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Dasuquin For Dogs – Nutramax Soft Chews

Dasuquin for Dogs is currently the number 1 joint health supplement recommended by vets in helping to support and protect your dogs joint health, and I can definitely testify to that recommendation.

I have a 12-year-old Black Labrador that was suffering quite badly from arthritis and was on human grade Tramadol to help with the pain.

It was a friend of mine that suggested I try Dasuquin for dogs and the results have been nothing short of a miracle!

After about 6-7 weeks of Narla being on this medicated soft chew it was like she was a puppy again.

No longer did she struggle to get in and out of her bed, she could go on long walks again with zero pain and would even break into a quick run of excitement every now and again, none of this was ever done on the Tramadol.

It has been so great to see my girl back to her old self and most importantly absolutely 100% pain free!

What Is Dasuquin For Dogs?

Dasuquin without getting to scientific is a supplement that was made by a company called Nutramax and is a supplement designed to promote healthy joints for both dogs and cats.

According to its manufacturers, Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences Inc., it is designed solely to help stimulate cartilage production, protect the cartilage and support good joint function.

Nutramax confidently state that there products are backed by science.

They say that every one of there supplements are tested by 80 quality checks and backed by scientific studies so all pet parents know that they are getting safe and effective products.

They also claim to source the highest quality ingredients and manufacture there products in a state-of-the-art facility, to make sure that extremely high standards and quality are met through every step of the manufacturing process.

How Does Dasuquin For Dogs Work?

Now I could give you all the scientific facts and molecular structures here, but I think if I tell you a little more about Narla’s story, it will be a lot more beneficial for those doggy parents researching joint supplements.

Narla, as I mentioned before is my 12-year-old Black Labrador that I have had since she was an 8-week-old bundle of cuddly fluff.

My Black Labrador sitting at the park with a water bottle in her mouth.

As with all Labradors she loved the water, fetching balls and running with me all of which we did on a daily basis.

From memory, I think she was about 9 years old when I noticed that she was struggling to make herself comfortable when laying on her bed which was a high quality top end orthopedic bed (So I knew I had her bedding covered for joint discomfort) and the excitement she used to show when we were getting ready to head out for a run was disappearing.

Over the next 4 – 6 months her pain and discomfort gradually got worse and I decided it was time to see our vet.

Looking back now I wish I hadn’t taken this vets advice as they put her on human grade Tramadol, which was great for relieving the pain, however took away any spark she had left.

It was when I caught up with an old farming friend and I was telling him how I had my old dog on Tramadol to help with pain relief that he mentioned Dasuquin for dogs and how it had helped a few of his working dogs with there joint problems.

Within 4 – 6 weeks of having Narla on Dasuquin she was sleeping comfortably on her bed again, she was back to swimming and while the run was more of a shuffle she was enjoying exercise again with ZERO pain!

OK, I know I said no scientific facts but 4 things that are worth knowing are the following taken directly from Nutramax themselves and they are:

  1. Dasuquin ingredients help to stimulate the production of some cartilage components and help stop cartilage breakdown.
  2. ASU adds to the effect of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to help support joint health.
  3. The combined glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in Dasuquin work better together than the ingredients do when used alone.
  4. It contains Decaffeinated green tea which is rich in antioxidants.

How Often Should I Give My Dog Dasuquin?

Dasuquin for dogs is dosed depending on your dogs weight and Nutramax have suggested the below as a guide.

I followed this guide with Narla and as I said before got results I never would have thought possible.

Dogs WeightInitial Dosage 4 - 6 WeeksSuggested Maintenance Dosage
Under 10lbs.1/2 Chew1/2 Chew
10 - 29lbs.1 Chew1/2 Chew
30 - 59lbs.2 Chews1 Chew
60lbs +2 1/2 Chews1 1/2 Chews

What Are The Side Effects Of Dasuquin For Dogs?

While there are no real known side effects associated with Dasuquin for dogs. If for any reason you do notice any changes such as diarrhea, a difference in there behavior or vomiting I would suggest that you stop giving this supplement immediately and contact your vet to make sure this isn’t the cause.

Should Dasuquin Be Given With Food?

This Is what I love about this product!

Because Dasuquin chewables are so tasty (Well that’s the feedback I have from Narla) they can be used as a treat or what I do sometimes is simply crumble them up and give it to her with her normal meal.

Remember we are going to give this 4-6 weeks to start seeing the changes, however some dogs have also responded quicker than this.

How Long Can A Dog Take Dasuquin?

Again, allow the 4-6 weeks to take not of the response.

Once you have seen the response and the chewables have started to work you can then place your dog on the maintenance dosage (Check table in How Often Should I Give My Dog Dasuquin).

I have had Narla on the maintenance dosage for a little over 2 years and she is doing great.

Is MSM Harmful To Dogs?

MSM (A Key Ingredient in Dasuquin), known scientifically as Methysulfonylmethane (Say that 10 times quickly!) is not only really good for your dog but is also totally safe.

