote a general health and well being to your dog as well as supporting normal joint function and mobility.

Omega chews with salmon oil also ensure your dog has no more itchy or dry skin and at the same time hydrates your dogs coat and skin.

The Formula in these soft chewables don’t contain any soy, corn, sugar, artificial flavoring or preservatives so they are naturally healthy.

Because these chews are made with pure salmon fish oil it means that they are packed full of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids all which are essential vitamins and minerals your dogs need.


Can You Save or Benefit Using Omega Chews With Salmon Oil?

By using these chews you could be saving hundreds of dollars in vet bills.

I don’t know if any of you dog owners have ever had allergin tests done with your vet, but from experience I can tell you that its not a cheap exercise and in many cases it is not food related but something within the dogs natural surroundings.

For example, it could be certain plants or the type of lawn you have, and the savings you may make in vet visits by tearing all this up and starting over will be lost in the cost of a landscaping make over.

The benefit of using these Omega Chews With salmon Oil is that even if it is not a food related allergy you can be assured that what ever the allergy is that these chews will provide an excellent defense against skin allergies and itching.


  • Contains natural salmon oil Omega 3
  • Produced with pure salmon fish oil
  • Can be used with regular pet food.
  • Is a dog itch, skin and coat supplement all in one.
  • Allergy relief and hip & joint relief all in one chew able.
  • Great value – With 180 chews per jar you will get a supply that will provide you with up to 4 months supply!
  • Suitable for all breeds, ages and size meaning that no matter if you own a little terrier or a giant mastiff these will help.
  • Great tasting – Not that I have tried them but its what my dogs tell me.


  • Fish oils are by and large extremely protected.
  • Consequences, especially at high portions, may incorporate looseness of the bowels, regurgitating and deferred wounds.
  • Can take a few months to work on some dogs
  • Can be costly
  • Some owners think they are a little grainy.

Are Omega Chews With salmon Oil Any Good?

They have worked wonders on my dogs, however i don’t expect you to take just my word on this so have a look at what other customers have said.

  • Cindy said, I really love this product! I was using Aller-Immune by Zesty Paws but, the price for what they gave you was pretty steep. I have a 105pd German Shepard who takes 6 chews a day and a 60lb Lab German Shepard mix who gets 4-5 chews a day. I did notice once I changed over to these my kids enjoyed the flavor way better. They’re packaged extremely well and they don’t have a weird distinctive or awkward smell. They’re softer chews but, they don’t fall apart and hold together very well. I personally think you get a WAY better bang for your buck and I promise you your kiddos are gonna love them too. The reason I give there to my babies is they both have allergies in which causes dry, flaky rashes and they chew their hair off causing red blotchy bald spots. Unfortunately I didn’t take before and after pictures because I’ve been trying everything possible to stop both my babies discomfort. However, I can say since I’ve gotten these (which everything takes time) these chews have made a better impact on my babies fur making it silky and shiny, their skin irritated spots have almost completely diminished and they look forward every day for their chews that they are starting to remind me when its time for their chews. Patience is key because things take time but, you will see a difference within a week I guarantee that.
  • Jennifer H. says, My dog has seasonal allergies most of the year and has to be on an expensive prescription most of the year. I’m trying this Omega chew to see if she gets some itch relief while in the winter her allergies are mild and she only has minor itching and she is off her prescription. It’s been about 1 week now, I’ve noticed a difference and I much prefer giving her a beneficial healthy treat over a pill I have to make her swallow! She enjoys it too, so far looks forward to these every day and I’m hoping maybe she will need less prescription or none at all for the rest of the year.
  • Karol Davies said, We loved these supplements. I had one dog that was having skin issues and scratched all the time. She had been to the vet for allergy shots that just lasted a short time and they were not cheap. We can give her these when she needs them, and they stop her itching within 15 minutes. And they are reasonably priced. We will keep these house all the time.

