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Outdoor Doggie Beds Review – The Best 5 Under $200

So, you have finally decided that the newest addition to the family will be a dog and let me say right away what a great decision that is!

You have also decided that your newest addition will be an outside dog and now need to decide on what kind of outdoor doggie beds will be best for your dog.

Your outdoor doggie bed is an essential pet accessory for all pet parents as this is where your dog will sleep, rest, and relax.

We all go through bad and/or annoying days and just like us, yours dogs have that same kind of day.

Outdoor doggie beds need to be inviting and most of all comfortable for your dog and below I have given you my thoughts on the 5 best outdoor doggie beds in 2021 under $200, focusing on comfort, size, durability and for us humans, ease of cleaning.

If an outdoor dog bed isn’t what you are looking for then you can head over to our Indoor Dog Bed review where I have selected the top five according to Amazon buyers

So, let’s look at my overall rank of the 5 best Outdoor Doggie Beds, starting with the number 1 choice:

1. The Original Bolster Pet Cot from K&H Pet Products.

About The Product.

This bed is probably the most comfortable outdoor raised dog bed on the market now and could possibly be the best ever made (A big statement I know however over 8,000 dogs think so).

Owners are saying it is probably because of the very comfortable and well-designed bolster that surrounds their dog which is giving them an incredibly relaxed feeling.

K&H have taken some of the best features of their earlier original best-selling bed and added them to this model ensuring even the fussiest of dogs will love this design, something that has been highlighted in the many reviews.

The Original Bolster Pet Cot comes with a very sturdy mesh center which is great for providing circulation to help assist keeping your dog cooler in the hotter months.

Because the mesh center is tightly woven it can hold up to 200 pounds comfortably.

Another great thing about this bed is that you can get replacement covers which can be changed to suit the time of the year.

One more great option is the K&H Pet Cot Canopy that you can hook onto this cot and any other model K&H make for that extra shade and cooling design.


  • Bolstered elevated design.
  • Strong and sturdy design.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Can be used as both an indoor and outdoor bed.
  • Comes from a well known and established dog bed maker.


  • Big difference in size between the medium and the large.
  • Some customers have said the frame is a little on the weak side.
  • Not ideal for dogs that like chewing.


Ranges from $44.95 for the small up to $149 for the large.


2. The Dogs Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed







About This Product.

The Dogs Balls who are the manufacturers of this bed say that their mission is to produce beds that pass our Quality-of-Life Test: beds contributing to your dog’s health, happiness, wellbeing & that help your dog to live their best life.

This bed is also made of high quality premium material and has been tested and verified by two international third party verifiers for all dog sizes and dogs with conditions such as hip- & elbow dysplasia & patellar luxation ensure that their beds enhances dogs’ lives.

It is a therapeutic dog bed and has been specifically designed to provide comfort and relief to dogs with conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, pressure sores due to illness or post-surgery procedures so as they can get the rest that they need.

This bed was designed to keep your doggy’s joints younger for longer as well as helping them to get a great sleep.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Plush Covers.
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes from small to XXXL.
  • Easily removable covers for washing.
  • Waterproof mattress protector included.
  • Long lasting and durable.


  • Some people have said the beds dimensions are incorrect.
  • Some dogs have a hard time taking to the bed.
  • Customer service can be hard to contact.
  • Claims of false advertising in the mattress thickness.
  • Not an elevated bed.


Ranges from $51.99 for the small up to $240 for the XXXL.

3. Bedsure Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed.

About this product.

This bedsore cot style dog bed has a very sturdy and solid design from top to bottom and will ensure your dog gets a perfect rest every time.

The off-the-ground design with breathable mesh and a strong and sturdy frame will as Bedsure state, provide a comfortable and cool spot for your dog.

This bed has an elevation of about 8 inches from the ground to ensure that they are kept clean and cool on rainy or hot days.

Because of the tight and durable mesh design these beds are very easy to keep clean and pet hair and dirt wont cling to the fabric, meaning a simple spray with the garden hose is all you will need to do to keep this bed clean.

This dog bed is so easy to assemble or disassemble which makes it the ideal bed for indoors and outdoors, and if you are somebody that loves camping and taking the family dog with you this is ideal.


