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Frozen Dog Treats For Summer

There are two things I love very much in this world, the first one is ice-cream and the second is my dogs.

They go with me wherever I go and in the summer that’s usually to the beach.

On those hot summer days I will always grab the dog bowls, water and my cooler with what we call Frozen Dog Treats For Summer!

My youngest dog is an English Mastiff and they are a breed known to easily overheat so these frozen dog treats are ideal and both my dogs love them!

What Kind Of Popsicles Can Dogs Eat?

When you or I think of popsicles we think sugar, sweet tasting and dessert based treats as the make up of any Popsicle.

A dog on the other hand would not live a very long or healthy life if they had the same.

Some Frozen Dog Treats For Summer recipes I am going to share with you today may not sound like the perfect Popsicle or ice cream recipe, however you need to remember, you’re not the one that’s licking them!

Dog Popsicles and ice-creams should be made up of whole foods of which I have set out in the table below.

Apple SlicesBroccoliEggsWhite Rice
BananasBrussel SproutsLean BeefPasta
BlueberriesCarrotsLean Pork
CranberriesCooked Potato
OrangesGreen Beans
RaspberriesSweet Potato

While the ice-creams will use a low-fat Greek yogurt as its base, the popsicles will use a meat or bone broth as its base.

Our 5 Favorite Frozen Dog Treat Recipes For Summer

The 5 frozen dog treat recipes I am sharing with you in this blog article are what my two have loved the most, and the word from both Saffron and Narla is that your dog will too.

RECIPE 1 – The Peanut Butter, Banana, and Honey Monster.


1. Large frozen banana.

2. 2 1/2 tablespoons of NATURAL peanut butter and make sure there is no sugar or Xylitol (Artificial sweetener that can be lethal for dogs) added.

3. 1 – 2 tablespoons of natural honey.

4. 500 grams of Greek yogurt.

5. Dentastix (So they can be chewed on once your pup has gotten through their ice-cream.


You will need to cut the frozen banana into small pieces and whack them in the blender along with all the other ingredients, except for the dentastix sticks. (Just in case you hadn’t guessed these will be used as the stick!)

Turn the blender on to high and blend until you have a smooth consistent mixture. With my blender that is normally about 4 minutes.

You are looking to get it like a thick shake consistency.

Next you will pour the mixture into either ice pop moulds or those disposable plastic/paper cups.

Now grab a dentastix and place it into the center of the cup.

The mixture if you have got it right will hold the dentastix upright.

If they don’t, no stress, simply grab some aluminum foil and wrap it over the top of the cup and push the stix through this and into the mixture so as they stay in place.

Then place the dog pops into the freezer until they are frozen solid (About 2-3hours) and serve.

The remaining pospicles can stay in the freezer until they are needed.

These peanut butter, banana, and honey monsters are an occasional treat on those hot days and should never be used as a meal.

RECIPE 2 – A Greenies Dream


1. 2 Cups of either unsalted chicken, beef, or vegetable broth/stock.

2. 1 Cup of water.

3. 4 Florets of Broccoli

4. 1/2 cup of green beans

5. 1 handful of spinach.

6. Rawhide sticks (Use your dogs favorite)


This one is quick and simple.

Add all the ingredients into a blender (again not the rawhide sticks) and blend until all the ingredients have mixed together.

With my blender this is usually 2-3 minutes but this could be different with yours.

You are looking for a consistency with no big lumps or chunks in the mixture.

Next you will need to pour your mixture either into you Popsicle moulds or some disposable paper cups.

Cover the paper cups with some aluminum foil and poke the rawhide sticks through and into the mixture.

Leave in the freezer until frozen solid.

Because of the goodness in these dogsicles, these can be given everyday.

My two have a greenies dream to start every morning off right!


We have all heard of the BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato burger) well this is my dogs take on that.

The PBC (Pasta, Bacon and Carrots) has all the goodness without the bun!


1. 2 Cups of beef broth/stock.

2. 1 Cup of water.

3. 2 Rashers of cooked bacon.

4. 1 1/2 Cups of cooked pasta.

5. Your trusty rawhide sticks.


Mix the beef broth/stock with the water.

Pour this mix into your moulds/paper cups.

Add equal amounts of the chopped bacon pieces and pasta to each cup or mould.

If using cups wrap some aluminum foil over the top of the cups and push the rawhide stick through this and into the mixture.

Place in the freezer until frozen solid.

Your dog will love these PBC frozen dog treats, and just like the Greenies Dream they can be given daily as a nutritional healthy treat.

RECIPE 4 – Fruitylicious

Now when you sit down sipping on your favorite fruit smoothie you don’t need to get the guilts as your dog gives you those sad pleading eyes that are saying please share your smoothie with me.

With the Fruitylicious both you and your dog will be able to enjoy your smoothies in peace.


1. 3 Cups of Greek yogurt.

2. 1 Banana.

3. 2 Strawberries.

4. 1 Slice of water-melon

5. 1/4 Cup of blue-berries.

6. 1 Tablespoon of natural honey.


Firstly put all the ingredients into your blender.

Mix until the ingredients are the same consistency as a smoothie.

Once you are happy with the consistency you will need 12 paper of plastic cups.

Pour the mixture evenly into each of the cups.

This next step is really up to you.

I personally don’t use the rawhide or dentastix as an ice cream stick with these and just simply put them in the freezer, however if you prefer to use a stick it is the same process I have mentioned in the other frozen dog treat recipes.

You will then need to freeze these for about 5 – 6 hours.

Because these are a sweeter option they really should only be given as a refreshing and cooling treat.

RECIPE 5 – The Dogs Sunrise

man walking his dog on beach at sunrise

This one is juice on a stick and one that my dogs love on a hot summers day.


