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Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags From Planet Poop

If you had asked me a few years ago to write a review about dog poop bags I would have laughed.

Then if you would have also said this review on Biodegradable Dog poop bags is for a company called Planet Poop, I really would have thought you have lost your s%&t!!

Now fast-forward to today and this is exactly what I am going to bring you today.

In this day and time as responsible pet owners, it is a MUST DO to clean up after our dogs have left their gift.

So with a huge range of Dog Poop bags on the market these days which ones do we go for?

In this review I am going to cover the biodegradable dog poop bags from Planet Poop.

The reason I have chosen this bag over others is that they are both biodegradable and certified compostable.

What Are Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags?

These dog poop bags from Planet Poop are made purely from plants and not plastics.

Planet poop bags are made from all plant based ingredients like cornstarch, cassava, and other renewable resources.

Because these bags are 100% plastic free and completely non-toxic when they are dropped into composting they break down into water and other forms of biomass within 90 days.

What this means for us and our environment is that we are no longer filling landfill with plastic, and that’s got to be a good thing for this great planet!

When you buy a planet poop dog poop bag you can be assured you are purchasing a 100% certified decompostable product.

Why Do I Need Dog Poop Bags?

The answer to this for responsible dog owners is simple, your dog poops and you need to clean up that poop somehow.

For the irresponsible dog owners who think it’s OK to just leave it where it is because it will eventually dry up, the answer to you is it doesn’t!

Especially in the winter months when we get the rains, this dog poop you have decided to leave gets washed away by the rain and ends up contaminating the water run-off.

This is why the USEPA (US Enironmental Protection Agency) has classified dog poop as a waste pollution, along with oils, insecticide and grease.

So i have covered why we need dog poop bags for both the responsible dog owner and the one who is still learning, so what’s next?

Is There a Difference Between A Good Poop Bag And a Bad One?

Where do I start?

Let’s start with what I look for in a good dog poop bag, and that would have to be the size and the strength.

Picture this for a moment.

You were sitting down for dinner last night tucking into your favorite beef curry and decided you could no longer resist those puppy dog looks your dog was giving you.

You think to yourself surely these few tiny bits of chewy meat won’t hurt.

Dinners done and off you head for your evening walk and your fur bub stops to do their business and holy crap (literally) what comes out is more like a chocolate whip ice-cream.

You pull out your flimsy cheap dog poop bag (Yes the responsible pet owners carry these) clean up the mess, tie up the bag and continue on with your walk.

Next thing you notice is that awful smell and when you look down at the poop bag you see it has split and you now have that chocolate whip running everywhere (Yes this has happened to me).

They should also be easy to separate from the other bags, something Planet Poop have made sure of with their easy tear dog poop bag rolls.

You also want them to be easily opened, the last thing you want is to spend time frustratingly trying to open it, that’s the last thing you need when you are trying to clean up the gift left by Fido.

You will also want the bag to be easily tied to avoid that leakage I mentioned before.

So Why Biodegradable and Compostable?

As we talked about previously, leaving your dog poop lying around isn’t great for the environment, however neither is plastic.

Before I go further with this take a moment to grasp these figures, they will blow your mind!

As a world population we currently use about 5 TRILLION plastic bags a year (Yup that’s TRILLION), according to World Counts.

This equates to 160,000 every second! and means each one of us are using over 700 every year.

I don’t know about you, but I sure want to do more for our planet, and that is why I have chosen to use the biodegradable dog poop bags.

So Let’s take a lesson on the two terms you will see in a lot of poop bag descriptions and that is biodegradable and compostable.

Biodegradable and compostable are the terms used for describing the breakdown of materials in a certain environment.

Both these words are thrown around when advertising environmentally friendly products that actually aren’t that says, The State of California

For me, I use these for two main reasons.

  1. My Kids. I want them to enjoy our planet earth as much as I have, and to ensure this we need to do everything we possibly can, no matter how tiny that may be. Reducing plastic in landfill, (Remember the number 5 TRILLION) is one of my families ways of helping.
  2. I like to support a small family owned business with the same views as me regarding our world environment.

Watch Out For The Competitions Tricks!