  • Off the ground design.
  • Teslin durable mesh surface.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Stress free cleaning.


  • Not ideal for large dogs.
  • Material tends to sag on larger dogs.
  • Easily chewed by dogs that have that tendency.


Ranges from $27.99 for the small to $29.99 for the large.

4. Western Home Elevated Dog Bed Cot.

Western Homes dog bed comes with an 8-inch elevation from the ground keeping you dog away from the wet and cold ground and also provides excellent ventilation on those hotter days.

With the breathable mesh design, it allows the perfect amount of airflow helping to keep a comfortable temperature for your dog to sleep.

Just like to Bedsure elevated outdoor dog bed this is very easy to assemble and disassemble making it a great “Take Anywhere” bed design.

It is very lightweight yet strong and sturdy

In comparison to other outdoor dog beds this can be easily cleaned with either some wet wipes or using your garden hose.

Western Home say that the large dog bed size can hold dogs weighing as much as 65 pounds and the X-Large up to 95 pounds.

This bed also comes with a washable strip bolster which wraps around 3 sides of the bed providing head and neck support along with that feeling of a natural den like environment.


  • Comfortable & Relaxing Design.
  • Take It Anywhere.
  • Great head and neck support.
  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • Strong stability and an ideal size.


  • Sizing has been criticized as being incorrect by some customers.
  • Some customers have said it is difficult to assemble.
  • Zippers on the strip bolster are not very sturdy and easily break.
  • Only comes in two size variations.


Ranges from $49.99 for the large and $52.99 for the X-Large.

5. Petfusion Ultimate Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed.

The Petfusion Ultimate has a 7-inch elevation from the ground and much like most of the raised beds I have reviewed her provides excellent airflow all year round, again keeping your dog cool in the warmer months and dry during the rainy times.

One of the best features of this bed is that the protective cover on the bed is 100% waterproof which means any accidents or bad weather will not ruin the bed.

The bolster cover and liner are easily removed and are machine washable.

With the waterproof and tear resistant material you can be guaranteed this bed will stand up to the harshest of conditions.

This bed like a lot of the elevated beds on the market is easily assembled and disassembled so as you can take it anywhere, it is ideal for camping and outdoor picnics.

The steel frame is also surprisingly sturdy, something which is missing in a lot of other similar designed beds.

This bed would have probably made it to my number 3 recommendation and the only thing that kept it from there was the price point.

If cost is not an issue for your next dog bed, then this would be at number 3!


  • Elevated comfort.
  • Smart design.
  • Premium construction and materials.
  • Great value for money.
  • Excellent customer service provided.


  • Seams can be easily chewed on if your dog is a chewer.
  • No set-up Instructions included.
  • Covers can be a little tight to fit.


Ranges from $94.00 for the large and $128.75 for the X-Large.

My Doggie Bed Review Wrap Up.

I currently have two dogs that are both indoor dogs so I will be honest with you and say that I personally don’t use any of the outdoor beds I have reviewed here today.

These reviews have come from research, talking with the manufacturers, and reaching out to a few friends that have purchased these beds.

What I have hoped to do here today is provide you with an unbiased view on what I think are the 5 best outdoor doggie beds and hopefully help you to make the best decision for you dog.

Any or all links on this site maybe affiliate links, and if you purchase something through those links I will make a small commission on them.

There will be no extra cost to you and at times due to my affiliation you could actually save money.

You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed my reviews on the 5 Best Outdoor Doggie Beds.

If you have any questions on this review or would like to leave your own personal tips or reviews on any of these beds, or beds that you would personally recommend, please leave your comments below and I will respond to them as soon as possible.

Here’s to sweet dreams for your fur baby!

Always remember “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”


Founder of Our Dogs World 101









17 thoughts on “Outdoor Doggie Beds Review – The Best 5 Under $200”

  1. A lot of folks out there will not care about the housing of there pets. But keeping your pets as a part of your household and giving them necessary care gives them a high sense of belonging. When I noticed this, I started paying attention to their cages, feeding plates, beddings, and even environment where they excrete. I love the off the ground design of bedsure elevated bed. 

