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First Time Dog Owners Guide

Being a first-time dog owner can be one of the greatest joys in your life and here are some amazing tips and tricks for those people who own a dog. Furthermore, tips can also be useful for those who are going to adopt or buy a dog for the first time.

Our Dogs World 101

Prepare Your Home:

Preparing your home to share with a dog is more difficult than preparing your house for a baby. Equally, If you are going to have an adult or older dog, make sure it fits your lifestyle.

  • Cover your furniture to save it from fur, as well as anything else you similarly don’t want dog fur all over.
  • Keep your dog away from switches and plugs etc.
  • Try to create a barrier between a “No GO” space and the dog. For example you may not want your dog in a certain place of the house. By placing a barrier here, the end result would be that the dog would learn that this area is a “No Go” space.
  • Establish boundaries – Where can my new dog go and where cant they go?
  • Keep personal items out of your dogs reach. At the puppy stage everything within a puppies reach is fair game to them.

Make A Schedule:

  • Always try to make a proper schedule for the dog and follow it.
  • Set the rules and decide who will be responsible for food, walks, water and exercise of the dog.
  • Make sure you and your family members strictly follow the rules and the schedule.
  • Divide the responsibilities and assign each task to a different family member.

Choosing a good vet is extremely important, select the best veterinarian in your town or the city so you can have the record of your dog’s health. Also, do not forget to vaccinate your dog on time.

A Healthy Diet:

  • Always feed your dog healthy and nutritious food.
  • Proteins and carbohydrates should be included in your dog’s diet.
  • You can also ask your vet to make a diet schedule for your dog as it depends on the size and breed of the dogs.


  • Grooming your dog very well can make you a great dog owner.
  • Wash your dog according to the schedule.
  • You must know how often your dog should be washed.
  • A well-groomed dog routine includes clipping nails, cleaning the teeth, trimming hair and brushing hair.

Entertain Your Dog:

  • There should always be a friendly relationship between you and your dog.
  • Set aside time for the play sessions.
  • Take your dog for walks, give them treats, make stuffed toys, travel and plan activities with your dog.
  • Sometimes give a massage as massages can be beneficial for a dog’s health.


  • Teach your dog about the basic commands like come, sit, stand-up and run.
  • It will make your life easier and strengthen your bond.
  • Take your dog to a park to socialize with other dogs and pets.
  • Appreciate your dog when he obeys your command.
  • Watch your dog while playing with your kids. Kids and dogs can be great friends, but they still need to be supervised.


  • If you are thinking about breeding your dog, make sure to perform all the necessary tests to prevent your dog from diseases. Do not forget to take advice from the breeder before breeding your dog.


  • Use baking soda to clean your dog’s urine from the carpet.
  • If you are tired of cleaning fur of your dog from all over your house, try to clean it via leather gloves.
  • You can also use a roll of packing tape to clean the fur.


Please feel free to comment on this article and ask any questions you may have regarding being a dog owner, or any other topics you would like to know more about regarding your dog.


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