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Big Barker Dogs Bed Review – The Giants Of The Sleep World

With all the dog beds available in the market today it can be so hard to decide on what dog bed is best for your 4 legged friend. This is where the Big Barker Dogs Bed sets themselves apart from the rest. But is it the best bed for your dog?

In my Big Barker Dogs Bed Review I am going to walk you through everything you need to know regarding the Big Barker Dogs Bed.


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First Things First – This Is Not Your Normal Dog Bed.

The Big Barker Dog Bed is just like what you and me sleep on. A REAL bed made especially for our dogs.

We have all seen those great looking beds in our local pet shop that claim they are orthopedic and or memory foam, now you try lying on them and telling me they give the same comfort and support your bed does.

The Big Barker Dogs bed will do more than just provide your dog with a good nights sleep. It looks great and will give your dog a better life from puppy hood to their senior years.

And in this review I am going to show you why.

The Big Barker – Real Beds For Real Dogs.

Unlike the mass-produced and cheap dog beds you see in your local store, Big Barker Dog Beds are made from OrthoMedic foam, a lot like the foam you and I have in our mattresses.

This foam has been made as a high end mattress specifically designed for our dogs.

What this means to your dog is that it will support every part of your dogs body.

These beds are by and large designed for medium to giant breeds, so no matter if you own a Labrador or a fully grown Mastiff or Great Dane, your dogs won’t sink through the bed, something which is common in the cheap store bought versions.

I know this to be a fact as I have often taken a sleep on my Mastiffs bed much to her disgust.

These Big Barker Dogs beds are an absolute “MUST HAVE” if your dogs are suffering from any kind of joint pain or are suffering from mobility issues.

The Big Barker – Scientific Proof

As stated in a study at the University of Pennsylvania Big Barker Beds were found to have improved the quality of life for big dogs in as little as 28 days!

The Big barker Dog Beds are the first dog beds that have actually been clinically proven to give your dog a healthier and better nights sleep.

In fact the results were so good the Philadelphia K9 unit now only uses the Big Barker beds for all their K9’s, after they were donated by Big barker.


A Bed For All Sizes.

Getting the right size bed for your dog is very important.

You don’t want a bed that is to small and your dog ends up with half of it’s body laying off the bed. If this happens the money you have spent on an orthopedic Big Barker will be wasted, and you will see no improvement.

See the below table when it comes to picking the right sized bed for your dog.

Sample Breed Recommendations:

Large (48″ x 30″ x 7″)

Labrador, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, Husky

Extra Large (52″ x 6″ x 7″)

German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Newfoundland, Mastiff

Giant XXL (60″ x 48″ x 7″)

Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound. The Giant is also recommended for two large dogs that share a bed.

Big Barker Pros

  • Stays Cool
  • Very Easy To Clean
  • Comes In sizes to suit large dogs
  • Durable Covers
  • Won’t sink under a dogs weight.
  • Improves mobility in your dog
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Designed by an owner of big dogs for big dogs.
  • 10 Year won’t flatten promise
  • Proven by over 100,000 dog parents.
  • Excellent customer support.

Big Barker Cons

  • Not suitable for smaller breeds
  • Some dogs may take time to get used to this type of bed
  • Some dogs may find the foam very stiff – Little do they know how good this really is for them.
  • Very little give in the memory foam.
  • Quite expensive for a dog bed.

Is The Big Barker Dogs Bed Any Good?

4000+ Amazon users will say yes, and being the owner of two of these beds I would agree.

After trying many beds for both my older dog Narla who is a 12-year-old Black Labrador and Saffron who is a 2-Year-old Mastiff, these beds have been the one bed they have truly enjoyed sleeping on.

Narla has seen a lot less stiffness and she no longer whimpers when laying down, in fact she is like she was when she was a young pup, which for me made me feel so happy for her.

Yes, you will notice as you search for dog beds that the Big Barker beds are more expensive but what you are getting is something no other dog beds offer and something even us humans would get a great nights sleep from.

Most other orthopedic dog beds are unfortunately mass-produced, using a low quality made foam and as such flatten very quickly.

The Big Barker Dogs Bed use only the best quality foam and this is why they can offer the “10 Year Won’t Flatten Promise” and if for whatever reason you or your dogs manage to flatten it they will replace it for free, no questions asked!

My Final Thoughts

I get the fact that not everyone who owns a dog wants the very best for them (Sad as that is, it’s also a reality) so would these beds be a wise choice for them? Definitely not!

However, if you are like me and millions of others then we want the best things possible for our dogs and I can honestly say when it comes to a dogs sleeping arrangements you won’t find anything better than the Big Barker Dog Beds

If spending upwards of USD$200 on a dog bed seems a lot, think about what we spend on ourselves to ensure we have a good healthy nights sleep and ask yourself, doesn’t our most loyal of friends deserve the same?

