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Chewy Pet Supplies – What Cant You Get?

As a dog owner for the past 50+ years I am always looking for new products to keep my pooch happy and healthy and one company I always go back to time and time again is Chewy’s.

Chewy Pet Supplies is like the Amazon of the pet world and has everything from A-Z in pet supplies and In this blog post I am going to cover a little history, how they got started and a whole heap more on what I believe is the biggest and best place to get all your pet needs.


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Who Is Chewys Pet Supplies?

Chewy Pet Supplies was initially launched in 2011 and was the brain child of Ryan Cohen who has stated that his inspiration for picking the pet category came from his experience shopping for his poodle, Tylee.

Ryan Cohen was the Co-Founder and CEO of Chewys Pet Supplies and according to Wikipedia has stated that his father who ran a glassware importing business was his mentor.

Chewy Pet Supplies have always prided themselves on being the most trusted and convenient online place for all pet parents and in their mission statement have said they view pets (and pet parents) as family and are obsessed with meeting their needs and exceeding customer expectations through every interaction.

Chewy Customer Service

Chewy have always prided themselves on their commitment to customer service and have built their brand and reputation around this.

In an excerpt from their corporate overview they have said, We “WOW” pet parents through 24/7 assistance, advice and encouragement every day of the year.

After reading several reviews, and through my own personal dealings with the customer service team at Chewy Pet Supplies I agree with the statement regarding their customer service team.

The customer service team have always been extremely helpful and efficient and if you order within the USA will be guaranteed a 2-day shipping policy which this team ensure to make happen every time.

Chewy Promise

Their tag line is “Were Always Here For Our Customers” and that is something I have found to be true.

I am a dog owner from Australia and while we have a variety of pet supply options to us here I still remain a customer of Chewy due to the range of products, and as stated previously their amazing customer service.

Chewy, currently have over 2,000 of the best and favorite brands available on the market today including Blue Buffalo, Nutro and Natural Balance to name just a few.

The thing that impresses me most about dealing with Chewy is that you get access to pet industry experts 24/7 to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your pets health and happiness.

They also have a 100% unconditional guarantee policy in place on every order you place, meaning that if you are not pleased with the new food, toy or any other product from their huge range, you simply call customer service for a full refund.

As Chewy say, “Shopping For Your Pet Has Never Been Easier”

What Does Chewy Pet Supplies Bring To The Table?

With over 2000+ brands, 18,000 members, 17 different locations, 24/7 customer service and over 7 Million square feet of fulfillment warehouse space their isn’t much that they don’t bring!

According to Chewy Pet Supplies Operating Principles of which their are 10 they work on the following ethos;

Customers First

  • They amaze their customers with an exceptional, memorable, and reliable experience every time.
  • They deeply understand and anticipate customer needs, and they are relentless about fulfilling them.
  • Chewy believe an outstanding customer experience is a differentiator that creates a long-term competitive advantage.

Operate At Depth

  • Live in the details of their business and they are comfortable with their metrics and data.
  • Think critically and use their analytical horsepower when they are solving customers problems.
  • Always approach their work with a deep curiosity and a constant desire to understand and improve.

Earn Trust

  • Chewys Pet Supplies communicate openly, honestly, and transparently with each other.
  • Support our own ideas and opinions with facts, data, and a display of high judgment.
  • Hold themselves accountable and always follow through with their commitments.

Accelerate Time

  • Operate in accelerated “Chewy Time” where they can accomplish more than other companies think possible.
  • Comfortable with failure; they fail fast, learn, and then iterate so they can make incremental progress quickly.
  • Diligent in establishing clear scope and objectives. This enables fast decision-making and action in pursuit of the best outcome for pet parents.

Deliver Results

  • Chewy understand that execution pays for ideation; they don’t confuse activity with progress.
  • Seek to be extraordinary in their work quality. Mediocrity is not a happy state for them.
  • Persevere when faced with setbacks.

Act Like An Owner

  • Chewys Pet Supplies takes a holistic company level point of view and they don’t let departmental or short-term interests get in the way of long term success.
  • Value frugality in that they treat the company’s money and resources as their own.
  • Never let defects get passed downstream to our colleagues who rely on us.

Keep It Simple

  • Work hard to remove unnecessary complexities. Great ideas will fail if we can’t transcend complexity to understand what’s important.
  • To avoid analysis paralysis, especially when decisions are reversible.

Think Big!

  • Value imagineering and big impact scale thinking even if ideas seem impractical or complex at the surface.
  • Set bold visions that challenge us to think and act long-term.
  • Embrace the big ideas that inspire them to build new ways to serve their pet parent customers.

Debate Openly; Commit Fully

  • At Chewys Pet Supplies we voice our opinion when they believe the outcome may not be favorable to Chewy and align fully once that decision is made.
  • Always show courage to question the status quo, with their leaders, their colleagues and even themselves.
  • Invite constructive feedback and debate to foster healthy collaboration and to achieve the best outcome for Chewy and their customers.

