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Pet Friendly Beach Resorts – For Your Next Holiday

Its that time of year again, the family are excited planning the next resort holiday, that is everyone except the family dog! You can almost read his mind. Why can’t we look at some Pet friendly beach resorts this time?

We all love our family vacations, a nice resort, lazing around, waited on hand and foot and of course the memories we have of our family holidays.

If you are a dog owner like me, I spend half of my holiday thinking if my dogs are ok, are they stressing out, are they missing me, ok you get the point I love my dogs.

So, what if you could wake up every morning on your next family holiday with your best friend?

After 100’s of hours of research and countless hours of phone calls I have put together a list of what I think are the best 5 Pet Friendly Beach Resorts.

So, in no particular order here they are.

Hotel del Coronado In California – 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118, United States

Hotel del Coronado, best known as the Del has sun, surf and sand for everyone.

Out front of the hotel’s beach strip you have comfortable and relaxing day beds, and at night-time bonfires and beach games.

The best thing about the Del is it is a Pet Friendly resort and has some great tail shaking events.

Every pet is welcomed with their own bowl and treats, and the dog beach is just a short stroll north of the resort.

You can even take furball to the sundeck & beach while you sip on some cocktails as long as they are on their lead.

The Colony Hotel – 140 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport. ME 0406, United States.

This must be one of the most pet friendly beach resorts around.

The Colony has acres & acres of walking and playing areas for your four-legged friend with a large amount of this being off leash, which means freedom for Fido!!

They have multiple water stations throughout the resort along with the handy biodegradable poop bags.

If your pet is well behaved, they can be left off the leash and unattended, but you will need to leave contact details with the girls at the front desk.

The Colony also has its own private beach out front, and you guessed it, your dog can join you.

What pet lovers really like about this place is that if you want to plan a special night out, no problem The Colony will organise a fur babysitter!

Fairmont Resort & Spa – Blue Mountains, New South Wales Australia.

At this resort not only will the family be well taken care of, but your fur babies will also.

Nestled up in the picturesque Blue Mountains this is the best spot ever to get that fresh air and holiday feeling.

The Fairmont Resort and Spa has some special pet rooms set up for your fur baby on the ground floor with their own enclosed courtyard so as they can go out at any time when nature calls.

With an abundance of natural walking trails your fur baby will sleep like a log after their fun filled days, which will leave the night for you to eat out and one of the many restaurants and bars available.

Margaret River Hideaway and Farm Stay – Western Australia

Nestled in the world-famous Wine growing region your four-legged friend will be joined by some of the local residents at the Margaret River Hideaway.

Kangaroo’s Alpacas and every now and again the odd emu will keep them company for hours.

With over 50 acres of land to explore your fur baby will never be bored with an abundance of creeks throughout to cool off in during the summer months.

After a day of fun and with a shattered fur baby crashed out for the night you could head into the town which is about a 10-minute drive to eat out at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

Having stayed here myself I would highly recommend Friday nights at the Colonial Brewery for their $10 pizza nights and some of the best beers I have had.

Remember to order just a little more than you can eat as fur baby will thank you later.

Well behaved dogs stay free of charge!

Mullion Cove Hotel & Spa – Cornwall UK.

The Mullion Cove, from my research and discussions is probably one of the best pet friendly beach resorts in Cornwall.

They have a huge selection of pet friendly rooms and even have a pet lounge where you can go to and unwind after a long day of socialising at one of the many beachside dog friendly cafes and long walks along the many dog friendly beaches.

A few of the dog friendly beaches that have been recommended by Mullion Cove are.

Mullion Cove Wide expanse of sand and rocks accessible only at low tide through the cave, which is situated on the left-hand side as you walk down the slip way of the harbour.