I really hope you enjoyed my review on the Big Barker Dogs Bed and what it can bring to your 4-legged friend.

If you have any questions on this bed or would like to leave your own personal review on this bed please leave your comments below and I will respond to them as soon as possible.

To many peaceful nights sleep for your dog, and always remember “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”


Founder of Our Dogs World 101


14 thoughts on “Big Barker Dogs Bed Review – The Giants Of The Sleep World”

  1. I’m so pleased that I read your review on this amazing dog bed. I’ve always owned much smaller dogs, kelpies, border collies, and now a shitzu and they have generally slept on my bed. So there has never been an issue with their joints but I can see how this would be a big problem with large dogs, and that is so sad. I enjoyed the video and it is obvious that the Big Barker is very comfortable for dogs and the owners would love them too. What a great idea. I will be recommending them to all my big dog owner friends.

    1. Hi Lily,

      Yes it can be hard for us big dog owners to find beds that suit our oversized bundles of joy lol.

      So glad you are going to recommend these to your friends. Their dogs will thank you!!



  2. Hi Mark,

    I was waiting for this article to come:) As you already know, my dog is 12 years old, and it’s a German Shepherd. He suffers from joint pains. He has a bed, but it’s quite simple and lacks padding. The Big Barker seems to be the bed I am looking for my dog. It’s a little expensive, but I am willing to pay the price for my dear dog. I do have a question. You see, in the winter, my dog comes back home with plenty of mud after his walk in the field. And I always have to clean his bed after that. Does this bed exist in waterproof material? If not, is it possible to change the material and make it waterproof? 

    Sorry for all these questions. But it’s quite important for me.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Daniella,

      Im loving to get to know your German Shepard, by the way what is his name?

      The Big barker bedding range is definitely more expensive than a lot of the other dog beds out there, however from experience you are definitely getting value for money with these.

      While the microsuede covers are not 100% waterproof, they are water resistant so when he comes in covered in mud or is a little wet this wont sink through the fabric because it is a very tightly woven material.

      I bought waterproof liners for mine so if you did spill water on it or he happened to have a little accident and it sat for a long time it would only get through the fabric, and not onto the orthopedic foam.

      The great thing is the covers are easily removed as they have a 3 sided zipper and it doesnt matter how many times I wash mine they are still the same size as when I bought them, in other words NO Shrinking!

      I hope this helps, and let me know how he goes if you decide to order one.

      He will love you even more if you do Danielle lol.



  3. Well, you’ve definitely gone to town on recommending this Barker Bed for large dogs.  I watched the video to the end and loved the way the last dog didn’t want to get up off it!

    Good for joints, gait and better quality of sleep…If I had a large dog, I would be won over by this article.

    1. Hi Stella,

      The Big Barker Dog beds are definitely one of the best beds on the market right now that’s for sure.

      They are excellent for larger dogs, especially those susceptible to joint issues.

      I am glad you enjoyed our review.



  4. Bernard Breytenbach

    Thank you for informative article. I always want to find ways to improves my dogs life. Do not like to see animal to struggle especially when they are old. Like the dog beds you mentioned and will definitely make a visit on Amazon to see all the different kinds out there.

    1. Hi Bernard,

      I am so glad you found the article helpful.

      A dogs bed is so important just like ours.

      A cheap nasty bed will lead to joint problems etc as they grow older and that is not fair for the dog.



  5. The first bed I bought for my dog was a cheap one. But then I repented because it was counter productive. So, I started researching and discovered that my best option is buying a Big Barker Dogs bed. I know my dog will love it. And the benefits are really great. I have German Shepard.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thanks for reading my review on the Big Barker Dog Beds.

      These beds are definitely popular with GSD owners because of the orthopedic features and the susceptibly of hip and joint issues associated with the GSD breed.

      And yes, I can guarantee your dog will not only love it, but greatly benefit from it also.


  6. Hey Mark, I appreciate the awesome content you make on this website. I’ve never really seen a dog bed like that before but I think if someone who has a larger dog then this could be a worthwhile investment. The benefits of this product seem to outweigh the drawbacks so I would definitely recommend this to some of my friends who own dogs. Would a Corgi find this bed suitable or is it too small for this kind of dog bed? 

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      These are definitely a great bed and both my two dogs have them.

      My Labrador has the large and my Mastiff has the Giant.

      Your Corgi would definitely love the Barker Junior which is specifically made for the smaller breeds.


  7. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this awesome and honest review.

    I will definitely be purchasing one of these for my boy Axle.


    1. Hi Steve,

      So glad you found this review helpful in making your dog bed decision.

      Axle will love you for this!

      Thanks for the support.


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