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Go Dog Go Fetch Machine – Christmas Gift Review

Throwing a ball for your beloved furry friend to tirelessly fetch and return may be one of his favorite pastimes.

Playing fetch with your dog provides plenty of benefits to your furry companion. It keeps them mentally stimulated and promotes greater health through exercise.

How about when you’re out all day and your dog is left behind feeling bored and unstimulated?

Of course, your dog’s playtime need not suffer because of your busy routine and commitments!

OK, to make life easier for you and fun for your pet, you can bring home a Go Dog Go fetch machine. It can take the sting out of playing fetch. Your furball can continue playing fetch to his heart’s content.

And what a great gift idea for Christmas.

Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine is a ball launcher that automatically or manually launches balls to engage your dog in play.

Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine G5 Rechargeable Ball Launcher Interactive Dog ToyWhile there are issues about the loud ‘bang’ of its launcher, the advanced safety features are what make the GoDogGo Fetch Machine quite appealing.

Its automatic sensors prevent balls from getting launched if there are objects up to 3 feet in front of the device. It also has sensors that won’t activate the launcher without any ball to toss.

You can set this fetch machine up indoors or outdoors. There’s an AC adapter included if you want to use it inside your home.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to distances on this model.

Choose from multiple distance settings depending on the size, type, and condition of the dog tennis ball.

There are also 3-time settings, 4, 7, and 15 second launch intervals, to introduce further variety to playtime.

The interactive fetch machine is compact, portable, and lightweight for travel.

With this machine, you get the option of using this indoors via main power or outside with rechargeable batteries.

So, you’ll have no problem carrying it out into the yard if you want to give your pup some outdoor fun. It weighs just 8.6 pounds.

Five tennis balls are included with the machine, and it accommodates 2.5” and 1.5” tennis balls. This allows you to buy replacement balls as required. The durable design is made to stand the test of time.

This highly interactive fetch machine is also one of the safest solutions out there. So, keep your dog mentally stimulated, even if you’re away from home all day.

Unless you expressly require 3” or bigger tennis balls, this is a great automatic fetch machine for all breeds.

That being said, with a wide mouth ergo bucket and the choice of using different-sized balls, it’s easy enough just to let your furry companion have at it and have fun!

Key Features and Specifications

● Dimensions: 13.8″ D x 12.6 ” W x 16.7 ” H and weighs 8.6 pounds

● Breed size: suitable for small, medium, and large breeds

● Material: plastic

● Comes with a rechargeable Lithium Battery and AC Adapter

● Three-time settings: 4, 7, and 15-second launch intervals

● 3 distance settings: low, medium, high

● Comes with a remote control

● Wide mouth ergo bucket with handles

● Automatic sensor

● Safety switch and auto-stop feature

● Can hold 17 tennis 2.5” tennis balls and 23 small 1.5” tennis balls

Things We Like

● Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

● Good choice of distances.

● Compact, lightweight, and portable for travel.

● Allows you to set the launch time or manually override.

● The wide mouth of the bucket allows your furry pal to return the ball quickly.

● This ball launcher will not run unless a ball is loaded.

● Automatic safety sensors prevent the ball from launching if it detects people or even dogs in the trajectory of the ball.

● Safety arc launches balls up and away to keep your dog safe.

● Can be used up to 50 feet from the unit with remote control feature.

● Comes with 5 GoDogGo Tennis Balls.

Things We Dislike

● The ball-launching mechanism can be a bit loud. Not suitable for shy, skittish dogs. The Fetch Machine may be a bit noisy for some dogs.

What Customers are Saying About the GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Overall, this ball thrower fetch machine gets overwhelmingly good reviews. Customers have plenty of good things to say about the GoDogGo Fetch Machine.

Buyers back up claim that it keeps dogs entertained and happy while their owners can do other activities.

“My dog loves this thing. She can play fetch all day long and it wears me out.”

Customers have praised the product for offering multiple settings for distance. Many positive reviews state that it’s relatively easy to train dogs to use the machine.

“This ball launcher is the perfect toy for any energetic dog. I have a chocolate lab and he plays with it non-stop. I was able to teach him within 5 min to drop it at the top and he listens to the “launch noise” to prepare to go fetch the ball. This toy is the best!”

However, if you have a skittish dog who is afraid of sudden noises, this product may not be a great fit for your dog.

