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The Benefits of CBD Oil in Dogs with Stress

CBD Oil has been an alternative to traditional medical approaches to many health issues in the last few years. Its use in pet medicine has grown in popularity, particularly in the area of anxiety treatment. CBD oils for dog anxiety is a hot topic. Pet parents often ask the question, “Can CBD oil help with my dog’s anxiety?” Like all CBD products, this topic is complicated, but there are pros as well as cons.

Stressful or anxious dogs can be due to many things. As a pet parent, it is crucial to know how to help your dog best. For advice on anxiety and other stressful behavior, it is a good idea to speak to your veterinarian. You should be able to calm your pet quickly if they are experiencing stress episodes.

Stress Management for Dogs

If pressure is severe, your veterinarian might recommend anti-anxiety medication—FDA-approved medication like clomipramine or fluoxetine for dogs suffering from anxiety. Dogs can be calmed and relaxed with calming treatments, diets, or treats.

Reducing stress and anxiety in dogs requires behavior modification and training. Training techniques like desensitization and classical conditioning are part of the process.

What Can Cause Stress to Dogs?

Your dog may be sensitive to thunder or noises from the garbage truck. A dog may run from or bark at animals or other people. One or several things can stress dogs.

Genes can cause anxiety. Stressful stimuli or trauma can also make it worse. Sudden changes in routine or environmental conditions can cause anxiety in some dogs.

Small scared dogProper socialization can help dogs become more confident and quickly adapt to new places, animals, and people. Crucial is early socialization. These stimuli can cause dogs to be more easily stressed or scared if they are not socialized early.

Inanimate or new objects can cause stress and anxiety. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety can be affected by their attachment to their owners or family members, which I have covered in a recent article, Separation Anxiety For Dogs – How To Prevent It.

Seniors can experience anxiety and restlessness due to canine cognitive dysfunction (aka canine dementia). Stress-inducing health issues include eye problems, heart disease, arthritis, and pain in the joints.

Stress Signs in Dogs

Panting and pacing are signs of stress. Dogs that have their tails between their legs and their ears flattened against their heads are likely to be stressed or anxious. Anxious or stressed dogs may avoid looking at you and instead direct their gaze to something else.

Your dog may view nail trimming and bathing as stressful tasks. Dogs might run from you or your bathtub if you are near them with the nail trimmers. You can coax your dog with treats and sweet talk, but the dog will know what’s coming.

Dogs with anxiety can also bark and vocalize, which can lead to dangerous behaviors. Dogs may bite, scratch, and chew their way out of a hazardous situation. They may bite or chew on their own or even lick their legs or paws to escape an unpleasant situation.

A dog that is stressed suddenly might not behave as expected. An anxious dog may shake, tremble, run, or hide when stressed. Dogs might try to flee from certain situations or avoid inanimate objects.

CBD Oil: What’s does it mean?

CBD has a low THC content of less than 0.3%, so there is no psychoactive reaction. CBD oil
is an extract from hemp.

There are two types of products within the CBD world which are CBD oils and Hemp Chews which i wont go into detail regarding the latter as I have done an in depth and well researched review which you are welcome to read here.

Can CBD oil help a Stressed-out Dog?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol or cannabis oil, is a chemical substance found in cannabis plants. That is why it’s called a cannabinoid. Therefore, CBD doesn’t cause the same effects. THC is toxic for dogs. CBD, however, has been proven to be safe.

Cannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid systems, which work in both dogs as well as humans. CBD has been shown in human studies to alleviate anxiety and decrease anxiety concerning anxiety-related disorders such as anxiety due to public speaking and social diseases.

Golden labrador getting medicine from a dropperNo scientific research has evaluated the effectiveness of CBD oil on anxiety-prone dogs. Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil can be helpful in anxiety-related problems.

Researchers are studying CBD used to evaluate its safety and whether it may help dogs with seizure activity. Although CBD products don’t contain any harmful THC, they can raise an enzyme called ALKP2. No one knows if this has clinical significance for dogs.

How is CBD Oil Helpful for Dogs?

Although there isn’t any scientific evidence supporting CBD oil’s use in dogs, there is increasing evidence from pet parents that CBD is effective for pain, especially neuropathy.

