Why Does My Dog Stare At Me

Our Dogs World 101

Have you ever noticed your dog’s eyes following you in whatever direction you are taking, and thought to yourself, why does my dog stare at me? Maybe while your dog is chewing a bone or a toy, you look across at your furry friend only to see them already staring at you. Perhaps you are … Read more

Best Beds for Old Dogs And What To Look For

We all reach an age where, what was comfortable to sleep in when we were young pups is now not so comfortable, we wake up feeling like we have gone 10 rounds with a heavyweight boxer. Our dogs are no different. So, what are the best beds for old dogs? The easiest way to decide … Read more

Raw Dog Food Feeding Guide – A Starters Guide

Our Dogs World 101

The goal of feeding a raw food diet to dog’s is to introduce all-natural homemade foods in place of kibble or canned dog food. In the raw dog food feeding guide we will set out a guide for dog owners who are currently feeding their dog’s commercial kibble (Dog Biscuits etc.) and would like to … Read more