Two terms you will see thrown around as you go about the crappy task of finding the right dog poop bag for your dog will be, Eco Friendly & Environmentally Friendly.

Both of these are exceptional things regarding the protection of our planet, however this is where they use their marketing trickery regarding their poop bags.

As I found out a while back, many companies can legally promote their products this way because they are in fact using Eco & Environmentally friendly products to manufacture the packaging and the center rolls, however the actual bags themselves are still plastic or a by product of.

Why Planet Poop Dog Poop Bags?

  • They Are More Than Just A Green Coloured Bag – All planet poop dog poop bags are vegetable based and non-GMO What tis means is that once they are put into a composting environment they will break down fully within 90 days and this is because they have no plastics or nasty chemicals.
  • Leak Proof And Odorless – All Planet Poops bags are super thick and come with a 100% leak proof guarantee, meaning you can pick up your dogs poop knowing that the only place it will ever be is in the bag!
  • Planet Poop Gives Back To Our Animal Friends – Whenever you purchase these bags it helps Planet Poop support a course very close to my heart and that is Mission Pawsible in Bali Indonesia who take care of dogs in real need. If you are a dog lover I encourage you to check out what these great people do.
  • Why Planet Poop? – This one comes straight from the company itself and that is, Because plastic stinks and INTEGRITY matters. We ONLY SELL plant-based non-GMO bags, NEVER PLASTIC. What you see is what you get. It looks eco-conscious & earth friendly because it actually is!

What Are Customers Saying About These Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags?

5.0 out of 5 stars ACTUALLY compostable and strong

I admit — I have been suckered by words like “Earth rated” and “biodegradable” into buying what turned out to be basic plastic (or worse, “scented” plastic — aka airborne chemical fumes that don’t make dog poop smell any better, but they sure do leave a nice headache).

After going from one fake green brand to another so often that I almost gave up, I finally came across Planet Poop.

I don’t know why companies spend so much money on misleading marketing when they could just invest that cash into making an actually honest, high quality product. (Maybe because marketing is the only way consumers even find out about products anymore?)

Luckily, I somehow managed to find this company. Not only do they meet the highest standards for compostable bags (in 90 days) — US certified and pass EU standard — the bags are thick and sturdy and don’t break like most of the plastic trash does.

5.0 out of 5 stars Environmental alternative to plastic poop bags

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious and reduce my use of single-use plastics, I switched over to these biodegradable poop bags.

I waited to write my review after using them for a while. I originally purchased the smallest package and ended up liking them so much that when I ran out, I restocked with the bulk package.

These bags work really well. They are a good size and aren’t like most poop bags, which are two-dimensional.

These open into a 3-dimensional bag (hope that makes sense) and are large enough to scoop up big dog poop (our boy is 90 lbs). I also use them when cleaning my cat litter. They are durable.

I don’t use a dispenser, I just keep the sticker on the roll and keep it in the front pocket of my dog training treat bag, so I can’t speak to if it fits standard dispensers.

In the first batch that I bought, the sticker that held the rolls together was too sticky and would tear the bag.

In the latest shipment, that hasn’t been the case. The sticker comes off easily and I can even reuse it to keep the bag roll nicely intact. That makes this product basically perfect in my book!

Highly recommend this item to anyone wanting an environmental alternative to plastic poop bags.

5.0 out of 5 stars The best bags to reduce your poop-print

In an effort to cut down on the amount of single-use plastic I use, I made a switch in the products I purchase.

While I use compostable trash bags in my home, I realized I was using biodegradable poop bags for my dogs.

With several walks a day I started wondering about the “poop-print” I was leaving.

There’s a difference between compostable and biodegradable. A compost bag breaks down in approximately 90 days and leaves no trace or toxic residue.

Biodegradable bags, on the other hand, break down, but at a much slower rate (i.e., years) and sometimes they break down into smaller pieces of plastic…not ideal.

So I started searching and decided to give the Planet Poop bags a try. I honestly think they’re, hands down, the best poop bags (plastic, biodegradable or otherwise) I’ve ever used.

They are well-made and sturdy, no split seams and the bags aren’t thin.

