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Is It Necessary To Give Your Dog Supplements?

This is a question that is divided into two dog owner categories, the first is those that feed an appropriate commercial grade complete and balanced dog food and those that are fed a homemade diet which is usually the raw diet.

If you are a dog owner who falls into the first category it probably isn’t necessary to give your dog supplements, however in saying this do you really know if your dog is getting everything they need from their meal?

However if you are the make at home dog parent then I would highly recommend giving your dog supplements to make sure they are getting the vitamins they need with their meals.

My two dogs are fed a high quality commercial grade dog food with some raw thrown in and this is why I have had them on Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete for the past two years.

I am probably contradicting myself here but the bottom line is that a good supplement whether you feed your dog a commercial grade dog food or a raw diet will benefit your dog especially if it is a high quality supplement.

I am going to review a supplement from the Wholistic Pet Organics brand which I currently use for my dogs because for me it is the only complete all in one health supplement and I know that whatever they may be missing in their diets will be covered by this supplement.

So Let’s dive in and see why this supplement is rated the number 1 Dog Supplement.

What Is Wholistic Pet Organics

Wholistic Pet Organics has been developed for your dogs long term health and wellness.

When I first started sing this product I noticed a huge improvement in both of my dogs appearance within a couple of weeks.

Both of them had shinier coats and my black Labrador who’s coat was previously fairly dull had started to become very shiny and thicker.

Friends of mine who have had dogs with allergies have said within weeks of adding this supplement to their diet that the scratching and chewing has completely stopped.

Wholistic Pet Organics helps to maximize your dogs nutritional needs with organic probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, and antioxidants to promote a better skin and coat and provides excellent allergy symptom relief and in many cases cure.

How Does Wholistics Pet Organics Benefit My Dog?

Wholistic Canine Complete is a dog food supplement that is stacked full of multivitamins and is a great source of protein for our dogs.

This all in one whole food supplement is packed full of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes to ensure your dog is getting everything they need to be at their healthiest best.

Canine complete is a great supplement for restoring your dogs gut health and has none of the nasty fillers, synthetics, GMO’s and artificial flavoring that a lot of other supplements have.

Using this supplement I can guarantee you will see some great results in your dogs overall health within a couple of weeks and is the perfect supplement for dogs of all ages.

Wholistic Pet Organics only use the best quality ingredients and are rated by the NASC as having the highest quality control standards in the industry.

What Makes This Supplement So Good?

According to the Wholistic Pet Organics website they say the reason their Canine Complete supplement is so good is because it is only made of pure, high quality ingredients.

Their organic kelp which is a key ingredient is the best in the world and is an excellent source of iodine, Vitamin K, magnesium, iron, calcium and lignans all key ingredients to a healthy dog.

Their whole fish protein is produced from white fish native to the pristine waters of New Zealand and provides 90% protein for your dog.

Other facts that make this the number 1 dog supplement on the market are;

  • All-in One Whole Food Supplement For Long-Term Pet Wellness.
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics and Probiotics.
  • Essential Fatty Acids, Digestive Enzymes and Antioxidants.
  • Helps to Regulate Normal Immune and Digestive Functions.
  • Supports Normal Cell, Tissue, and Organ Function.
  • Skin and Coat Care.
  • Allergy Relief.
  • Fights Free Radicals.

How Much Should I Give My Dog and How?

The greatest thing about this supplement is that it is in powder form and all you need to do is simply mix it in with your dogs regular meal.

No more hassles trying to get your dog to take a supplement tablet when using this.

The chart below will help you decide on how much you should be giving your dog.

What Are Customers Saying?

4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Impressive Considering

I really dislike most negative reviews, as they generally are not helpful.

A lot of them here are a case in point. Your dog didn’t like the taste? Okay, I don’t like raspberries, should I give them a bad review? That is not the fault of the product. Just simply say it didn’t work for your dog, or better yet, don’t leave a review.

We did a lot of research before I chose this product, as I cook for my pup. I even had her vet scold me for doing so.

I want the cleanest food for my family and that includes my pets. That means Purina will never enter my door and I have to work really hard to get her values right.

This product supports that goal. I am fortunate that Freyja likes it. It is easy to use, although it can be messy if your dog blows while eating, as it is a powder. While not a bargain, it does have a fairly affordable price point. Overall I am pleased.

5.0 out of 5 stars I understand the cancer won’t go away but the change in his condition was dramatically better in just a week

Purchased this to complement the natural food change for four dogs (3 frenchies and one pit bull with incurable cancer).

My pit got this simply because everyone else did. I had an unexpected result.

Our pit with cancer had bald patches, dry flaky skin and his entire belly section was full of bumps and red and he was licking his feet.

The only real change for him was this powder. His bumps are gone, his coat is shiny and no hair missing and no flakes or feet licking.

He seems to have pep back in his step. I understand the cancer won’t go away but the change in his condition was dramatically better in just a week.

1.0 out of 5 stars I purchased this item based on the excellent reviews it received

I purchased this item based on the excellent reviews it received.

