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Pet Fusion Dog Bed Review

Regarding dog beds, there is no size that fits all. To track down the best dog bed for your dog, you’ll need basic information like your little guy’s age and weight.

You will also need to determine some specific information like their sleeping style, whether they have a tendency to pee on the bed or not (Either a puppy or a senior dog).

Just the same, as when you pick a mattress for yourself, you’ll need to think about what makes your little guy happier, particularly when you consider how long they spend resting and sleeping.

Dr. Lisa Lippman, a house-call veterinarian, and the originator of Vets in the City, “that can be up as much as 80% of the day.” The Pet Fusion dog bed is one of the best dog beds.

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Pet Fusion Dog Bed.

The Pet Fusion orthopedic bed is an upscale bed with a strong, removable cover and is exceptionally thick, with a dense mattress that doesn’t get flat quickly.

The Pet Fusion Ultimate bed also comes highly rated by Dr. Jamie Richardson, head of staff at Small Door Veterinary, who got one for her old Labrador sometime back and says that the adaptive padding is of such awesome quality, that it hasn’t lost its shape.

The more senior, larger breed variety of dogs, which are characterized as five to seven years of age and weighing somewhere in the range of 75 to 100 pounds, are more inclined to create joint inflammation and may benefit with additional cushioning and backing, which you’ll get from this Pet Fusion orthopedic bed.

It is made of sturdy polyester, cotton and liberally filled with help pillars.

How Does The Pet Fusion Dog Bed Work?

The Pet Fusion dog bed supports old joints and/or exceptionally huge dogs; all Pet Fusion dog beds have clinically approved mattresses and additional box-spring development.

They calm tension on irritated joints, particularly for senior dogs that might be experiencing joint inflammation or muscle issues, giving them a relaxing place to rest.

Pain can cause nervousness in dogs, so discovering a bed that diminishes torment can assist a dog with unwinding.

Benefits Of The Pet Fusion Dog Bed.

  • Diminishes the chance of your dog creating bed bruises.
  • Diminishes torment and soreness.
  • Enables older dogs a comfortable place to sleep and rest.
  • Great for larger dogs as it gives them room enough to find a comfortable sleeping position.
  • Energizes recuperating.
  • Can easily accommodate dogs over 100lbs +.
  • Available in 4 different sizes.
  • Extremely simple to gather and bring back to the original shape.
  • Made of high-quality, thick mattress.
  • Inherent supported headrests for pets.
  • Simple to deal with and wash with home cleansers.



The whole bed is one strong piece of adaptable padding.

Pet Fusion utilizes great premium medium-solidness mattress.


Pet Fusion claims to have water and tear-safe covers, and they remain by that. While there are a couple of clients grumbling about torn covers or terrible zippers, it’s an infinitesimal number contrasted with individuals who haven’t had an issue.

Remember, however, that “safe” isn’t exactly the same thing as “verification.” You can’t allow your dog to burrow at the bed with extremely sharp paws and anticipate that it should stay unblemished.


The materials utilized all through the bed pass exacting European REACH well being guidelines. The cover texture is likewise guaranteed as ‘skin contact safe’.


The Pet Fusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed is a moderate, reliable bed of excellent quality.

For instance, on the Pet Fusion site, the Jumbo bed price is $240, while the smallest size will cost you under $75.

If you are after some good quality budget bedding for under $200 I have put together a list of the Best Outdoor Doggie Beds here.


The Pet Fusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed does not have many cons as this is one of the best dog beds. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • It is definitely Not budget friendly.
  • Loose fur can show up easily.
  • 24-month warranty is a short-time period.
  • Bolsters are just poly-fill.
  • Fairly exaggerated considering the price/quality ratio.
  • The liner texture is described as being excessively thin.
  • The bed material is not totally chew proof.

Beware Of The Waterproof Claim.

Although the Pet Fusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed is one of the best dog beds, the only thing that people complain about is its claim about being waterproof. One of those reviews on Amazon says:

“NOT 100% WATERPROOF, especially in the way that actually matters. This is a dog bed. Dogs get dirty, can have accidents, etc. As mentioned in the product description, this bed contains an outer (Grey) cover and an inner waterproof liner. If any liquid that has a smell gets on the bed, the liner will not prevent that smell from getting onto the foam, regardless of how long it’s on there.”

My Final Thoughts.

Are there better beds out there for small and large dogs? Definitely, however you will find that you will be paying a lot more.

If you are hoping not to break the bank on your next dog bed purchase, then the Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog bed could be just the bed you have been looking for.

For a dog bed ranging in the $75 – $240 market this bed offers quite a lot and although there are some negative reviews, the positive definitely outweighs the negative.

As I have said in other reviews on the higher priced beds if you are not looking for the best in bedding for your dog then the Pet Fusion Dog bed probably isn’t the choice for you.

I do hope you enjoyed my review on the Pet Fusion Dog Bed and what it can bring to your 4-legged friend.

You can purchase this bed or have a look in more detail at customer reviews here.

If you have any questions on this bed or would like to leave your own personal review on this bed please leave your comments below and I will respond to them as soon as possible.

To many peaceful nights sleep for your dog, and always remember “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”


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8 thoughts on “Pet Fusion Dog Bed Review”

  1. Finding that perfect bed for your dog can be trial and error. The pet fusion dog bed looks very nice and I like that it has foam sides and dogs love to lie with their head supported so they can watch the world. The cost seems very reasonable and it looks very comfortable. Of course, you will have to be aware of the need to protect against smells staying in the foam but I always drape a blanket over my dog’s bed as it is easier to throw in the wash on a regular basis. Great review Mark, thanks.

    • Hi Lily,

      Great advice on protecting the bed from smells especially if you are going to spend good money on a dog bed.

      I am like you and have a couple of old hardy blankets that I throw over mine and simply wash every few days.


  2. PetFusion has been a brand that has stand out as I have been doing my research. Thank you very much for this very useful review. I have been saving for a few months to buy my dog a good bed, and I seem to have found it. The price is a bit high, but we get what we pay for.

    • Hi Ann,

      The Pet Fusion is a great dog bed and I agree you definitely get what you pay for with any type of dog bed.

      If you are looking to get a dog bed and price isn’t to much of an issue you may also want to check out my review of the Big Barker brand which I have for both my dogs.

      I hope you find what you and your dog are looking for.


  3. That bed looks extremely comfortable. My pup is only a year old at the moment and tends to choose the wooden floor over her bed, but this is something to keep in mind for years down the line. My mothers’ dog had something similar to this when she was advanced in years and loved it, even attempting to drag it from one room to the next when she wanted a change in scenery. A dogs comfort, especially in their older years, is highly important.

  4. I’m always looking for a great bed for my animals! I say animals because I have cats but no dogs. No most of the time They like to just sleep on my pillow above my head. I hope maybe I can find them there own they like just as much as my pillow so I can sleep a little more comfortably. Do you think cats would like this bed?

    • Hi Alyssa,

      I have never owned cats, however my sister has had them all her life and what I have noticed is that unlike dogs, they dont actually associate their own bed as somewhere to sleep and will more often than not sleep wherever they feel is the best place at that time.

      So I guess the answer to your question is that while these beds are suitable for both cats and dogs, it is would be your call on whether your cat would use it.

      I hope this helps?



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