  2. Great article Mark. I’m just about to buy one of your elevated beds. Had never seen them earlier, and I quite like them. I’m sure my Zara and Chanel would love them too. They always seem to love to sleep a bit higher than ground level, probably because they keep a better eye on what’s happening around them. 

    I was wondering if you can get me a discount, seeing that you have some sort of tie-up with Amazon. 



    • Hi Aps,

      I am so glad you enjoyed this article and by the looks of it perfect timing!

      A lot of dogs do like to sleep on a elevated bed and one of those reasons is exactly as you were thinking, it is to give them a little better look at the world around them.

      I love your dogs names, Zara and Chanel and I am sure which ever choice you make they will love.

      Out of curiosity what breeds are they?

      As an Amazon Affiliate I don’t actually have any discounts to offer at this time as none of the beds I reviewed are offering discounts.

      That’s not to say you can find a bed through my link that has a discount of some kind.

      Happy bed hunting Aps.


  3. I am on a budget. But I just don’t want to go an by whatever first bed comes across. I love my dog too much to do that. And I was surprised to see that the Orthopedic Dog Bed is very affordable. And the benefits of having it are many for my dog. So, I have made up my mind. this is the one! Thank you for helping me with this.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Yes, all 5 beds in my outdoor doggie bed review are really good value beds under $200.

      Can I ask which one you have decided on?


  4. Great review on doggie beds. I really like the article as it provides a lot of choices with pros and cons for each product. The videos are extra cute and really helpful to see how theses doggie beds look like in real life so it will very useful. Thanks for the excellent article and the cut dogs!

  5. Thanks for sharing this list of outdoor dog beds. I see that a lot of the the cons that these beds have in common is that they’re easily chewed up by dogs that chew or that they sag due to larger dogs. Would you consider the excessive chewing to be a behavioral issue and what steps would you suggest owners take to mitigate the issue? In regards to the sagging, I suppose you get what you pay for. If you insist on having a bed outside for your dog to lay on, you’d probably be better off investing in something that was water proof and very sturdy so it wouldn’t break down so easily; especially if you have a very large dog. 

    • Hi Rachel,

      Unless its a puppy and they are teething, chewing is normally a sign of boredom in dogs.

      A dog that is left with very little mental or physical exercise will tend to be a chewer.

      You are so right in regards to You Get What You Pay For which is why I always look for the best quality beds for all my dogs, and that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive!

      Thanks for taking the time to read this article and comment.


  6. My doggo is an inside doggo but she has an outside bed for when she wants to bask in the sun. It is an elevated one, though not one of these, and she loves it.

    We opted for an elevated bed because bugs kept getting into her fur (ants especially) and biting her. The poor thing turned out to be allergic to these bites and they swelled up big. Scared me, I thought there was something seriously wrong. The elevated bed pretty much stopped this problem and I would recommend getting elevated to anyone who wants to give their doggo an outside bed.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I am exactly the same, all my dogs are indoor dogs however each of them has their own outdoor raised bed also.


  7. Great article. My dog recently destroyed her bed and now manages to lay in the cats bed and subseqently looks ridiculous since she is too big. I’ll have to look into some of the ones that you recommend in your post. The memory foam one looks like it would be really comfortable.

  8. Hi Mark, you have certainly covered a great range of outdoor beds for under $200 and I think that price is a point worth remembering as owning a pet can get expensive quickly but we really need to look after them. Personally, I could bear to leave my dog outside, and our weather isn’t too bad but if I had to, one of these beds would be my choice. I like the idea of the beds that are off the ground as the cold can really come up (as I’ve found out camping) and this can cause joint pain and even make them sick.

    • Hi Lily,

      My two dogs are also inside dogs, in fact all the dogs I have had over the many years have always been inside dogs.

      A good dog bed is so important for a dog whether it be indoors or outdoors.

      Dogs spend up to 16 hours a day relaxing and sleeping so a good quality bed is a must in my view.

      Thanks for the comments and for visiting our website today.


  9. These are great reviews for Outdoor Doggie Beds. Some are really costly though, but they seem quite amazing, with elevated comfort and smart design. I’m a bit concerned about the sizes, which don’t seem ideal for large dogs. I also think it would be of utmost importance to know the dimensions in order to get right sizes for our dogs.


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