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Dog Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun, celebrations, presents, and sumptuous feasts. It is the perfect time to do things that you’ve been putting off because you can’t carve out time for them (Excuse the pun!).

Well, Christmas is coming, and you know what that means! Of course it’s a gift-giving season!

If you want to surprise your dog lover bestie during Christmas, a thoughtful dog gift is all that you need.

Gifting for dog lover friends is a hard task and one that requires a bit of thought on the gifter’s part.

Top 15 Dog Gifts for Christmas

Let your dog lover besties know how much they mean to you. If you are looking for Christmas gifts and not sure what to get them, don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Dogs and Cats With Wrapped Christmas Gifts

We have browsed hundreds of gift ideas with dog lovers in mind and identified these eye-popping gift ideas. These dog gifts are carefully selected so you can feel great knowing that you’re gifting something on Christmas that actually lives up to the hype.

Read on for fun, stylish, and creative dog gifts for Christmas.

1. Dog Treats

When training a dog, the pet owner needs them to know when they are on the right track. The best way to do this is by rewarding them with a tasty treat each time they behave or follow the commands correctly.

So, your dog owner friend needs a pack of dog treats on hand to encourage their puppy and let them know when they are doing something right. Dog treats are a perfect gift for your friend’s pampered furry companion.

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2. A Warm Cozy Bed

Dogs need to keep themselves warm to stay healthy, especially when they are newborns or very young. They need a place where they can relax and stay safe and comfortable.

A comfy dog bed reflects a dog body heat back to them, keeping them warm and snug as they relax on it. Dog beds are much safer for the dog than giving them an electric heating pad to lie on. It’s a very thoughtful gift for your friend that keeps their furry companion warm, healthy, and comfortable.

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3. Dog Boots

Sometimes people forget that their dogs’ feet can be easily hurt. If your friend plans on taking him or her puppy outside, puppy boots are a very thoughtful gift that your besties might not think to buy for the dog themselves.

When outdoors, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on the surfaces where the dog walks.

Dog booties provide extra cushioning and additional support to the dog’s feet.

They help protect their feet from extreme cold, hot pavement, sharp rocks, or anything which could damage them.

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Two Small Dogs With Winter Hats In The Snow

4. Dog Toy Storage Baskets

Constantly picking up your furry child’s toys can be a drag, especially if the dog owner doesn’t have a designated container for it. Gifting a dog toy storage basket makes the dog owner’s life easier, the dog happier, and a less cluttered home.

Whether you buy toys for your dog lover BFF’s dog or not, that pooch is definitely going to have toys.

Your friend might have dozens of dog toys lying around his/ her house.

A dog toy storage basket will give your friend a convenient place to put all the toys when the dog isn’t dragging them all over the floor.

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5. Personalized Dog Mug

Without a doubt most people love to begin their day with a hot drink. That hot beverage, whether coffee or tea, always has to go into a mug.

Is the dog lover in your life a tea or coffee fanatic?

Well, a paw-inspired mug is an irresistible gift for those paw lovers. You can give a mug with any kind of inspirational message or any line that connects you.

Or you can always have a personalized dog mug with your dog lover’s dog picture.

A Mug is a great Christmas gift option for anyone who has a coffee or coffee obsession.

A mug is not only great for hot beverages, but it can also be used for holding stationery, candies, and dog treats.

This definitely makes a great gift for dog lovers.

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6. Tumbler

People are always looking for a new tumbler as they get bored with the old one easily.

Christmas is the time to surprise your dog Mom or Dad friend with a new one. Your dog lover pal will remember you as long as he/she has that tumbler.

A tumbler is a thoughtful and practical gift for dog lovers.

It is a perfect way to show your dog lover friend how much you value their pet!

Your dog lover pal can enjoy a glass of wine in the evening cuddled up with their puppy. They will smile with joy every time they drink something in the tumbler!

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7. Dog Blanket

If your friends and heir dog lives in a colder area, a blanket is a perfect gift. No dog lover can resist their fur baby’s face stitched on a blanket.

Blankets are comfortable to wear and offer a cozy place to rest. It’s perfect to use the blanket while sleeping on the bed or lounging on the couch with the dog!

