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What Is Stella And Chewy’s Dog Food – Meal Mixers Review

Some of us are lucky and some of us aren’t, and by that I mean we are either pet parents to dogs that are fussy eaters, or for the lucky pet parents, owners of dogs that will eat anything!

With the two dogs I own at the moment I fall into the latter, or at least that was the case nearly two years ago.

My neighbor at the time had a very fussy eater by the name of Bruno, who was an 18-month old Rottweiler.

I remember he had told me previously that he had switched Bruno over to this brand called Stella and Chewy’s, which I initially thought was a mix of two companies Stella and the big brand giant Chewy.

It wasn’t until I asked him what is Stella and Chewy’s dog food that I realized it was one company specializing in raw pet foods.

What Is Stella And Chewy’s Dog Food And How Did They Start?

Stella and Chewy’s was originally started in 1997 by Marie Moody and a dog she adopted from her local animal shelter named Stella.

A little while later she decided that Stella needed a BFF (Best Friend Forever) and she decided to adopt a sick little puppy named Chewy who as Marie says helped write the company’s history.

To help little sick Chewy, Marie took the advice of her local vet and began feeding Chewy a raw diet.

Chewy quickly recovered and she then decided to put both him and Stella on the same raw food diet and as the old saying goes, “the Rest Is History” and Stella and Chewy’s was born.

What Is Stella And Chewy’s Dog Food Meal Mixers?

A lot of people don’t have the time or the knowledge to go completely raw with their dogs diet, and a lot of vets are now advising dog parents that completely raw may not be the healthiest or best option.

If done correctly complete raw can work and I have outlined this in detail in article you are welcome to read called The Benefits Of Raw Feeding Dogs.

I have used both methods over the years however as I mentioned earlier in this review I am currently the lucky owner of two fussy eaters which is how I came to star using Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers variety.

Why Not Add The Benefits Of Raw To Your Dogs Existing Diet!

You may have heard the saying, “A Little Goes A Long Way” well the same applies with Stella & Chewy’s whos catch phrase is, A Little Raw Goes A Long Way And Freeze Dried Raw Toppers Make It Easy To Boost Your Dogs Bowl!

I have found since using these meal mixers that even though my two are not having a completely raw feed they are still getting a fresh and safe balance of raw nutrition.

These freeze-dried raw toppers are a very easy way for you to add the great taste of raw food that all dogs crave along with knowing that they are always fresh, nutritional and healthy. Something that is very hit-and-miss with the conventional home made raw feeding.

Feeding time can also be a little confusing and I am sure we have all heard, normally shouted through the house “Have You Fed The Dogs Yet??” which is why in my house we always use this Dog Food Feeding Chart meaning my dogs never miss a feed or get overfed!

What Makes Meal Mixers So Good?

Healthy Digestion.

It has always been known that raw natural whole foods are ideal for providing the best for your dogs digestive system which I have outlined here in an article titled Best Raw Food Diet For Dogs.

All of Stella and Chewy’s recipes have simple limited ingredients with no grains, fillers or gluten making sure that they address and food sensitivities your dog may have.

My dogs have loved the taste of these meal toppers and as I mentioned earlier the protein rich ingredients and great taste have won over my two picky eaters!

Amazing Skin and Coat.

One of the dogs I own is a pure black Labrador and anyone who owns a black dog will tell you that if they are suffering at all as far as food allergies or defincies the first thing you notice is a dull coat.

Because of the all natural oils, omega fatty acids and absolute minimal processing of all Stella and Chewy’s meal mixers my Labradors coat is always shiny and healthy. It is probably the best she has ever looked.

Hey I am Narla

More Energy and A Healthy Weight.

My other dog is a Mastiff and anyone who owns a Mastiff will agree that they can be a little lazy and due to their susceptibility with joint and hip issues must maintain a healthy weight.

When I first asked my neighbor what is Stella and Chewy’s dog food made from, he bought around a pack.

I had a good look at the nutritional and ingredients section and found that with all the meat, organs and ground bones Stella & Chewy put into every batch they make it is perfect in building and maintaining lean strong muscles, something which is extremely important for Mastiffs and giant breeds in general.

