Gift Guide for Dog Lovers – Dog is Good

Dogs are indeed one of the most magical and amusing creatures on earth. Dog parents really are a special breed of humans. They love their dogs unconditionally and often talk about them to other people non-stop, even if they don’t want to hear about them. Stuck for gift ideas for dog lovers? If you are … Read more

Do Dogs Have A Sixth Sense?

Dog owners know that there’s more to those cute puppy dog eyes than just thinking about the next biscuit. Dogs are able to sense many things that humans cannot. They seem to sense our moods, a storm approaching, or when we are coming home. Is there a sixth sense in dogs? Many people believe that … Read more

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me

Our Dogs World 101

Have you ever noticed your dog’s eyes following you in whatever direction you are taking, and thought to yourself, why does my dog stare at me? Maybe while your dog is chewing a bone or a toy, you look across at your furry friend only to see them already staring at you. Perhaps you are … Read more

About My Dogs World – The Dog House

Dog ownership comes with many perks. We understand the special bond that exists between humans and dogs and appreciates the unconditional love a dog provides. Dogs offer companionship and are a source of joy and comfort. They make us laugh, give us company, and are always there for us in all circumstances. These furry companions … Read more