Build High Performing Teams

  • Chewy hire, develop and promote exceptional talent who constantly raise the bar for their teams, and their company.
  • Chewy foster a diverse, inclusive team that will enable them to win together across their common goals.
  • Empower the teams to make high quality decisions, as it fuels growth for individuals and for the company.

The Chewys Pet Supplies Culture

So as you can see after reading their operating principles, Chewy really are committed to deliver the BEST products with the BEST service, and they don’t intend to stop their – Chewys Pet Supplies wants to become even better!

Chewy have always said that their customers are their number 1 priority and have over the years continued to find many different ways and products to WOW both pet owners and the Pet industry as a whole.

Shop Chewy Pet Supplies

As you can see from the above screenshot, Chewy’s has all your pets covered with their huge range which you can check out by simply clicking the picture or having a look at the Chewy Pet Supplies website.

Is Chewy Better Than Petco?

While both Chewy and Petco offer a great online selection of pet products for just about every pet you can think of, Chewy leads the way with its auto ship option (Which Petco has now implemented) and free 2 day delivery on all orders over $49.

The Chewy auto ship program means that you can sign up to have your pets products (usually food related) delivered to your door on a regular basis.

If you are purchasing larger items (dog food, cat food etc.) and want the best deal I would highly recommend Chewy.

With Chewy’s free 2-day shipping offer on all purchases over $49 and no extra charges for heavier items they are miles ahead of Petco, who only offer the free shipping option on certain products and weights.

What Are Customers Saying About Chewy Pet Supplies?

It is like everything you read on the internet from bloggers these days in that who can you trust?

I mean usually bloggers have some kind of affiliation with that company (And yes I am an Affiliate with Chewy) so don’t take my word for what Chewy brings to pet owners (And again yes I also purchase all my dogs products from Chewy) have a read of what other customers are saying, good and bad below;

Amy M. Watertown, SD

We had been ordering our pets prescription medication from Chewy.

Our sweet 14 1/2 year old beagle Lucy passed away last week. I did a live chat with Chewy asking if I could return the unopened medication.

The customer service rep said they could not take the medication back, but he already had processed a full refund for the unused medication!

We will be donating the medication to another pet in need. Yesterday our doorbell rang and it was a delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a sweet note from Chewy!

We were always impressed with Chewy’s customer service. Everything they have recently done goes above and beyond customer service. We hope to get another dog when the time is right, and when we do we will definitely be coming back to Chewy!

Sporty Locks Omaha, NE

The customer service is outstanding.

I made a mistake on the shipping address for an order for my pet, instead of choosing my address at checkout I had chosen one from a Secret Santa gift exchange for another pet and didn’t realize this mistake until package was delivered.

Unfortunately the pet and owners had moved and their was no way to claim the box. I contacted their customer service online and they immediately reordered all my items at no additional cost to me!

I was so grateful that I sent a pic of my pup to the representative to show mine and my dog’s appreciation.

Just yesterday I received a painted portrait of my girl in the mail from Chewy as a gift, the representative sent the pic on to have it made. I really liked Chewy before, but now I can’t stop raving about them!!!!

Carlie Sami Pensacola, FL

I have been ordering from Chewy for about two years.

The products are great, delivery is quick and in good condition…their was one time when the box was damaged from the delivery service and a few of the cans of pet food were dented.

I contacted Chewy, sent them a pic of damage and they immediately sent me replacements with no shipping cost.

The customer service is the best and they really care about their customers and pets.

Will continue ordering my supplies from them.

Bobby Sue Norwich, CT

I ordered 6 times. 6 times I called customer service to complain that orders were not delivered to apartment door.

Every single order was left on the front stoop of the main building or in the main foyer. EVERY single time.

I explained I was sending deliveries to my older mom and sister that was recovering from surgery.

I can not believe after talking to supervisors every time, and having them put on delivery instructions, “Leave at door”, Fed ex couldn’t be bothered.

We understand that Fed Ex is another company but they are paid well by Chewy to deliver packages to doors.

We kept asking the supervisors to have management talk to Fed ex. They promised they would and call me back… ( cue crickets).

I stopped using Chewy. I use Petco & Walmart and they are able to get packages to the door.

Sharon Johnson Arlington, TX

I hate writing this review.

Until a few months ago I would have given Chewy five stars even though it’s true they package heavy items along with fragile ones and cans end up dented and bags end up torn.

The prices, customer service, and delivery of heavy items right to my front door made all that tolerable.

But in the last few months about every third order I receive is incorrect. Items are missing. I get dog food instead of cat food.

And yes customer service sends me the missing items with no complaint, but in the meantime I have to buy the food I need at the pet store.

Also, orders are taking longer to get here. They used to arrive in one to two days. Now they do not arrive on the day given in the shipping email.