Another great factor in me making the switch to all Stella & Chewy’s nutrition for my dogs was they don’t over do it with unnecessary carbohydrates (You will be shocked at the amount of Carbohydrates some pet food manufacturers use).

They instead use a well-balanced mix of healthy proteins and fats to make sure my dogs can easily maintain a healthy weight and give my big girl a lot more energy and stamina.

Great Teeth, Great Gums.

Because Stella and Chewy’s use raw ground bones and natural enzymes in all their meal toppers it actually works both from a chemical and physical perspective.

This ensures that your dogs mouth and teeth are kept clean and healthy as they grow, and come on who doesn’t love a good old doggy kiss?

Pros and Cons Of Stella & Chewy Meal Mixers


  • 95% Meat, organs and bones.
  • Grass-fed, cage-free, wild caught proteins.
  • Certified organic fruits and vegetables.
  • No grains, No Gluten, No Fillers.
  • Perfect for picky eaters.
  • Great boost of raw nutrition.
  • Easy to add to any other kibble or dry food.
  • Great variety of flavours and pack sizes.


  • More expensive that some other brands.
  • Had problems with packaging in 2018/2019.

What Are Customers Saying?

OK, I will start this.

I have owned and worked with many dogs over the past 50+ years and have tried many different types of dog foods.

In my honest opinion the Stella and Chewy’s Meal Mixers would be the best I have given my dogs, outside of a pure RAW diet, and knowing the work, time and cost that goes into a raw diet would never do it again when I can get this so easily.

But don’t just take my word for it, here is what other Stella and Chewy’s customers are saying;

5.0 out of 5 stars Good for picky eaters

I’ve got a 13-year-old dog that is starting to get pickier about his food. He’s even started to turn his nose up at some canned foods.

So I decided to try mixing in some freeze-dried nuggets. I tried several brands and he seems to like the Stella & Chewy brand the best. Glad to find something he’ll eat that’s made with good ingredients.

The nuggets are a decent size for dogs – not too big for a small dog, but not tiny for larger dogs.

They do break apart easily or you can even crush them to make gravy like paste with water to mix in their normal food.

You can put them on the food dry or add a little bit of water and hydrate it as well.

My dogs like the beef, chicken, and turkey flavors – I haven’t tried the seafood one yet.

I’ve even caught one of my cats grabbing the nuggets out of the dog dish to eat, so I’ve started getting the kitty version of the product for her.

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5.0 out of 5 stars This stuff is great!

My dog is usually a very finicky eater.

Sometimes he’d go 24-36 hours without eating anything, so he was real skinny.

But those days are over! I rehydrate 1/2 scoop of the nuggets with warm water and then mix them, with the broth, into his regular food, and he scarfs it down like a treat.

In fact, he hasn’t skipped a single meal since I started him on Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers.

On another note, my dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed that is known for problems with tear stains on the sides of their muzzles. I’ve been told that diet can affect this.

Frodo, my Cavalier, has always eaten a high quality kibble, so he only had mild problems with staining but since I started him on the Mixers, they’ve virtually disappeared.

Finally, I known this is cliché but his coat looks better since he started eating the Mixers too.

All dogs are different, of course but, if your dog is a finicky eater too, I strongly recommend trying the Mixers.

Frodo, recommends the Chicken and the Beef flavors.

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5.0 out of 5 stars BOTH Dog and Cats Crazy for this stuff

These mixers are THE BOMB!

A less than scrumptious but healthy kibble becomes a salivating dining experience to not just my 13 lb. Cavalier, but my 4 (all different weights and personalities, including super picky eaters) cats too!!!

Yay. Kitty- Doggy crack. They smell it and all of a sudden the rest of that kibble gets eaten up!

And, the bonus here? It’s REALLY good for them! Yep, expensive, but so worth it. And lasts, because I only crumble about 2, maybe 3 at most atop their food bowl.

Add a small bit of chicken broth or just warm water and that will really knock ’em over.

Oh, and do try the chicken flavor as that seems to be the no. 1 favorite.

Bigger bags offer savings. Seriously, try this on your picky eaters.

