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Hachi Dog Tale – Training The Perfect Pet

Hachi Dog Tale, we have all seen the movie, and I will be the first to admit I cried my eyes out!

They say that like father, like son. It is no different in the case of pets and their respective owners.

Obviously, the blood is not the same. Still, after an adoption, shortly after birth, the puppy’s behavior will evolve into an adult will depend a lot on human teaching and habits.

Every new animal member in the family should know firsthand and at an early age the necessary rules so that the coexistence between human and canine components is the best possible.

These basic rules involve training that becomes mutual for both the owner and the pet over time.

I have worked in the military for 18 years, and I can testify that dogs are our faithful friends. Since I was 6 years old, I have had dogs, so I will teach you how to train and how you should teach your dog.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s get started!

1. Learn How To Treat Your Dog

People who love animals can easily fall into the temptation to treat them like humans.

But this is not very beneficial for the animal because it is not a person even if it is better than many people. Therefore, we must learn to treat it fairly.

Why Can’t A Dog Be Treated Like A Human?

It is simple: they cannot reason. It is true that with good training, they can understand what you want to tell them or order them, but they can never understand the reasoning.

Sometimes they will probably instinctively disobey something you have taught them before, so to treat your dog fairly, you can’t get angry or yell at him trying to make him understand why he

can’t do that.  Forget it; he will never understand. He is not a person.

If you want to calm their traumas without educating them, just giving them cuddles as if they were a baby and you, their mother, (which we understand that this may be the

a feeling of many towards their pets) may negatively influence the character and personality of the dog.

Negative Effects Of Treating Your Dog Like A Human


It is well-known that animals cannot eat the same food as people because their stomach is not prepared for certain foods. There are some foods that they cannot digest and others that can even cause their death. If you would like to know what food your dog should avoid check out a list I have put together for all you pet parents.


Many people believe that bathing your pet will often make him clean and happy.  Well, the truth is that bathing a dog too much can have bad consequences for his health,  his coat, and his emotional balance. If you want to treat your dog fairly, follow your veterinarian’s instructions regarding the baths he needs.

Not Helping Them With Their Traumas

If every time the animal is afraid of something, like firecrackers, thunderstorms, or something similar, you go running to comfort him, he will grow up to be a mentally weak dog who will not know how to react to defend himself, who will bark for no reason and may become a dog afraid of everything or even worse, aggressive.

To treat your dog fairly, give him love but with balance.

Treating Them As An Equal

This is a serious mistake because the dog will feel totally disoriented. Their descent from wolves makes dogs instinctively need a leader.

It is innate, and someone has to guide them. If you don’t play the role of leader, this could come back to haunt you.

It could be that your dog wants to assume that role by doing what he wants, not obeying orders, and even becoming an aggressive dog.

Not Setting Limits

Letting the dog do what he wants because you love him and don’t mind picking up the garbage he spreads or throwing away the shoes he breaks goes a little with the previous point. The dog needs to feel loved, but he can’t live in a world without rules, as it can turn his behavior into something negative.

Treat your dog fairly, tell them what you want from them, set rules, and limit their behaviors.

2. How To Have A Happy Dog

  • Exercise. A dog needs to channel his energy and release adrenaline. There is nothing better for this than exercise. Don’t just take your dog out for five minutes to relieve himself. Make him exercise.
  • Discipline. Discipline will help guide your dog to be happy. You must set limits and help him learn what things you want him to do and what things you don’t allow.
  • Love. This is fundamental for your dog to be happy. It would be best if you found the balance between love and discipline; this way, you can treat your dog fairly.

For your dog to be happy, he must have his instinctive needs covered. To do this, you must follow these three guidelines.

I understand that the love you feel for your animal you compare to that of a father and a son or mother and daughter, but don’t forget that it is not a person; it is an animal and needs to live under certain guidelines.

3. Steps To Train Your Dog

  • Raising Awareness In The Whole Family

    There is nothing better than preparing the ground for the arrival of the new furry member. It is important to determine the different roles that each family member will have regarding educating my dog and living with him. Discipline is the same for both.

For example, if one of the rules is to feed the dog at a certain time, no one should offer him any food between meals unless it is during training.

  • Study Their Behavior In Depth

    Each puppy is different and may not act as you expect. Therefore, each of them needs specific training following the characteristics and attitude of the animal. An

    example could be the case of the dog that tries to bite its own tail. Strange behavior that may occur for some physical or psychological reason can be treated but also prevented.

  • Clear And Basic Rules

    Dogs need rules that are easy to assume and follow from the very first moment to capture their attention quickly and make them comply with them little by little. A clear rule could be not to eat from the table, so the most convenient thing would be never to offer them from our own plate.

Rewards, Treats, and Reprimands

It can be challenging, if not impossible, to educate a puppy without any reward in return. Food is often the element of desire on the part of these small dogs to be used as a stimulus to them when they do not want or do not feel strong enough to comply with our rules.