You can also use CBD to control seizure’s in dogs. CBD oil is helpful for canine seizure’s prevention. Many dog owners are raving about the positive effects CBD oil has had on their dogs’ health.

Chronic anxiety in dogs can not only make them miserable, but it can lead to more serious long-term consequences, including stroke, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, greater susceptibility, and even reduced lifespan.

Over time, CBD Oil can provide relief and rest for these dogs, eventually leading to better health and well being.

Side Effects and Potential Risks

As with all medical treatments, it is essential to weigh the benefits and side effects. Noting that the greatest (and most preventable!) risk to your health is CBD, it’s important to remember this.

There is a significant (and preventable!) risk that CBD oil is still very new. It isn’t yet tested for safety or regulated. Many dog owners are uncertain of the quality of CBD oil they purchase for their pets.

Are there any toxins? Are the CBD oils adequately formulated?

Seeking advice from a professional vet is the best way to avoid potential health risks. You can also purchase CBD oil directly through them. A competent vet will help you create a plan to use CBD oil consistently and accurately. They will also test your pet regularly to verify that they are receptive to the CBD oil.

True Nutrition

Your dog shouldn’t suffer from anxiety any longer, so make sure you find the right plan for your pet.

CBD oil might be the right option for your dog’s anxiety. But there may be another option. Inform your Vet if your dog continues to suffer from anxiety even after eliminating all stressors and creating a safe environment.

Other Ways to Prevent Anxiety in Dogs

Eliminate Stressors

Does the television blare constantly? Do you feel anxious when there is a vacuum? Do you let your dog get scared by the mailman? Your dog relies on you for a safe environment. Remove any stressors from your dog’s immediate environment.

Secure a Place

Get a comfortable bed, plenty of water, snacks, and toys for your dog. It should feel like a sanctuary, where your dog can go when anxiety sets in.

While you cannot tell the mailman not to send the mail or control the storm’s arrival, you can provide your dog with a haven in your home. You can choose a small space (laundry room, bathroom) far away from the main entrance of your home.


Stress and anxiety in dogs can be challenging to manage. It can be very heartbreaking to watch your pet suffer. It would help if you remembered that stress could have many causes, and it may take some time to help your dog relax. CBD oil may help. You should consult a veterinarian about this as there are many unknowns about its use in dogs.

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8 thoughts on “The Benefits of CBD Oil in Dogs with Stress”

  1. Hi Mark, it was very interesting to read your article on using CBD oil for anxiety in your dog. My little guy is a rescue dog and obviously had a rough time on the city streets when he was lost. He is nervous around big men and new people. Because he looks like a toy children tend to dive on him with growling and nipping if they don’t back off (from my dog. Well maybe sometimes from me lol)

    I am considering asking our vet if he thinks that CBD oil will help him and if so can he supply a safe product.

  2. Hi Mark, I on occasion look after a friend’s dog who is highly strung and very anxious and stressed, possibly becauyse she works long hours and leaves him locked up in her apartment. I has not considered suggesting CBD oil to her, as he seems to be better when he is with me and has company. But I will certainly try the CBD, so thank you for this great alternative to “chemical” medication. 

  3. This was a very helpful article as I have three dogs and one in particular has a lot of stress and anxiety when we leave even for a short period of time. I will have to speak with our Vet to see if this could be something we could try to help him with that anxiety. It seems to be something that could really help in the long term. 

  4. Because CBD is so new, it’s natural that we all have concerns about it and it’s side effects. In my book, CBD has entered the initial hype stage and gradually it will go fading away and research and real facts will begin to appear. I am not saying it won’t have benefits, but I am pretty sure it is not as today is being affirmed, that it can help with almost any illness our pet has. Just my honest opinion.

    1. Hi Abel,

      Thanks for the comment, and it is exactly what we are all about here at Our Dogs World 101, seeking opinions from everyone to help dog owners make the right decisions for the furry kids!


  5. I did not know that dogs could be so costly. There is so much to having dogs. I was thinking of buying one so this will be helpful. Thank you for this. I now know how to prepare myself for the future. I will definately purchase one the day I get a dog. 

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