Causing harm or having your dog overdose on MSM is not going to happen, in fact MSM has almost the same levels of toxicity as water and that’s something you and your dogs drink plenty of every day.

Dogs would need to take in over 3 pounds of MSM before they even reached a toxic level.

Does Dasuquin Upset A Dogs Stomach?

As with all new foods, medications and supplements there is a possibility that your dog may suffer from some side effects, which are usually related to something as simple as a new addition to there diet.

These may include a loss of appetite, some dizziness and possibly a minor tummy upset. More often than not these side effects usually go away after a few days.

If they do continue on after a few days, stop the treatment and check with your local vet before continuing with this supplement.

What Are Customers Saying About Dasuquin For Dogs?

So I have given you mine and Narla’s take on Dasuquin but don’t just take our word.

Below I have taken some honest reviews from dog parents who are also using this NUMBER 1 Joint Supplement for there dogs.

5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievably quick and positive impact to our Boxer’s arthritis & displasia


Our 7 year old slobbering hot mess of a boxer has blown ACL’s (and TPLO surgery), hip displasia and arthritis.

He was in good spirits (being a boxer that is a given) but was clearly in a lot of pain – watching him struggle up stairs and wince when sitting was absolutely heartbreaking.

The surgical options offered were hip replacement and another TPLO – which was a high risk, high cost and tremendous negative impact on his quality of life. Heartbreaking.

We had tried Dasuquin earlier (first blown ACL) with some results, and out of desperation tried it again.


Creaky hot mess got his puppy wiggles back. Yes, he still has the underlying physical issues, but he is moving MUCH more easily, demonstrates minimal distress (unless he’s done something stupid like tear off after a deer), and is much more mobile and obviously happier.

The morning & night dasoquin is a ritual that he absolutely loves and looks forwards to, and it literally took less than a week for the first signs of improvement to show.

We are generally skeptics of “nutritional supplement” claims, but anecdotally we can strongly correlate our Boxer’s dramatic improvement with starting Dasoquin.

Initially the $80 a bag was a larger “wild bet” than we wanted to make (hint – Dasoquin – sell $20 ‘evaluation bags’), but in hindsight the cost is absolutely negligible compared to the positive impact on our dog’s quality of life.

Your pet’s mileage may certainly vary, but we wanted to share this one dramatic anecdote of Dasoquin really helping the hairiest member of our family. Five well-deserved stars.

5.0 out of 5 stars 12 y/o Labrador moving again

I’m not going to lie, I only bought this because my neighbor twisted my arm for so long about it.

Heres our backstory: I have a 12 y/o yellow lab with arthritis and hip dysplasia, not to mention half of his life he was overweight.

I got his weight down when I got him but he always had a slight limp from being kicked by a horse as a puppy.

He’s been on an aspirin regiment, he’d had steroids, essential oils, creams, etc. for his hips/joints and cosequin stopped working after a while.

Now this last year he’s only gotten up to go to the bathroom and when I went on walks so his muscles have deteriorated significantly and I have to pull him up most of the time.

Fast forward to him being on the small/medium dog dose for a couple of days ( its expensive and I couldn’t afford the large dog bag at the time since only the 150 ct. was in stock) and he’s up and walking around, most of the time he’s able to get up by himself as long as it’s a grip able surface, and he’s got a bit of his old vigor back.

I hadn’t seen him play with a toy in 2-3 years and he has again. This stuff is completely worth every penny to improve his quality of life for a while longer.

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely the very best you can Buy! Don’t waste your money on there competitors or other like products ever!!!.

I started using this product completely by accident after a suggestion from a veterinarian I had brought my dog to for a paw injury.

I mentioned she was getting older and a little stiff and it was bothering me and probably my dog a whole lot more than me.

There are competitive products and I tried one or two since originally getting this and there is no comparison.

Within a week or less I saw a dramatic Improvement in my Patti girlies energy and movement. She’s older and I am seeing her do things and reach places without the hardship and effort she had prior.

Since I purchased this and after exploring another option or two I have to say forget about everything else buy this.

The other thing that might be important to mention for people who have dogs that have special needs such as my girl. I have to be careful with her as she is on prescription food and prone to kidney stones, let me tell you every other product has a kidney stone warning somewhere hidden in the labeling or there was a warning about them but this particular product does not.

It’s hard for me to find things for her and this was the happiest accident ever. No side effects or stomach distress and certainly not a worry about any future kidney stones.

Give it a try and you may see a difference in your dog’s Mobility and Agility within days or certainly no later than a week or two.

It’s really important for those of us who consider our dog or other pets in our family’s to know of products such as this one which does not cause any harm and it genuinely only helps and 2 just see an older cat or in my case a dog seem to act like she did when she was much younger, was and is just as amazing and heartwarming.

I won’t mention the name of there largest competitor but I did try them out and I saw no improvement. I saved a few dollars but it wasn’t worth it Please go with this you won’t regret it and neither will your fur babies young or old if they’re showing any signs of arthritic conditions or Mobility problems.