The bags actually feel really nice (I realize that’s an odd thing to say, but they’re smooth and flexible, unlike a plastic bag).

Yes, the bags are more expensive than your bulk plastic poop bags, but it’s worth the price if I can make a difference in my landfill contribution.

It’s the little steps we take that – collectively – add up.

I will definitely be using these bags for my pups from here on out. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

You can check out all the customer reviews on Biodegradable and Compostable Dog Poop bags here.

Pros & Cons of Planet Poops Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags.


  • Bags return to soil in 90 days.
  • Plastic free packaging and cardboard cores.
  • Is a small family owned business – Meaning awesome customer service.
  • Help dogs in need throughout Bali, Indonesia.
  • Leak proof & Odorless.


  • Size guide is misleading according to 1% of customers.
  • Had issues with bags splitting and quality control in 2020.

Planet Poop Have You Covered – And Not In Crap!

These biodegradable dog poop bags come in a great range of sizes and types as you can see below.

So What Product Is Best For Me?

Planet Poop bags have the following products available and they are Expandable Bags On Refill Rolls, Standard Size Bags On Refill Rolls, Handle Bags In A Dispensing Box, and a few more which you can check out in the below table.

My Final Word On Planet Poop Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

I will be straight up here, I am currently using Earth Rated dog poop bags, however after talking with other users of this product and chatting with a few environmentalists, I have ordered these to try out once I use my last roll of Earth Rated.

On the research I have done and chatting with customers who are using these bags I would highly recommend this product, not only for it earth friendly properties but also due to the fact they are strong and thick for a Non-Plastic bag, something I know from experience can be lacking in dog poop bags that are trying to be environmentally friendly.

I would love to hear your comments on this product, or maybe a dog poop bag you are currently using, so please leave those comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Remember, “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”


Founder of Our Dogs World 101


5 thoughts on “Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags From Planet Poop”

  1. This is the greatest review I have read in quite sometime.  There was no Bull crap in it and it was literally all about crap!  I love the idea of biodegradable poop bags and to think they return to soil in 90 days time! That is simply amazing.  

    Why are we not using these products for all of our plastic bag needs? I recently saw a YouTube video about the great garbage patch in the middle of the ocean and it saddened me.  This is a great first step in controlling that problem, at least making sure it does not get any worse. 

     Also, I had no idea dog poop was classified as a pollutant and that it could get into our water! Week. Thanks for opening my eyes to a amazing product. If dogs could pick up their own poop, this is definitely the product they would choose! 

  2. There are a couple of things that I look forward to see in a bag like this. First of all that they don’t leak. That, I think, is the key for me, LOL. And secondly, that they may be truly eco-friendly.

    Based on your review, this bad from Planet Poop excels in these 2 points. So, I will purchase a few and give them a try. Thank you!

  3. Hello, I see that the safeguard of our planet also includes dog poop bags! Wow! I live in Paris and I saw dog poop that wasn’t taken care of by the dog’s owners. And I was thinking lately that I would give them a poop bag and force them to throw their poop in the trash! I also like the fact that you give a comparison of the available poop bags, so that we can make a choice according to our budget and our needs. I found this article very informative.

  4. Hello Mark! As a dog owner, keeping my home free of dog feces in an environmentally responsible manner has been challenging for me. However, after reading your article, I learned something new that I didn’t know before about Planet dog poop biodegradable bags consisting of cornstarch, cassava, and other renewable resources. Another plus point is that it can be decomposed totally in 90 days, whereas other poop bags can take up to a year.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for dropping by our site and as another huge dog lover we also were looking at a more environmentally friendly way when it came to picking up our dog poop.

      One of my dogs (Saffron) is a 78kg English Mastiff so you can only imagine the size of her gifts!

      The thing I love most about the Planet Poop bags, other than being biodegradable is that they are also incredibly strong, unlike some of the other eco-friendly poop bags on the market.

      I dropped by on your site at ecoscoopers.com and I Can see you have made a great business from this, well done!

      If it is ok with you we would love to link a few of our articles to this site. Let us know if this is ok and I will then go ahead.

      Thanks for your comment.



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