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Gift Guide for Dog Lovers – Dog is Good

Dogs are indeed one of the most magical and amusing creatures on earth.

Dog parents really are a special breed of humans. They love their dogs unconditionally and often talk about them to other people non-stop, even if they don’t want to hear about them.

Stuck for gift ideas for dog lovers? If you are looking for the perfect gift for dog lovers, you’ve come to the right place as we bring you our Gift Guide for Dog Lovers from Dog is Good!

Gifts For Dog Owners

The possibilities are endless when choosing a gift for your dog lover friend. Check these out and then let us know which ones you’re going to present to your dog lover friend this Christmas!

1. Mug: I Cannot Live Without Coffee and My Dog Mug

If you are unsure of what to get your dog lover friend, consider gifting them a mug. Mugs are indeed very versatile and make incredible gifts in any situation.

White Coffee and dog mug n front of coffee and dog bag of coffee beansAlmost anyone would be excited to receive a mug. This is because it’s very useful and is great to keep either at work or home for drinks. A mug is something that is used on a daily basis. Whether you’re drinking coffee, or tea, having a cool mug is always great. A mug is not only great for drinking coffee, but it can also be used for holding stationery, sweets, and dog treats.

When ordering mugs, you can choose exactly what you want to go on them. The possibilities are endless when choosing a mug for any dog lover. Every time they drink something in the personalized mug, they’ll smile and think not only of their pup but also of how much thought you put into their birthday gift.

Here’s your chance to share your love of both coffee and dog. This retro design comes on a classic, heavyweight diner mug.

Key Features

● Holds 10oz of liquid

● Classic white

● Dishwasher and microwave safe

What we like about this

Great to use for both cold and hot beverages

● Microwave friendly so you can warm up your coffee

● Stylish, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing

● It won’t cost you too many pennies

● They are something to call your own

2. Long Sleeve T-shirt: Happy Holidogs Women’s T-shirt

Let’s face it! If you want something cool and useful, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt.

Red long sleeve womens top with logo on frontWho doesn’t love getting t-shirts on their birthday? Everyone will happily wear their T-shirt over and over and think of you and how thoughtful your gift was every time they put it on.

Show your love of dogs this holiday season with a long sleeve Happy Holidogs Women’s T-shirt. It’s easy to be in the “Holidog” spirit with this long sleeve tee! It is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe that shows off the love of the pup.

Key Features

● 100% ring spun cotton

● Preshrunk

● Fits like our women’s “essential” shirts

● Less fitted than our fitted (juniors)

What we like about this

Great giveaway since almost everyone can wear them

● Thoughtful gift

● Perfect addition to any wardrobe

● Stylish and beautiful

3. Dog Supplement: GoodMove Formula Supplement

While it’s great to find the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life, sometimes that gift is better when it’s directed at their dog! This year, you can surprise them by giving a gift to their dog instead!

A bag of bolo broth for dogs

Your dog likes to feel special and appreciated, especially by someone who they care about or hold in high regard. So, stand out from the crowd and buy a supplement for your pup. It really is amazing what a little bit of effort can do to keep your dog healthy.

The Good Move formula is holistically crafted with goat’s milk, beef bone broth, bio active turmeric, and whole super foods to support mobility, bone, and joint health. It has triple microbiome support with prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

It can be used as a food topper on any type of food or mixed with water to create a broth or gravy mix. The broth can be stored in your refrigerator and even frozen for 1 year. The powder mixes very readily with water and is extremely palatable – dogs love it! When prepared as a broth, it can stand alone as a between-meal’s booster or supplement.

Key Features

● Serving Size: One 5oz bag provides 50 scoops

● Food topper, gravy, and broth mix for dogs

● Bone, joint, and mobility support formula

● Crude Protein (min.): 34%

● Crude Fat (min.): 12%

● Crude Fiber (max.): 6%

● Moisture (max.): 10%

What we like about this

Made with high-quality ingredients

● Can be used as either meal’s booster or supplement

● It has triple microbiome support

● Provide essential nutrients

● Boosts your dog’s immune system

● Improve your dog’s skin and coat

● Helps to maintain healthy digestion

● You can easily store it in your refrigerator and even freeze it for up to 12 months

4. Throw Blanket: Let It Snow Blanket

Is there anything better than a silk touch throw blanket in winter? Every dog parent loves a cozy evening spent on the couch, cuddled up with their dog, and a good movie. A throw blanket is a playful touch for homes where dogs are most certainly welcome on the sofa.

Blue blanket with snow flakes and cartoon dog with reindeer horns

Give that dedicated dog parent a throw blanket. It makes a timeless interior accessory or home furnishing. Throw blankets generally stay in fashion. Apart from keeping you or your dog warm, they can also be used as a throw rug or a wall hanging. Plus, a blanket can make a room look more stylish.

This one is my personal favorite and I highly recommend this gift for the dog lover in your life. Whether you want to add this cozy throw blanket to your own living space or are making a gift for a loved one, this special blanket will live on as a keepsake you treasure for years to come. So, grab this throw blanket on a cold day and marvel at the warmth and ingenuity of this truly remarkable product.

