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The Best Dog Nutrition – For Healthy Dogs

Choosing the right nutritional food for your dog is especially important for their health and happiness. According to the experts and vets, the nutritional requirements of dogs vary by age, breed, size and health. Here we are going to discuss about some best dog nutrition and nutrition to avoid for your dog’s good health and well-being.

Best Dog Nutrition.

The best nutrients to include in your dog’s diet are fats, protein, water, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. These nutrients are all essential and should be included in your dog’s everyday diet. Unlike cats, dogs are not strict carnivores. Other than meat, they can also gain nutrients from vegetables, grains and fruits. These non-meat foods can also add nutrients in their diet by providing essential minerals and fibers.

Many people hesitate to feed dry kibble or canned wet food to their dogs, but these foods are highly recommended as they are tested and made under the supervision of veterinary specialists. You can also mix their canned food with raw meat, vegetables, fish and rice.

Dogs with allergy issues should be given a low grain diet as grains are carbohydrates and a small amount of carbohydrate can improve the dog’s health. As dog’s food vary by age and breed, always check the ingredients of whatever dry or canned food you buy for your dog.

Also, frozen meals are comparatively healthier than kibble as they are closer to whole-food nutrition. Meals cooked at home can also be beneficial for dog’s health. Before feeding them a home-cooked meal, you should make sure that you are providing a balanced meal to your dog.

Try to choose raw, large, meaty bones for your adult dog. Other nutritious foods that dogs can eat include carrots, peanut butter, eggs, salmon, blueberries, popcorn, pineapple, watermelon, bread, black berries, corn, green peas, oatmeal, apples, broccoli and coconut.

Nutrition To Avoid.

Feeding your dog, the same food you eat can be extremely dangerous for your dog’s health and well-being. Here are some nutritional’s or food items you should avoid feeding to your dog.

  • Chocolates are highly toxic for dogs and should not be fed.
  • Sweet and fatty foods are not recommended as they can cause illness.
  • Citrus fruits like lemon, grapes and oranges should be avoided as they can cause diarrhea and unfortunately have led to death in dogs.
  • Eating onions and garlics can result into oxidative damage to the RBCs of the dogs. • Undercooked meat may contain bacteria, so try to avoid it.
  • Macadamia nuts can cause muscular weakness and tremors in dogs.
  • Uncooked or raw yeast dough can be life threatening to your dog and can cause gas in digestive system of dog.
  • Even an exceedingly small amount of alcohol in drinks or syrups can be poisonous to dogs.
  • Some of the dairy products can upset your dog’s digestive system.
  • Avoid feeding milk if your dog is lactose intolerant.
  • Avocados can also cause food poisoning in dogs.

Always try to consult your veterinarian first because dogs are individuals, and their diet varies according to the breed, age and size.

I have a more in depth article regarding overweight dogs titled Doggie Diet Tips To Get Your Dog back In Shape which covers everything from exercise to meal plans and much more.

Please feel free to comment on this article and ask any questions you may have regarding your dog’s nutrition, or any other topics you would like to know more about regarding your dog.


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  1. Hi, Mark,

    Your article on the best foods to feed dogs and keep them healthy is fascinating. I did not realize that there are foods and even vegetables that can be harmful to them. The onion and oranges were a surprise for me.

    It would be great to see some links to the experts as you mention them. I know dogs are, for many people, part of their family, and I think they would feel reassured of what you share when they see it is, stated by these professionals.

    Thank you for this insightful information.

    Wishing you all the best, Nyny

    • Great feedback Nyny in regards to the professional advice links and something I will definitely incorporate in the future.

  2. Hello Mark, I am pleased to meet you. This is a very important and interesting information about the best nutrition for our dogs. I keep dogs and I love them a lot. I have really learned much from this post, especially the nutrition to avoid as I did not know that some you outlined are not good for them, like dairy products can upset the dog’s digestive system, as you mentioned.

    • Hi Kokontala,

      Very pleased to meet you too.

      I am glad you found the article interesting and that the article has taught you something.

      I am here to help if you need to know anything more in regards to training, nutrition and anything else dog related.



  3. I have been a pet owner as long as I have lived and I am shocked that I did not know some of the facts that you have given out. 

    For example, I had no idea that alcohol and chocolates can be so dangerous for dogs. You see, we feed our dogs a lot of what we ourselves eat, and that’s not good. 

    Thank u so much for educating me on these aspects. 



    • Hi Aps,

      Glad this article helped educate you on The Best Dog Nutrition.

      It is surprising the amount of people who are unaware of the dangers in chocolate for dogs.



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