It is mandatory to be aware that the reward in the form of food must have a very measured size since the animal cannot eat a large amount in a short period for its health and welfare.

In small portions of some dog food or healthy food, such as turkey, you can easily reward the good behavior of our faithful companion.

Another means of reward is an interactive play, either by throwing balls or any object he runs to if it is thrown at him. This is an action that undoubtedly always excites the animal.

For agility and speed tests, this type of game is perfect for them.

Verbal praise also influences the attitude of the dog, who reacts correctly if he perceives a friendly, high-pitched voice every time he hastily performs an exercise.

It is equally important to act oppositely if the puppy disobeys, employing a more severe tone with the necessary reprimands so that the animal is aware that he has made a mistake, that he can distinguish the tone to realize that he did not act well, but always preceding the forgiveness, necessary to go on and evolve.

Do Not Exceed The Exercise Or The Duration Of The Session.

It is convenient to maintain a comfortable and adaptable session rhythm for the puppy, with games that the owner himself can invent and enjoy with his pet.

Breaks are essential if the animal becomes physically tired or bored. If the human himself feels the heaviness, the best thing to do is to stop and continue in the next session.

To avoid this type of event, it is advisable to use periods of time that do not exceed 15 minutes. However, this will also largely depend on the breed of dog, its exercise needs, etc.

Controlling Your Needs And Schedules.

The training of physiological needs is fundamental to obtain control from the beginning. Puppies as young as three months old cannot have complete control over their bladder and bowels, which can lead to unfortunate accidents anywhere.

We should not reprimand severely if this situation occurs, as it can undermine the animal’s morale. It is necessary to understand that most puppies will need at least six months of training to carry out their needs where they belong.

Remember They Are Only Puppies.

Puppies can only go without urinating or defecating for a certain number of hours, depending on how many months old they are.

Here are some great tips for toilet training your puppy.

That is to say, a five-month-old puppy should not be inside any establishment or in its own house for more than five hours, except if it is a nighttime schedule, in which while they sleep, it happens to them as it happens to babies.

Usually, until they are four months old, puppies will not be able to spend a whole night without needing to go to the toilet.

Feeding Schedule

Feeding schedules are just as important. Nutrition is too vital for the human to be implanted to the animal freely, so it is very convenient to go to a veterinarian to implement a rigid schedule of meals per day to avoid problems by feeding between meals or excesses that cause gastric problems in the stomach, among other things.

Getting Fresh Air

In addition to being forced to go out every few hours to relieve themselves, dogs need fresh air every few hours. Young puppies need to go to the bathroom every half hour or so, and adult dogs with a stable physique need to go outside and walk to change the environment and breathe in the different smells in the air.

In the morning, after lunch, and before going to sleep would be the three most suitable outings.

Training The Perfect Pet – We Thank You.

Thank you for coming this far. We hope this guide has been beneficial for you. I really hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions regarding our Hachi Dog Tale article or would like to leave your own thoughts or an article of your own, please leave your comments below.

All articles that our readers write, once approved, will be published on our website within the Dog House with all credits and references to you, the author.

As always, May Your Home Be Filled With Love & Dog Hair.


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  1. I was just reading your article here and i have to say i agree with you 100 percent. It really is a balancing act when it comes to how strict or fussy over your dog. Many do make the mistake of over comforting their dogs, and like you say, the dog doesnt build his or her own emotional defence.

  2. I love this article and makes so much more sense as your dog grows with you from a pup to an adult. My Dog is over a year now and will always be watching and following me around – thankyou for sharing this information Mark

  3. I loved that movie and my dog Tia is an awesome dog. She knows when I need some TLC as she is near me when I’m feeling blue. She is three years old and I got her from SAFE Broome at 9 months old. She has really became a great companion and I adore her immensely. She is a Jack Russell X.
    I grew up with dogs too. So I guess I will always have them around me.

    • Yes I loved the movie to Kadia, in between the tears lol.
      I love the Jack Russell and it is so good to see you have gotten a rescue dog, SAFE do such an awesome job in rehoming them.

      I agree life just isn’t life without a dog in it!


  4. Hi Mark. Thank you for very interesting article. I had few dogs in my life, and they all were perfect even without proper training. But I completely agree with you that rules are important and proper approach from beginning will make dogs life much easier. There are many important advices and recommendations in your article and Im looking forward to use them in practice.

    • I am so glad you found this article useful and look forward to hearing the results when you try them.

      Woof Woof


  5. This was a great movie.

    I am definitely going to try some of the training you have given in this article.

    Really easy to understand and very informative.


    • Hi Steve,

      It was a great movie.

      The saddest thing was that it was based on a true story.

      Let me know if there is anything more you would like to know in regards to training your dog.

      What breed do you have and how old is it?

      I am glad you found the article informative.

      If there is anything else you would like to see within this article please let me know.

      Woof Woof



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