Key Features

● 100% polyester

● Soft silk touch fabric

● Printing on one side

● White reverse side

● Machine-washable

What we like about this

They are very lightweight and easy to carry

● It is known for its softness and warmth

● Looks very attractive and pleasant

● Retains their soft texture for year’s

● Provides comfort and long-lasting durability

● They are easy to maintain and require no special care

● Versatile

● Makes a simple yet thoughtful present

● It makes a timeless interior accessory or home furnishing and generally stays in fashion

Tips for Selecting Gifts for Dog Lovers

Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing a gift for dog lovers:

3 dogs in front of a pile of wrapped presentsKnow the recipient: The dog lover of course comes first. The key to creating a thoughtful gift that will truly be appreciated is to understand your friend’s needs and passion. You have to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the dog lover BFF to whom you are going to gift.

Think ahead: You should plan and think ahead if you want the gift to reach on time. Ordering gift items means a few extra days for the manufacturer to deliver.

● Occasion: Before buying any gift for a dog lover, make sure you have a clear idea of the occasion and do your selection suits that.

● Your relationship With Dog Dad/Mom: The dog lover can be your friend, lover, parent, or maybe your sibling. This matters a lot and also explains what you take that person as. Think about the proper gift according to the dog lover’s age.

● You must start somewhere: Once you have finalized a gift theme, brainstorm a list of gift items.

● Price range: It is essential to plan a budget for the gift you are planning to buy. This cuts down a lot of available possibilities. Determine your budget and begin exploring the options that are exciting for dog lovers as well as meet your budget.

● Play with size: With a personalized gift for dog lovers, you can go big, like a dog bed or throw blankets. It can be small like a key chain, tumbler, or mug.

● Personalization: When it comes to personalization, you can decorate the gift packing to make it look stylish and lovely. You can use glitter, ribbons, flowers, and other stuff to make it look cool.

● Perfect packing to make it secure: Add in padding around more fragile items such as mugs or wine glasses.

Keep trends in mind: Each year has its own set of trends. So, you must ensure to keep those trends in mind when brainstorming gift options for dog lovers.

Personalized messages: Gifts for dog lovers accompanied by personalized messages can be an amazing representation of a relationship. Don’t forget to check the text for any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Perfect gifts are like love: The harder we look for the perfect gift, the harder it is to find.” – Shayne Seymour

Wrapping Up

Dogs are heart stealers but raising them as they grow can be hard work. They are part of the family and deserve the very best.

Give something special to the dog lover in your life to celebrate his/her proud dog parental status. They will love that you took the time to get them a gift with their beloved dog in mind.

Have you enjoyed reading the article? Do you have any gift ideas to add for dog lovers? Let us know in the comments. We would be happy to hear from you!

“May Your Home Be Filled With Love and Dog Hair”

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11 thoughts on “Gift Guide for Dog Lovers – Dog is Good”

  1. Hi Mark,

    What a great set of ideas!

    We have recently become doggy parents and it is great to receive dog-related gifts.

    I like all your ideas but particularly like the throw, especially at this time of year when it’s cold so it makes an excellent Christmas gift. 

    It is quite muddy outside at this time of year and I have to keep washing towels and blankets that have paw prints all over them, so it is a very practical gift as well as a lovely gift. 

    Also, I like the idea of getting some dog-related mugs, but I drink tea. Do you know of anything suitable for tea drinkers who like dogs? 

    Thanks for a great article!

    All the best


    1. Hi Julia,

      So happy for you becoming Dog parents, it is really the best thing!

      What kind of dog did you get?

      There are some great choices of mugs that I have put here in this link.

      I hope you find something nice to drink your tea with.


  2. Hey,

    I am a very big animal lover, especially dogs. However, my Jack Russel, named Jenka, passed away on December 31, 2016. She died of Addison’s disease and lay dead next to me in bed. To this day I still speak to her and miss her endlessly!

    I am currently working on a website related to gadgets and I thought to myself that these dog-lover gadgets wouldn’t look out of place on my site. Now I’m still working on gadgets for fishing enthusiasts. But who knows next?

    The only thing I have reservations about is people dressing their dogs. I don’t think that’s appropriate at all!

    Nice article!

    With best regards,

    1. I am so sorry to hear about Jenka, it is a horrible feeling losing your best friend.

      Good luck with your websites and yes I agree on the dressing up dogs thing.

      So glad you liked the article.


  3. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article, For me i think Personalized dog mugs  make the perfect gifts for petowners who truly adore their furry friend (and also love a good cup of coffee). Personalize with photos, colors and text for a one-of-a-kind mug every dog owner will use again and again.

  4. This is a fun article with some good suggestions for presents.  Our dog has received enough presents to know that its fun to tear open the package because there is always something inside.  I like the guide you offer for choosing a present for a dog.  We often wrap up something like a bone or piece of rawhide that she can smell.  You article has kind of reminded me to think about our dog when buying something rather than just what we think is cute.  Thanks.

  5. I love my two dogs, and I like the bolo broth simply because I make their dog food and this would be a great and healthy topper for them.  I also have one dog that loves blankets.  I had to throw away the last one….we won’t go there…so he is needing a new one that he can use to snuggle in.  Thanks for the great ideas. 

  6. Hi Mark. What an interesting article you’ve written. I’m a dog lover, I have been one all my life. Wish someone would give me a mug or teeshirt as a present, maybe if I put your blog under the noses of some of my family and friends they may get the hint. Never mind, I’ll just have to find a fellow dog lover to give some of these lovely gifts to. Jim

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