  • Car park. Porthleven—Eastern Beach Sandy beach just outside the Harbour wall. Swimming dangerous at low tide or in rough conditions. All facilities in Porthleven. Café and toilets 5 minutes above the harbour.
  • Pentreath Beach Isolated, uncrowded sand and pebble beach below cliffs. Sand only at low water. Park at national trust car park above Kynance and then walk 1km to the beach or at Lizard village car park and walk across the downs. No facilities.
  • Cadgwith Cove, Eastern Cove Small beach covered with water at high tide. Pub, toilets and shop above beach. Large car park 5 minutes’ walk above Cadgwith cove.
  • Kennack Sands, east beach Wonderful family beach with golden sand, streams and rock pools. Large car park, café, toilets and shop. Coverack A good sandy beach for playing fetch. Gentle walk to lowland point. All facilities.
  • Porthoustock Cove Pebbly beach sandwiched between quarries. Mostly used by divers exploring the wrecks surrounding The Manacles.
  • Porthallow Cove Pebbly beach easily accessible from the large beach car park. Five Pilchards Pub, cafés other facilities nearby.
  • Gillan Beach Small sandy cove much used by yachts. Quiet, no facilities.
  • Kynance Cove Popular since Victorian times, the brilliant turquoise water and white sand, with islands, caves and unexpected views are still a powerful draw today. Located less than 2 miles from The Lizard and once remote and difficult to get to, The National Trust built a new toll road to a large car park on the downs above the cove

All dogs upon arrival will be greeted with their own special complimentary welcome pack, so they to feel as important as you do.

I Cant See A Resort For My Country?

I love taking my dogs on holiday with me, as much as they enjoy coming with me.

It was the reason I spent so much time researching pet friendly resorts in the first place. I have covered  a few in this article and will continue to research and ask the questions to bring you more.

As dog owners we all love our time with our dogs, and holiday times should be no different, I mean they are family right!

So, if there are places within your country/area that you would like to know more about, please leave them in the comments below and I will personally do the research and get back to you. That my promise to you and your fur baby.

May Your home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair


Founder of Our Dogs World 101


8 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Beach Resorts – For Your Next Holiday”

  1. Hi Mark. I am not a pet owner myself but I love this article you wrote about pet-friendly resorts. I think it’s great that you are offering to do the footwork for your pet-loving audience. I’m from California so I’m definitely going to tell my pet-loving family and friends about your article and what you are offering to do so they can include their fur-ball family member in their beach-resort vacation. 

    People that really love their pets and see and treat them like family, really suffer from separation anxiety as well as their pets do. So they don’t even really get to enjoy their vacation. I really like that you talk about the different perks each resort has for your pet. I know you mentioned one of the motels setting up a “fur-sitter” for you for when you want to go out to dinner and/or drinks. The ones that don’t offer the fur-sitter allow you to leave your pet unattended in the room?

    Great Article!


    • Hi Virginia,

      Thanks for the great feedback and for letting your friends know about our future articles. I look forward to being able to help them select the best place for their fur baby vacations.

      That’s right Virginia, all the resorts I mentioned in this article allow you to leave your pets inside when you want to go out, so its just like being at home.

      So glad you enjoyed the article.


  2. Really thank you so much for this post. Because I love dogs so much. I have 3 dogs. Most of the time when we go somewhere we have to leave them because most of the hotels don’t take them. I was really looking for a hotel like this. Thank you I found it too. Now We can now go to the hotels in your post. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Mark. Thank you for another great review. Holiday season is coming and its not easy to find good place where you can go with dog. But looking on your post, it seems that Colony hotel is what Im looking for. Great area, private beach and I really like idea of dog babysitter. Looking forward to test them as soon as possible.

  4. Hi, I’m Shah !

    your article is very informative and at the same time very interesting, however, I never thought there could be a place like this in the real world, usually we read a statement on places that says “pets not allowed” its clearly the work of a person who is keen in everything, and true means wants to entertain the visitors.

    However, I don’t have pets but this article gave me a sense of satisfaction.

    • Hi Shah,

      You will be surprised at the amount of dog friendly resorts and holiday places for dogs around the world.

      Places are starting to realize that dogs are part of the family.




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