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8. Doggy T-Shirt

Dog lovers enjoy showing off their love for pets, and like wearing comfy and stylish shirts. So, why not combine these two great loves? A personalized shirt with their dog’s name or picture is seriously adorable.

Everyone wants a new outfit. Simple yet effective, a T-shirt really says it all. Give a T-shirt to your dog lover friend and see how happy they will be.

T-shirts are an ideal and unique gift for occasions like Christmas or any other occasion. A T-shirt is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe and we are sure your dog lover friend will be amazed!

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9. Doggy Doormat

No home decor is complete without a doormat. It makes a great present for the greatest dog lover you know.

A personalized dog doormat is a particularly promising idea if you need a gift for a housewarming party. It guarantees to win over the attention of the dog lover receiving it!

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10. Dog Bowl

Finding the best dog bowl is a top priority for dog owners. Dog bowls make one of the most perfect personalized gifts for dog lovers. Any dedicated pet parent would absolutely love this gift.

When shopping for a dog food bowl, buy one that is stylish, durable, easy to clean, safe and comfortable for the pooch.

These dog food bowls are a great way to show your dog lover friend how much you understand the love they have for their puppy.

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11. Dog Tags

Of course, making sure a dog has the proper identification is super important.

You can gift a dog tag to that special dog lover in your life. It will symbolize that the dog has a loving home.

Dog tags will help dog owners to keep their dog’s information up to date, anytime and anywhere!

We promise the dog lover in your life will definitely adore this ‘one-of-a-kind’ gift!

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12. Personalized Dog Magnet

Brighten your dog lover’s day every time they get something from the fridge.

Give them a personalized magnet with a photo of their furry friend on Christmas.

You can customize it with a special message, a single photo or put together a whole collage to remind them all the good times.

When ordering personalized magnets for Christmas, you can choose exactly what you want to go on them.

This way, you can choose to add a special note, puppy’s name or picture that you really want.

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13. A Dog Crate

It’s really important for your friend to have a safe and private space for their dog where they can retreat to find some comfort and peace. You can provide them with this by gifting them a dog crate for their furry child.

A puppy might experience feelings of anxiety, fear, and stress as they are introduced to new surroundings. A dog crate can help them get used to the new world around them and learn how everything works.

Leaving a dog in their crate when the owner isn’t there can make the dog feel comfortable and minimize any separation anxiety. It also prevents the dog from roaming the house and chewing everything up!

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Tips on Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when preparing a Christmas gift for dog lover:

● Think ahead: You should plan and think ahead if you want the Christmas gift to arrive on time. Ordering a gift online means a few extra days for the manufacturer to deliver the product.

● Price range: It is essential to plan a budget for the Christmas gift you are planning to buy for your dog lover friend. It can cut down a lot of available possibilities. Determine your budget and begin exploring the options that are exciting for dog lovers as well as meet your budget.

● Perfect packing to make it secure: When it comes to packing, you can decorate the gift packing to make it look stylish and beautiful. You can use colorful ribbons, shiny glitter, flowers, and other things to make it look cool. Add in padding around more fragile items such as treat jars.

● Keep trends in mind: Each year has its own set of trends. So, you must ensure to keep those trends in mind when brainstorming Christmas gifts options for dog lovers.

Small Black and White Dog Wearing Red Antlers Looking at Dog Bone

How to Pack a Christmas Gift for a Dog Lover Friend

You have chosen a great dog gift for Christmas. Now it’s time to give it. Part of the joy of receiving a dog gift lies in surprises, expectations, and unpacking.

Your Christmas gift packing sets the tone for your holiday. It is the first impression your gifts are going to make. Your perfectly wrapped gifts can add to the excitement and anticipation of the holiday. If you go above and beyond, your gifts can even become a part of your dog lover’s Christmas decor.

There are plenty of unique ways to wrap Christmas gifts beautifully. So, get creative this time!

● Lace: Make dog gifts feel extra-special by layering jewel-toned paper with lace, then adding a coordinating satin ribbon.

● Faux flower: Create something stunning for your dog lover buddy with a brightly-colored gift box topped with a lush faux flower.