41 people found this helpful.

Let Us Know What You Think

I hope you have found this review on Stella and Chewy’s Meal Mixers useful in helping you make your next decision on what type of food you will be feeding your dog next.

Or perhaps you already use one of Stella and Chewy’s products, either way I would love to hear from you with any questions or even your own personal reviews on this product.

I will get back to all your comments as soon as possible and would like to thank you for taking the time to read our review.

For all my regular readers and to the new I leave you as always with this, “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”

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14 thoughts on “What Is Stella And Chewy’s Dog Food – Meal Mixers Review”

  1. Hi there, thank you so much for this great article. I am currently the owner of a doggy that is number one fussy eater. My kids have to sit him and feed him every time. It gets really annoying at times but what to do. I tried changing many foods but nothing works. He is moody and depends on his mood if he will eat or not. Now after reading your article, I am going to try this and see if it will help. Actually a great idea to mix a little raw treat to his existing foods. Might actually help. Let me try this out. Thanks again for this lovely tip!

    1. Hi Augustine,

      Thanks for visiting our site and for your comment.

      Please let me know how you go with the Stella and Chewy meal mixers.



  2. First: Narla is so beautiful, I have always loved back labs, they are the best! 

    Thanks so much for sharing a good review on Stella and Chewys dog food, as my dog is getting picky about its food, I thought it was because he prefer humans food, but after reading your review, I will get this food and give it a try, my dog will say if he like it or not, and about the price, well I’m lucky my dog is a small dog so he eats just a little in the morning and at night, so I guess I can afford to buy good quality food for my best friend. 

    1. Hi Alejandra,

      Narla says thanks!

      If your dog is anything like my two he/she will love the Stella and Chewy range.

      Let me know how your dog gets on with it good or bad.

      Thanks again for visiting our site and for your comment.


  3. Thanks for all this information!

    Mmmm seems tasty for dogs! I aren’t a owner of a dog unfortunately, but I would love to be sometime. I am currently doing research on basic dog information as well as other important facts I need to know before owning one. I know like kids and everybody else dogs can be fussy eaters, but it’s great knowing this brand can help solve that hopefully and provide the same health benefits.

    thanks for introducing this awesome brand!

  4. I had been feeding my puppy some meals that he should not be eating. His digestive system is still not mature enough, so figuring out what he can and can not eat is quite challenging. I am glad I have found our about Stella & Chewy meal mixers. It simplifies things a bit for me. Thank you!

  5. Hi Mark. Thank you for another interesting review. My dog would eat absolutely everything, but its not good for his health and recently I was looking  for some healthy food for him. Its not easy to choose best product with so many options on market, but looking on your review Stella & Chevy product is really worth buying. Its natural, without grains and there is so many flavors to test. Cant wait to check if my dog will like it.

  6. Hi Mark. I totally agree with you about the importance of nutrition for your dog. Back a few years my partner and I had a beautiful black Lab that pretty much lived on dry food only. It began to have seizures so we tried it on raw food. The seizures stopped almost overnight.

    At one point we ran out of raw food and went back to dry food til we could get some more. It wasn’t more than a week and he had another seizure. After that we made sure we always had a back up box of raw meat in the freezer. Never had a problem after that. 

    We’ve had a Doberman since and now have a young black Lab female. Each of them have lived entirely on raw meat and thrived.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Arent Black labs just the best!!

      Yes I agree on the raw and give both my dogs a mix of both raw and kibble.

      Stella and Chewy’s has been great for both my dogs.

      Thanks for visiting our website and for these great comments.


  7. We stay in South Africa, and I can’t say that I recognize this brand, but I will certainly give it a try if I come across it, as we have a very fussy dog and sometimes I worry as he turns his nose up at everything and he is a small-boned dog who is prone to get too skinny. Sometimes we get it right and he eats all his pellets, but if we can’t find  the same brand again, he stops eating until we find something else we like.

    1. Hey Michel,

      If he is a fussy eater then Stella and Chewy’s dog food is definitely the go.

      They deliver worldwide so all you would need to do is place the order.

      I hope this helps.


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