Benefits of a GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Fetch game provides a host of benefits especially if you’re using a GoDogGo automatic fetch machine. Here are some of them.

Enhances your dog’s cognitive abilities

Training your dogs how to use a GoDogGo automatic fetch machine helps improve their cognition, especially problem-solving skills. These fetch machines also help sharpen your dog’s alertness and prevent canine boredom.

Serves as physical exercise

Dogs remain happy while playing something that they are inherently designed by nature to do. Running after a ball and dropping it into the GoDogGo automatic fetch machine’s bucket requires strong muscles and stamina to run back and forth. You don’t even need a gym anymore to get your dog in tiptop shape.

Fosters independent play

GoDogGo automatic fetch machine also helps foster independent play. If you train your dog properly, it will no longer rely on you for a game of fetch.

Your furry companion can play it on its own. However, we still do recommend playing a game of fetch with your dog from time to time for a great bonding experience.

For those really busy times, the GoDogGo automatic fetch machine will definitely come in handy.

However, we still strongly recommend spending time with your dog so that they can benefit from the warmth of that human interaction they need.

Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine G5 Rechargeable Ball Launcher Interactive Dog ToyHyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine G5 Rechargeable Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toy

Final thoughts on GoDogGo Fetch Machine

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine is an excellent ball launcher toy and with Christmas just a few weeks away why not spoil your best friend!

It’s a terrific solution for consistent stimulation and entertainment for your dog. It keeps your dog healthy, happy, and stimulated! The nice thing is that you can allow your dog to play independently or enjoy playtime together.

Overall, GoDogGo Fetch Machine is a great ball launching device that you can purchase for your dog. Your dog would thank you if he could!




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13 thoughts on “Go Dog Go Fetch Machine – Christmas Gift Review”

  1. This is an amazing product to have! I know that we all get lazy to play with our dogs so this product will come in handy on days like that. I unfortunately do not have a dog, I tried getting one but I got scammed. I do although have friends and family who have dogs so I will be sure to share this article with them 

  2. This GoDogGo Fetch Machine is an excellent way to give my dog some daily exercise. And it reminds me very much of the machines we use to train our forehand and backhand in tennis. I went over and checked the price, and it’s affordable. I was wondering if the ball was thrown softer than a tennis ball machine would. And certainly, it does.

  3. I have always wondered if there was a product like this out there. We no longer have dogs that take an interest in fetch or playing with balls (they’d rather herd our livestock or find mice), but this sounds like an amazing product to have! It would help on those days when I don’t feel 100% to constantly throw the ball but I still need to exercise them or they want to play.

    Also, terrific that you marked the dislikes of it with it being loud. I feel that is very important if you have a more sensitive dog.

    I will be sure to share this with some friends of mine who have labs that love playing ball. Maybe Christmas present for them?? 🙂

  4. My dog loves nothing more then to chase a ball around. We even have a ball park 2 minutes from us that this would be perfect to use in. I simply cannot throw as far or as fast as my husband (Which is why my dog prefers him to take her for walks). This would be the answer to that dilemma and she would love it! 

    Totally got to do this when spring rolls round. What an epic idea! Thanks for that. 

  5. This is really cool! Our neighbor has a steep driveway that rolls downhill into their backyard, and they have somehow trained their dog to drop the ball at the top of the hill and then run to fetch it as it rolls down the hill. The dog gets a lot of exercise without requiring anyone to keep throwing the ball. This looks like a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t have a driveway or hill that the dog can use to play fetch on its own!

    • Hi Aly,

      I was just picturing that and having a giggle while I was reading your comment.

      I would love to post a video of that on our website if ever you get a chance?

  6. Wow, this is so great, Mark! I did not know this machine exists before reading your article! It is good that we spend time playing with our dogs but sometimes life gets busy or we are too tired to play, this machine will definitely help. I also like it has different settings to choose from to fit your dog. 

  7. The webpage is set out very well, there is a lot of information to process. 

    It is very interesting to read all about the GoDogGo Fetch Machine. I think any dog would love to have one of them. It is very important to get your dog to exercise every day especially big dogs. This GoDogGo Fetch Machine is the perfect equipment for the job to keep your dog fit and healthy. I also like that you have a lot of pictures and banners on your site makes it interesting and the blog is not boring. It is also easy on the eyes. Great Work there



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