Unfortunately, I did not have the same experience as the majority of other reviewers.

I gave this to my boxer, who is turning 8 in a couple of months. She has no health problems and I figured adding a multivitamin to her diet would be good for her.

The first couple of days she was a little gassy, but I was almost expecting that because she has a mildly sensitive stomach and it takes her a bit to adjust to a dietary change.

We stopped adding this supplement to her food because she started experiencing severe diarrhea (woke me up at 3 am to run outside and spent the following day running in and out of the house).

I could not think of anything else that might have been causing the symptom. She has been off this supplement for 2 days now and is much, much better (still not 100%).

Now I will be looking into getting a different multivitamin for her. Whatever is in this supplement did not agree with her stomach at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many servings per container?

A. It all depends on the size of the dog but the recommended dosage is 1 tbsp for a small dog on the 30 lb 2 tablespoons for a dog over 65 pounds and for dogs in the middle a tbsp and 1/2. The 1-pound canister lasts at least a couple months.

Q. Is This In Pill or Powder Form?

A. It is in powder form which yo mix into their food.

Q. Can this be returned if my dog won’t eat their food when this supplement is added?

A. Yes. They offer a 90-day risk free money back guarantee.

Q. How many tablespoons in a 1lb container?

A. There are approximately 52 tablespoons (156 teaspoons) in every pound of Wholistic Canine Complete™. A one-pound container will last a 30-pound dog 52 days, or almost 2 months! In addition, the largest of dogs require just two tablespoons daily.

My Final Words

Just like you I have always wanted my dogs to be healthy and well.

This is what led me to start using Canine Complete and my dogs honestly have never looked healthier.

So if you find you are asking yourself is it necessary to give your dog supplements I hope this review has helped answer that question for you.

If you have any other questions on dog supplements please leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you with the answers.

From all of us at Our Dogs World 101 we say, “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”

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11 thoughts on “Is It Necessary To Give Your Dog Supplements?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with supplementing your dog’s diet. Our dog recently got to a point where she was no longer eating the store-bought (recommended by vet) food, so my sweetie decided to start cooking for her. We’ve got the dog on a 2x / day supplement that she takes with each meal, but she really doesn’t seem to like eating it… she reluctantly eats it, but it would be awesome to find one that tasted more like a treat she craved. 

    Sometimes our dog is still finicky and doesn’t eat right away so we put the food away to feed to her later. Do you think the mixed-in powder is still good after a few hours of being mixed-in with food?

  2. Hi Mark. Your blog is truly encyclopedia of dog knowledge and every time I have some doubts in this topic im starting research from  your site. I’m trying to give my dog proper dog food but to be fair I can’t refuse him also some homemade meals. That’s why I was looking for good pet supplement , and it seems wholistic pet organic will be perfect. Its natural, have lot of vitamins and minerals and price is really reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  3. Dogs at home are amazing creatures that provide security, defense and also give company when you are lonely. This is the more reason we need to take care of there health. Through this post, I have gained some value on how to take care of a dog through add supplements.

  4. I am looking for new supplements for my dog because I don’t trust anymore the brands at the store. I’ve been looking for a brand that provides more natural and organic ingredients. I was wondereing if wholistics pets organics was 100% certified organic and after viewing the video I was glad to get the confirmation that it is!! Do i need to slowly transition to the new supplements? How do I switch? Many thanks for your help!

  5. Wow, it appears that Wholistic Pet Organics are really beneficial. I’m looking forward to including this supplement in my dog’s food and seeing if the scratching and chewing allergies can finally heal within weeks, as you said.
    I can also see that this supplement can help my dog’s skin and coat improve. I’m delighted you said this supplement is suitable for dogs of all ages.
    I’m also glad to know that all I will have to do is mix it  with my dog’s regular food.
    Thank you also for sharing the chart on how I would provide this supplement to my dog.

    Excellent review.

  6. Hi Mark! Being a dog lover myself, I find this article to be very helpful in choosing the right supplement for your dogs. In the area I’m living, we do not stress that much importance on dog supplement but after reading your post, I start to think that it should be the top priority in maintaining our dog’s health and wellness. I plan to get one in the future and I’ll look into the Wholistic Pet Organics you’re recommending. Thank you for the wonderful article!

  7. Well, first of all, I think is it necessary to give one’s dog (s) supplements. Furthermore, I would like to thank you on what you have written on this article. This is really educating and would go along way to give dog owners the understanding on supplements for dogs and it’s necessity.

  8. Hi Mark, although I am not familiar with the Wholistic pet organic products, I do like the fact that it is organic. Using organic ingredients are just so much better, than ingredients that have been sprayed with chemicals. So far I have not been using an actual supplement for my dogs, but I do give them fish oil with their food on occasion to help with their joints and shiny coats. 

    Would Wholistic products be available in Europe? It would be good to know if it is available in Italy. Thanks

    • Hi Line,

      Yes it can be ordered online through the links I provided and yes it is delivered worldwide.

      I usually get mine delivered to Australia within 7 – 10 business days



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