These customer reviews can be verified on Amazon if you would like to read these and more here

My Final Thoughts

I highly recommend these Omega Chews with Salmon Oil simply because like so many others it has worked wonders for both my dogs.

Their coats look amazing, they very rarely itch or scratch and in the case of my old girl Narla who is a 12-year-old Black Labrador they have turned her back into a puppy.

On an overall rating I would be giving these an 8.5 out of a possible 10.

I have also written an article blog on what I rate as some of the Best Dog Supplements which I welcome you to have a read of. That blog can be found on our website.

I hope you found this review beneficial in helping you to make the right choice in supplements.

If you found this review useful or have any comments regarding this product please leave your comments below.

As I always say “May Your Home Be Filled With Love & Dog Hair”


Founder of Our Dogs World 101


10 thoughts on “Omega Chews With Salmon Oil Review”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Awesome article. Thank you for sharing it!

    My dog always eats his legs in the evening, so I went to the vet, and he told me it’s an allergy. He didn’t give me anything to treat it, though, which surprised me. He also has joint issues; you know German shepherds suffer from hips pain more than many other breeds. So the Omega Chews with Salomon Oil might be an excellent solution for him. Just curious, how long can it takes until allergy and joint pains alleviate? 

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Daniella,

      So glad you like the article.

      Yes it is true regarding the GSD unfortunately, but if you haven’t tried the Omega Chews they may be worth a try.

      They worked on my Labrador within 7 – 10 days and so far have given her great relief for months now.

      Please let me know how you get on with these.


  2. Hi Mark and thanks for reviewing Omega Chews with Salmon Oil. I’ve been looking for a supplement for my puppy. Is it safe to consume by him? Also, thanks for mentioning about allergin test. I think I should do it for my puppy, just in case he has a certain allergic to toys or other food. If it’s safe, I’ll buy the product. Thanks

    • Hi Alex,

      The Omega chews are very safe and a great all round supplement for your dog.

      In regards to allergin testing I would not worry about that unless your dog is showing signs of chewing at itself or constant itching and scratching.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Salmon oil is seems like a good source of omega 3 fatty acids for dogs.  It seems a pity that most pets have to be treated in a similar way to humans by being given supplements to keep their healthy in top shape.  Wouldn’t herbal supplements be kinder to their system?

    For example, clay water or edible mud?  Most animals tend to eat grass and suck on clay when they are getting sick.  Clay tends to get rid of toxins and mud is great for moisturising and getting skin back to suppleness again.  It works great on hair as well.

    Try as do some research to see if what I say is true.  You don’t need to just take it from me, you know!

    • Hi Stella,

      Yes Omega 3 is a great supplement to add to your dogs daily diet.

      I have never really looked at the benefits of clay water or edible mud for dogs, however I will definitely do some research into this.

      Have you any experience using this with your dogs?

      I would love to know more if you have.

      Thanks again for mentioning this option.


  4. Good day Mark,

    I’m very happy to come across Omega Chews With Salmon Oil review you shared. It’s great to know that Omega Chews with Salmon oil is a natural Salmon Oil omega 3 for dogs.

     I keep dogs, so this is a very important information. I’m thrilled by the crucial information you always share, this will help keep my dogs healthy at all times. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Kokontola,

      I am glad you enjoyed the review on the Omega Chews with salmon oil.

      Can I ask what supplements you are currently giving your dogs and how they are going with them?

      Thanks again for your comments.


  5. Excellent product here. I don’t use them with my dog, but my dogs best friend gets them all the time. Salmon oil is one of the highest quality omega acid-containing oils you can feed your dog, and you will appreciate it when they get older for sure. I feed my dog raw so he just gets a pump of fish oil on his pile of raw meat the lucky furball.

    • Hi Liam,

      Yes they definitely are a great quality product which a lot of my friends also give to their dogs.

      I too feed both my dogs a raw diet, however do use these as a reward and training treat.

      Thanks for the comments Liam.

      We both have very lucky furballs!!



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