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What Is A Halti Collar – The Pros and Cons

So What Is A Halti Collar? A Halti collar is a simple to fit and very easy to use collar that is designed to gently and effectively stop your dog from pulling on its lead.

It works in a way by steering your dog’s head in the direction you would like them to go. Therefore the body has to follow, ensuring that every walk is a comfortable walking experience for you and your dog.

So, What Is A Halti Collar?

Anyone who knows anything about horses or has seen horses racing, etc., may have noticed the leather collar they have over their head to which the reins are connected. This is referred to as a halter.

A dog Halti is just the same and basically slips over the dog’s head with the bigger loop going around the dog’s neck and the smaller loop going over your dog’s muzzle.

If you have correctly fitted the Halti Collar, you should be able to slide one finger under the cheek strap.

Halti – Is it a collar or muzzle?

This confuses many people, and as an owner of dogs and someone who has worked with dogs for 40+ years, I can tell you the two are very different and were built for two completely different purposes.

Not to confuse you here, it is important to know that some Halti collars on the market are designed to allow the mouth to be closed. This is very handy for dogs that can show aggression and, contrary to popular belief, in my opinion, is not cruel. The dog is still able to breathe as normal.

The Main Purpose Of The Halti

So what is the main purpose of the dog Halti Collar?

On the same lines as to how the halter works for horses, the main purpose of the dog halti is so you can have better control over your dog.

The head collar works by keeping control of your dogs head, and as the old saying goes, “Follow Your Head” this is what the halti collar does for your dog’s body, which makes it an awesome training tool for all dog owners that are concerned about being dragged here, there and everywhere as they are walking down the street.

Like any other foreign collar to a dog, Halti Collars or Head Collars will require some time to get used to. Because of this, I would highly recommend either consulting with me here at The Dog House or any other reputable trainer.

As with all training tools, there are always pros and cons to think about before rushing out and getting your dog a Halti. As dog owners, we must decide which training tool will suit both the dog and the owner the best. If you are not sure, you can contact me, Mark, directly at mark@ourdogsworld101.com or any other reputable trainer.

The Pros And Cons Of Dog Halti’s

Like all dog training tools, there are both good and bad things. As a dog trainer and behavior consultant, I have always used a Halti when a level of control with the dog is required.

I have also had some great success in the past with dogs that have shown aggression, as these have given me greater control of the head and muzzle.

Below, I have highlighted just some pros and cons of the dog halti.


  • With greater control of the head, it will reduce the dog’s urge to pull.
  • The halti is designed to allow your dog to pant still.
  • The Halti is a more humane way to train your dog against pulling than choke collars, electric collars, and prong collars.
  • With leather padding, the Halti is a comfortable training collar.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages is the time it will take for your dog to adjust to wearing it.
  • Some dogs will panic and toss themselves on the floor, rubbing at the collar with their paws to get it off.
  • Some dogs will become very withdrawn when wearing it.
  • A halti may cause subdued behavior in some dogs, which is why I am not a big fan of it and prefer front-attachment harnesses.
  • A Halti may distress or depress your dog at first.
  • There is an injury risk if it is not used correctly or if the owner is not aware of the correct training techniques.
  • If not used correctly, it can lead to back and neck injuries.

Words Of Advice

As with any training tools we use, there are pros and cons when using the halti collar and risks of misuse.

If you consider one, it may take time to desensitize your dog to get accustomed to this collar training.

Always consult with a dog trainer when it comes to the best training collar for your dog, and never replace a normal collar with a Halti.

The Halti is for training purposes only and should be removed immediately after training.

My Final Thoughts

Every animal training tool has its advantages and disadvantages. The dog halti is not any different. But it is also a great option to consider.

Keep in mind, though, that it will take some time for your dog to adjust to it. If you are unsure about this training tool or any other training tool, please leave your questions below or contact me at mark@ourdogsworld101.com, and I will be glad to help.

May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair.

4 thoughts on “What Is A Halti Collar – The Pros and Cons”

  1. Thank you for the revelation and review of the halti collar. Never heard of it and if I saw it the first time I would think it is a muzzle. Like that the halti collar teaches a dog to listen to its owner where you walking. The problem I have is that every dog is different. I do not like to struggle to put stuff on and have a dog running away from me, because of the halti collar. Maybe they can make a similar collar that is easier to put on.

    • Hey Bernard attaching the Halti very rarely causes a dog to struggle as it initially feels like a normal collar to them, which it is obviously not, it is strictly a training aide.

      It is once they have it on for the first time and the walking/training starts that they tend to struggle initially as it is the first time that you have had control of their head when walking.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I have never seen a halti collar being used, so this was very interesting to come across this training tool for dogs. I could visualize more what a halti collar looks like after your comparison with a halter for horses. Does a halti collar come in different sizes, that one needs to buy it according to the size and breed of a dog, or do they have adjustable straps around the neck and face that one can “custom” fit it on your dog?

    • When I become more technical savvy I will do a video on how to fit and how to use the Halti correctly, so keep an eye out for that one.

      The Halti comes in six different sizes with a padded nose band for some extra comfort to the dog. and each size comes with a variable amount of adjustment.

      Happy to answer any questions you have.


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