This Dasuquin MSM will be with us 4 a lifetime. It’s an amazing product with no side effects to date. Trust me if there was going to be something that would impact or make my Patti girl sick I would certainly know it by now and nothing of the kind is happening.

Therefore if you have an older dog like a senior don’t worry this is the product you want to have just to see what appears to be like evolution in reverse as far as your older dog behaving much more puppyish pretty darn quick.

Total breakthrough in a natural supplement as opposed to giving your four-legged family member medications for the obvious signs of Aging and arthritis or general stiffness which could happen in larger dogs even at younger stages of there life.

Dasuquin For Dogs – That’s a Wrap!

I hope you enjoyed or review on Dasequin for dogs and if you have any success stories of your own on this amazing supplement we would love to hear them.

As I said earlier the results in Narla have been absolutely mind blowing and had I not seen it for myself would never have believed a supplement could be so good.

As the saying in my house goes, “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”

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Founder of Our Dogs World 101.

18 thoughts on “Dasuquin For Dogs – Nutramax Soft Chews”

  1. I will definitely tell my sister about this discovery. She has a 16-year old Jack Russell-Dachs mix that she is terrified of losing. His belly drags on the ground because his legs are so short. I am not sure if these chews help with the dogs weight or not, but they certainly can’t hurt. How long have you been giving it to your dog?

  2. I will definitely tell my sister about this discovery. She has a 16-year old Jack Russell-Dachs mix that she is terrified of losing. His belly drags on the ground because his legs are so short. I am not sure if these chews help with the dogs weight or not, but they certainly can’t hurt. How long have you been giving it to your dog?

    • Hi Tim,

      I have had my Black Lab Narla on these for a little over 2 years and they are amazing. It is like she is a puppy again (She is actually 12 years old)

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience using Dasuquin. Darla must be grateful she has a dad that takes care of her well. I know that snowball will love it. She loves all kinds of treats. But I will also make it powder and mix it up with her food. Thank you for warning us about watching out for side effects. Hopefully there are none.

  4. Hello, I think my friend Jane will enjoy the Dasuquin for dogs. He recently received a dog named Bobby as a gift from his mum. However, this one experienced comparable joint problems.
    I’m hoping that as soon as I inform him of this excellent news, she’ll like me even more. It’s also worth mentioning that there are no known negative side effects.

  5. Hey thanks for this article, even though I don’t have a pet dog, I would love to get one in the future if possible. I absolutely adore dogs, the whole lot of them, whether they are small chihuahuas or large mastiffs, they’re amazing!

    It doesn’t hurt to take not of all these beneficial supplements and it’s nice to know your narla was able to get the treatment she deserves and live pain free! Going to recommend this to a few friends who do own these fluff balls!

  6. Hi, fellow dog lover! I was so happy to see the information about this supplement, which I somehow had never heard of! My dog is six years old, so I’m wondering whether I should start feeding him this supplement now for preventative health and care, or if you recommend waiting until he’s a bit older. I obviously want him to be as healthy as possible!

    • Hi Erica,

      After seeing what it did for my 12 year old Lab, I have had Saffron who is my 2 year old Mastiff on this for about 6 months now as a preventative supplement and I know it is only benefiting her in the long term.

      I hope this helps to answer your question and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to know anymore.

    • Hi Erica,

      After seeing what it did for my 12 year old Lab, I have had Saffron who is my 2 year old Mastiff on this for about 6 months now as a preventative supplement and I know it is only benefiting her in the long term.

      I hope this helps to answer your question and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to know anymore.

  7. Mark when you saw the benefits of Dasuquin working on Narla I am sure tears must have come to your eyes to see her returning to her old sprightly self. Thank goodness you ran into your farm friend and good for you for sharing your story which others will surely benefit from. What I specifically like about this seeming tasty treat is that it is regenerative and stops cartilage destruction. The equivalent sounds like Omega XL for human joint pain. I will pass this on to a dog lover friend of mine as she is going to the vet today. These remedies are sometimes relabeled under a different name. Thanks again.

  8. Go Narla! Reading stories like this one will always warm my heart. Dogs are our best friends, as I call my little Olivia – my daughter. We hate seeing them in pain and I’m so glad that there are products out there like this chew that helps ease the arthritis pain a dog may be experiencing. Will definitely bookmark this for future reference. Thank you, Mark!

  9. Great article as always, I just have a few questions, should you give Dasuquin to puppies too and is it available in Europe too?

    It’s always a pleasure to read about your dogs, I bet Narla is a very lucky puppy to have you as her dad. And she is such a beautiful girl, I don’t know how recent your picture is, but she does not look 12!

    Thank you for your article!


    • Hi J,

      If your puppy is a breed that is predisposed to the development of joint and/or hip issues then Dasuquin is safe and extremely beneficial. The only thing you would need to be wary of is possibly an upset tummy due to the Omega-3s.

      The photo of Narla was taken about a week ago.

      Thanks again for visiting our site.



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