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Best Beds for Old Dogs And What To Look For

We all reach an age where, what was comfortable to sleep in when we were young pups is now not so comfortable, we wake up feeling like we have gone 10 rounds with a heavyweight boxer. So, what are the best beds for old dogs?

The easiest way to decide the best bed for your old mate is to think about what makes you comfortable.

Definitely Not This Bed

No, I do not mean go out and buy a superior, top-of-the-range mattress from your local bed retailer, I mean put the dog into your place of thinking, what makes a good night’s sleep for you will be the same for your dog.

All three of my dogs sleep on a very comfortable bed by Barker Beds, as I have found these to be the best value, well-designed orthopedic beds so far.

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What Should I Look for In A Dog Bed?

As I have highlighted already, when you are looking to buy your older dog a new bed you are going to imagine how you would feel comfortable sleeping as you head into your older years and look for the same doggy-related bedding qualities.

Below are things that I will always look for when buying a new bed for my eldest dog, who by the way is a darling old Black Labrador by the name of Narla who is turning 11 as I am writing this article.

The Dog Beds Material – What is Best?

When looking for dog beds for any aged dog there are a few things to consider.

I would recommend that the material is stain resistant & Non-sticky with linen fabric and a soft surface hair. This should also be a durable material so while there are a lot of beds out there that look like what I have just described you need to make sure they are not a cheap quality rip-off.

The bed dog cover should also be easily removable and non-shrinking (Cheaper bed covers will shrink in the wash) for easy washing.

The Mattress – Very Important for Older Dogs!

I have had Narla sleeping on an Orthopedic foam filled mattress for the past 4 years as I know it provides her with an incredibly soft, cushioning, and comfortable sleep. She has had a little arthritis of late and I noticed within a week or so that due to the softness and support of a good quality bed it seems to have alleviated this quite a bit.

Old Dogs Have Accidents

Just like our senior counterparts (I count me in this category) some older dogs as they reach their twilight years struggle to head outside for their business, and no I have not gotten to this stage yet LOL!

So, it is especially important if you have gone out and chosen an orthopedic mattress that you protect it from those little accidents.

A branded good dog bed should always come with a 100% waterproof removable liner which will stop any water or urine from penetrating through to the mattress and your floors/carpets. This will also help to reduce any cleaning time and most importantly for older dogs a better sleeping and resting environment.

Easy Care

If you have spent the money on a dog bed with a good orthopedic mattress and a good quality liner, then more than likely you also have a good quality cover with your new purchase.

The covers I look for should at the very minimum have a zipper for ease of removing the cover for washing and I look for that zipper to either be on 2 sides or one that wraps around 3 sides of the bed which allows me to easily remove the foam mattress.

After I have removed any dog hair or other little accidents, I will wash the dog bed cover on a gentle warm wash cycle.

Beds For Older Dogs – A Smart Design

As with Narla, all my dogs (I currently have 3, and would still love more) I make sure all their beds suit their different sleep positions, after all, we do not sleep in just the one position, do we? If we did, we would all be sleeping in a single bed.

I have the Big Barker Beds, for all my dogs as it has three sides which would be around 7 – 8”, this allows them to move around their different sleep positions, something which Narla has done since she was a puppy.

You also need to ensure that the underside of your dogs’ bed, whether they are older dogs or just young puppies has a non-slip rubber bottom so as it does not slide on tiles or wooden flooring which ultimately ensures your dog does not injure themselves from a sliding bed!

Dog Beds in General – What Size Dog Bed?

As a rule, your dog should always have enough room to sleep in multiple different sleep positions without hanging over the sides for obvious reasons.

If your dog is on a bed that is too small, they will end up with sore joints as they grow older due to the fact they will be sleeping in some uncomfortable positions.

Dog beds come in a range of different sizes from small through to the giant breed, which is another dog I own by the name of Saffron, who is an 18-month-old Mastiff weighing in at 67kg who is pictured here at her favorite place, the beach!

Im Saffron

Narla & Saffron – The Final Word

I have always ensured all my three dogs, (I will introduce you to Choco in another article) have slept in comfort, because to me they are just like my children.

They have always convinced me through a language we have invented ourselves that they love the beds they sleep on, and I believe them why? Because they no longer all end up sleeping on my bed!

So if you would like to know more about Choco’s, Narla’s, and Saffron’s choice in bedding then please head over and check out their review on the Big Barker Dog Beds and let you four-legged friend see what real comfort is.

If you have any questions regarding your dogs bedding or would like to leave your own personal thoughts on your pet’s bed please leave your comments below and I will respond to them as soon as possible.

To many peaceful nights sleep for your dog, and always remember “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”


Founder of Our Dogs World 101

Mark & Saffron

8 thoughts on “Best Beds for Old Dogs And What To Look For”

  1. This is something that should be thought of especially for your older dogs.  I feel this gets overlooked a lot.  This does make a huge difference in your dogs health and moods.  And when you mentioned the dog bed slipping and causing injury to our pets.  I never thought about that before, this really could happen.  I thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Have a great day. 

  2. Hi. What an interesting article on beds.

    Old dogs always require extra care, but us, the owners, would do anything for them. Resting is important and, apart from medication, frequent visits to the vet and spending time together, they need a good bed to rest tehir tired bodies. I belive that your suggestions where extremely helpful!

    Best regards,

  3. Because old dogs have accidents, I think that matresses are the ideal bed for them to sleep in. As humans, the less risk we include in their everyday lif movements, the better. For a youung dog, it is always cool tohave a fancy bed. But for older, safety is first! This was a good read.

  4. Hi Mark,

    Wow, thank you for these great tips. I really needed them.

    My dog is 12 years old, and he starts to have back and legs pain. He has a bed, but it’s not padded enough, and there are no zippers. If it gets dirty, I need to clean the bed with a brush and soap, which is not practical. However, I am looking for an ergonomic bed for big old dogs. Is there a good brand you would suggest?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Daniella,

      I have always had DogBaby beds for my 3. I included a link in this article as I have always gotten them through Amazon.

      The great thing about these beds is that they come in a range of sizes, are orthopedic, and are of great quality. I had my old Mastiff (big dog) on one of these and he had plenty of room.

      If you do decide on getting a new bed please reach out if you need any help in deciding what will be best for old boy and I will be more than happy to help if I can.

      Woof Woof



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