They arrived one, two, or even three days later. They are no longer the reliable company I depended upon.

My Final Thoughts

As I said earlier on in this blog, I am in Australia and have been using Chewy Pet Supplies for over two years now, for about 90% of my dog purchases and am extremely pleased with both the product range and the customer support team that Chewy has.

While I don’t get the 2 – 3 days shipping I think the longest I have ever waited for my products is about 14 days which in our current Covid climate is pretty good. I have had orders arrive within 7 days.

I highly recommend Chewy and would love to hear from anyone either currently using Chewy or any other pet supply companies.

You can leave your comments and/or questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

“May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”


Founder of Our Dogs World 101

20 thoughts on “Chewy Pet Supplies – What Cant You Get?”

  1. I am impressed how big Chewy is. I was telling my son the other day, “Look, with a fulfillment warehouse space that big, they could have supplies for a whole nation.” But what has always mede me go to them over and over again it that they truly stand for their customers. Thumbs up, Chewy!

  2. I love dogs and I can see more about the dog’s product which is given an honest review. The content of the page is good enough for people to make trust the product. I really like the way your website is and it will help many people to choose the best product from your site. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog.

  3. I am so impressed with this article.  I would have never thought to look so deeply into the background of a pet toy/food company, such as Chewy.  However, I am very happy I now have this knowledge.  

    This company seems to have truly thought of everything.  Keeping customers at the forefront and being able to ‘fail and learn from failures quickly’ is not a quality you see with the majority of companies as big as Chewy.  I think it is remarkable Chewy has been able to keep such high standards and gain such a following with happy customers from around the Globe.  

    You have officially changed my mind about ordering from other companies for my pets’ needs.  Chewy is now my go-to.

     Thanks so much!

    • Hey Ashley,

      Thanks for dropping by our website and for your comments.

      Yes Chewy really have come a long way within the Pet supply industry and they are definitely very customer service orientated.

      You will be happy with the great range Chewy have and the way they look after you.

      As I said I am from Australia and still prefer to use them over anything local.



  4. Hi Mark, I haven’t actually ever heard of Chewy but they sound like a great company and have really focused on the customer and the best products. I’m in Australia too and so I initially hesitated about ordering from overseas as it can take so much more time but I like that you could organize a regular order and know it will arrive as soon as possible. They seem a dedicated company and very caring in their approach to our favorite pets.

    • Hi Lily,

      Yes Chewy are an amazing company when it comes to their huge quality range and second to none customer service.

      I highly recommend them to all my customers (Dog Training) and have never had any negative or bad feedback.

      Thanks for visiting our site and please let me know how you go if you order anything from Chewy.


  5. Hi. I have been ordering from Chewy for many years. The entire company, from ordering, to shipping, to customer service has never disappointed. I have switched my dogs’ foods many times and have never had any issues with quality. Their shipping is the quickest I’ve ever seen as well (sometimes even faster than Amazon). If there has been any issue, such as ripped bags of food or damaged product, they are quick to reship out a new item at no cost

  6. I love your chewy pet supplies post! I also have a pit bull and love shopping on chewy for him, they really are an awesome website to buy all of your pet supplies from. I subscribe to them for there dog treats because my boy loves them so much lol The readability of your content is great as well, keep up the great work. I’m wishing continued and much success to you. 

  7. A very detailed and honest review on a pet supply store! Anyone with a furry friend should definitely read it. Sounds like you can find everything you pup needs and more, and the staff and customer service is friendly and helpful.

    Also not related to the topic, but I am giving you extra points for choosing a Weimaraner on the heading picture, I used to have a Weimaraner and they are fantastic dogs!

    Thank you for this review,


  8. Hi Mark. Thank you for another great  post. There is so many different dog supplies available that its really difficult to choose good product.  But looking on your review, Chewy product are really top-quality and their offer is really huge. Never bought their dog food before, but prices are reasonable and Im looking forward to test it in practice.

  9. That’s a very interesting review and I have to thank you for this. Although we have taken a step and changed our boy’s diet from kibbles to completely raw, we have some experience with dry food. Between so many companies I believe we’ve tried Chewy but, to be honest, he is so fancy that turn the nose up, so unfortunately I can’t tell you our opinion. This is a really impressive company and I have to thank you for this awesome review.

  10. Thank you for introducing Chewy Pet Supplies,  I wish we had something similar in our country.  Interesting to know that Chewy not only delivers pet food to your door step but even pet prescription medication, this is so convenient. So nice to know there is a company that really cares to provide the best for pets.  Here in SA where I live pet food has become very expensive, most people buy cheaper brands that are manufactured without much nutrition.  Thanks for sharing a very interesting article.    

    • Hi Carola,

      The great thing about Chewy Pet Supplies is they deliver worldwide. I live in Australia and get it delivered here to my door.

      If you would like to know anything more regarding this let me know.



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