1. 6 Cups of water.

2. 1 Orange.

3 1 Tangerine

4. 1/2 Mango (If In Season)


Very simple this one.

Mix all the ingredients in your blender.

Pour even amount of the mixture into your cups/Popsicle moulds.

Place the aluminum foil over the tops of the cups and push the raw-hide sticks through the foil into the mixture.

Freeze until frozen solid.

This one is packed full of nutritious sweetness, and while fruits are a good type of sugar you still need to make sure you aren’t giving one of these to your dog everyday.

Remember a chunky dog is an unhealthy dog.

If you are dealing with an overweight dog I have some great diet tips to get your dog back in shape.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

While some dogs can stomach small amounts of vanilla ice cream as a little treat it can cause stomach upsets.

Now I have given you some great dog freindly and healthy treats you have no need to feel guilty anymore while you are licking away at your favorite ice cream.

What If My Dog Ate Ice Cream?

We have all seen those cute and funny YouTube videos of people feeding their dogs ice cream.

But what these YouTube videos don’t show you is the mess this can cause with your dogs tummy later on.

While most dogs love ice cream they can get sick as they really don’t digest these kinds of dairy products very well.

If people did post the videos of these dogs later on you would probably see a fair bit of tummy rumbling and possibly some vomiting and/or as I like to call it chocolate whip coming from their rear end.

The reason for this is that as soon as they are weaned as puppies, dogs become lactose intolerant, meaning that they don’t have any lactose in the body to digest dairy products like milk or ice cream.

Here’s To A Great Summer Of Frozen Dog Treats!

I hope you and your dog have a great summer together and that they get to enjoy one of my Frozen Dog Treats For Summer recipes.

I would love any feedback from your dogs or perhaps you have some recipes of your own you would like to share, which you can leave below in the comments.

So wherever you are in the world, we hope you and your fur baby enjoy this time of year and cool down with on of our great summer treat recipes!

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“May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog hair”


Founder of Our Dogs World 101.

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  1. Hi Mark. Thank you for very interesting article. I’m trying to provide my dog with diversified diet but I never heard that you can actually prepare ice creams for him. I love this idea and it would be great addition during hot summer so I will definitely use your recipes in practice. They are easy to make and natural so Im sure my dog will like them.

  2. I remember as a kid giving the second half of my popsicles to Brownie. It was a habit and I even felt bad when he was away and I could give him half. I never gave him ice-cream, thankfully. So, these recipes have transported me back to my childhood. Brownie is not with me anymore, naturally. But we now have two dogs and I will ask my daughters to help me making these popsicles.

  3. I would have never thought of making doggie popsicles like this. The recipes are amazing. Did you come up with the recipes yourself? I am sure that my dog Drayko would love everyone of them! He isn’t a picky dog and thinks he should be eating whatever we are and does a good job at making us feel guilty even when it is something he absolutely cannot have. Of course we only feed him what he can have. Anyway, these are great ideas for those times.

    • Hi Siobhan,

      I make them and my dogs let me know the recipes!

      I can guarantee (Well Saffron & Narla can) that Drayko will love them.

      I love that name Drayko! What kind of dog is he?


  4. Hi Mark,

    Your recipes for frozen dog treats sound great! I know that my Golden Retriever Ellie would love all of them, especially the fruit ones.  She loves fruit!  

    It has definitely been a hot summer, and giving your dog a frozen treat is a great way to cool them off.  I have never given my dog human ice cream because I don’t want her eating sugar, I have purchased dog ice cream for her on occasion.  She loves it, but it does get expensive.  Using your recipes is a great way to save some money, and give your dog a healthy cool treat they will love.

    Thanks for sharing, I will be trying out these recipes.


  5. Hey thanks for this information! It’s really useful and quite interesting to see that there is a few ice cream dogs can eat. I always thought they can eat any ice cream but now I know to stick to the fruits and foods mentioned in the post.

    I think I’m going to give the banana ice cream a go, it sounds scrumptious! Plus it seems easy. The fruitylicious is another popcicle I’d want to give a go!

  6. Hello Mark! Its been a while! I have missed reading your Articles! Always something to take home for our dogs. Thanks for sharing this. I have read through and saved this for my next dogs! My Dog for the past 5Years does not like anything coming anywhere near if mouth. I have tried a couple of times already. I ain’t going to force it to right?

    • Hi Vanabell,

      That is spot on, we should never force our dogs to do something they don’t want to do or in your case, don’t want to eat.

  7. I have both dogs and cats. Summer is very hot here, but I never thought of making ice cream for animals. Thanks for the idea and for the recipes. Some of them are valid for us as well. I will make those recipes that are good for both dogs and us. I have a question: do you know if these recipes are good for cats too?

    • Hi Carmen,

      Yes I will admit I sometimes sneak a few of the peanut butter, banana, and honey monsters LOL… Much to my dogs disgust LOL!

      As far as cats go I cant see why not, I would guess that the ingredients here, which I know are safe for dogs would be the same for cats?

      Thanks for your comments and if you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to reach out.


  8. I can’t wait to try these out with Olivia! I know she’ll love them all. There’s not a single thing that my baby doesn’t love more than frozen goods. I think I’ll be starting off with recipe number 3 – the PBC. I know she’ll love this one. I live in Puerto Rico so heat and hot days are basically all year round so having this recipe guide will help me get Olivia some healthy frozen goodies for a long time. Thank you, Mark!

    • Hey Stephanie,

      Puerto Rico hey, that’s one of the places I will be travelling one day when this Covid thing allows!

      The PBC is definitely a favorite amongst the doggy world and I think Olivia will love it!

      Please let me know what Olivia thinks of our PBC!



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