● Pom poms: Add a quirky touch to any dog gift box with pom-poms. Use red and green color to add a seasonal spin for Christmas. Mix together two vibrant colors for more fun.

● Rhinestones: You can make pretty patterns out of gemstones. Use a little craft glue to stick them with the gift wrapper. For Christmas gifts, you could even arrange them to look like ornaments.

● Use markers or crayons: If you have a box of markers or crayons on hand, the possibilities for creativity are simply endless.

● Fresh flowers: For a last-minute, but truly special touch, clip some fresh flowers for your dog lover friend. Tuck these fresh flowers into a web of ribbon.

● Tassel: For elegant gift packaging on Christmas, use light colored paper and top with a swingy tassel secured with yarn.

● Greenery: It doesn’t get much more classic than sprigs of Evergreen tucked into red and white baker’s twine for dog lovers on Christmas.

It’s amazing to see what a few adorable craft supplies can do for your gift wrap. These easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas make your dog gifts more festive and show off your love and creativity.

Final Thoughts and Merry Christmas

Make Christmas extra special for you, your furry companion, and your dog lover pal. Our list is a great starting point for your Christmas. You can go through these dog gift options above. Pick the perfect dog gift according to your choice and the budget.

And remember Christmas is a time of year that your doggy only sees once a year, so if this time can be a little stressful for them, then maybe a Thunder Shirt could be the ideal gift this year to keep them nice and calm to enjoy this great time of the year1

Also, you can make some cool gift wrappers at home with your unique style and print that defines you. Just try these ideas and you will be amazed.

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Do you have an idea for a dog gift to celebrate Christmas? Share it with us. We would be happy to hear from you!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Our Dogs World 101!

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12 thoughts on “Dog Gifts for Christmas”

  1. As a dog lover but not an owner I think this article is fantastic I never realized how much merchandise there is out there for dog lover’s. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!! My best friend on the other hand has 3 dogs and actually getting a fourth tonight lol and this article has given me some great ideas for presents for them for christmas.

    cheers Mark and Saffron and Merry Christmas, although be it a little early 🙂

    1. Hi Ben,

      4 DOGS WOW!!! I am assuming your friend is a real dog lover??

      Christmas is a great time of the year and I always include my two in the festivities, they love it!!


  2. This would be great if I had a dog. I tried getting a dog earlier in the year buy I got robbed. That is a story for another day haha. I have family members that do own dogs and I am sure that they will be looking to buy gifts for them so I will be sure to share it with them,

  3. Beautiful article for us dog lovers!!!! Unique and amazing products, all of them. If I had the money I would buy my little one all of them! I will definitely try the package tips you provide, as I know he will love it! Never came to my mind putting flowers on it, so that´s gonna be something new to us!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Johnny,

      I actually put edible flowers on my dogs gifts and they love it!

      So glad this has given you some ideas for this Christmas.


  4. I’m glad I came across this article, otherwise I would still be scratching my head trying to think what to get.  I went through the whole list, mostly for future reference (though I also had to be sure I hadn’t decided too soon).  I was pretty set on the first choice from the start.  I found a pretty cool DreamBone Holiday Collection (and made with real meat and veggies).

    I enjoyed the tips for packing gifts too.  I haven’t decided what to go with yet in that regard, but I definitely have some good options when the time comes.

    Thank you!

  5. Wow, what a great list of gift ideas for dog lovers and their dogs. It also reminded me of the wall hanging that my neighbors have that reads “all guests have to be approved by the dogs”.

    There are some quite unique ones like dog boots, that I have never actually seen, so will have a closer look at them. I love the ideas for gift wrapping as well. Thanks for sharing very helpful suggestions. 

  6. Hi there,

    It is the Christmas season already and yes, this is an awesome article that makes our lives easier and better. This article makes it easy for some of us to decide and choose a great present to spoil our dogs with this festive season

    I have carefully gone through the list. I have taken note of some items that my dogs love. I will also be sharing this article with friends and family. I am sure they will love this. 

    Will it be possible to advise on allergies on some of these items, please?

    Thank you again for making our lives better. I will be passing your love to our doggies 

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