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8 Reasons You Need a GPS Tracker for Dogs

A GPS tracker for dogs will ensure that your dog is always safe. It’s also great news for dogs with strong prey drives, hyperactive dogs, and pups that keep taking off.

Black and white dog in bushesGPS dog trackers offer more than peace of mind. They can also be lifesavers. If you are one of those watchful pet parents, you can read on to learn how a GPS tracker for dogs can benefit you and your dog.

Even the well-trained dogs will run away if they are scared. You likely won’t need it, but it could be life-saving if you do. No matter your situation, here are ten reasons you should get your dog a GPS tracking device for safety and peace of mind.

What is a GPS Tracker for Dogs?

Some GPS trackers, such as Tractive GPS, also include Activity Monitoring. That allows you to see how active your dog is, ensure enough sleep, and spot unusual patterns.

GPS Tracker for Dogs is a micro device that attaches to the collar or harness of your dog and allows you to track their movements using GPS (Global Positioning System) and other technologies.

Reasons You Need to Get Your Dog a GPS Tracker

  • The microchip on your dog won’t help you track her.
  • Your dog can be an escape artist.
  • Dogs are easily scared.
  • No matter how distant you are, you can easily track your dog.
  • It is crucial to find out if your dog wanders off from home.
  • Keep your dog healthy.
  • You want your dog to be happy.
  • To be free to roam the natural world without a leash.
  • Your dog is your lifesaver.

The Microchip on Your Dog Won’t Help You Track Her.

Bring your dog home safely on your own if they run away or go missing. You don’t have to rely on microchips or lost dog posters to reunite your dog with you. Track your dog with a GPS dog tracker on your Smartphone screen.

Golden Retriever standing on rock surrounded by waterThis question is frequently asked: Do microchips for dogs include GPS for tracking four-legged friends? No! You can only use the microchip to locate lost or found dogs. A GPS dog tracker allows you to locate your dog and track them in real-time.

Learn more about the differences between microchips & GPS dog trackers.

Your Dog Can Be an Escape Artist.

A survey done by the ASPCA found that 15% of pet owners had lost their cat or dog in the last five years. One in three dogs will disappear in their lifetime, according to some estimates. Pet parents consider this the main reason they get a GPS tracker for their pet. It will prevent that from happening.

There could be many reasons your dog keeps running away, but there is one specific thing. You’re not the only one who has an escape artist.

Dogs Are Easily Scared.

A GPS tracker can be a great safety precaution if your dog is easily scared. Although you cannot predict when your dog bolts, you can track where she is going right away.

Frightened dogs are more likely to run off. Many dogs run away on New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July every year. Dogs can be afraid of loud noises and fireworks, but they can also fear other things.

No Matter How Distant You Are, Your Dog Can Be Found.

Tractive GPS has a Find Mode feature that allows you to locate your dog within a short distance. That is ideal for those times when there’s no GPS signal or you are at home.

Tractive Dog & Cat GPS Tracker, White People can use GPS worldwide to track their dog’s movements. Bluetooth trackers, also known as GPS dog trackers, are far more reliable than item finders like airbags. You can always make sure to keep an eye on your friends, no matter how far or near they are.

It is Crucial to Find Out if Your Dog wanders Off from Your Home.

Dog fences can be effective but not enough to stop curious dogs from digging their way through. Electric invisible fences are not ethical for dogs. They can cause fear and anxiety in dogs and give them a shock.

What are you to do? It’s simple.

You can build a virtual fence in your yard or any other area you consider safe. The GPS tracker will notify you when they leave and when they return.

You Want Your Dog to Be Healthy.

Did you know that many GPS trackers for dogs can also double as activity trackers? You can use this feature to:

  • Find inspiration to help your dog maintain her ideal weight.
  • Set activity goals for ensuring your dog gets enough exercise.
  • Earn badges, set personal records, and keep fit together.
  • See how much sleep your dog gets throughout the day.
  • Monitor all your dogs in one place.
  • Share your progress with other pets and compare it, or have some friendly competition!

You Want Your Dog to Be Happy.

A GPS dog tracker could be the perfect companion for you if you are anxious about your pet(s) or constantly worry about their safety. Most people believe that the primary purpose of a GPS dog tracking device is to make dog parents less worried.

You Want Your Dog to Be Free to Roam the Natural World Without a Leash.

Note that leash laws in some countries prohibit dogs from being off-leash. That is not true everywhere.

The safety of you and your dog is the number one priority. Before you let your dog off the leash, make sure she is not a danger to others. For security and peace of mind, ensure your dog is following all local laws.

Your Dog Can Be Found in the Dark

Tractive GPS dog trackers have a Light & Sound feature that you can activate with a single tap. Most users confirmed that this feature is “handy for black dogs!”

Have you ever seen your dog run wild on a night walk or leave the house at dawn? A GPS dog tracker can help you locate your dog even on the darkest nights.


A Tractive GPS tracker can help you keep your dog safe. It costs just a cookie and coffee per month. Peace of mind is an invaluable asset, but it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Did you find this article useful? Feel free to share your thoughts. We would be happy to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more posts on dog care and much more!

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8 Reasons You Need a GPS Tracker for Dogs
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A GPS tracker for dogs will ensure that your dog is always safe.
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8 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Need a GPS Tracker for Dogs”

  1. Hi Mark! I only have grandpuppies, but after reading your article, I’m wondering if either of my children might benefit from one of these. The state I live in has pretty strict leash laws, but when we watch one of them, we let them run free on our property. Both dogs have gotten away from us on occasion.

    Anyway, it sounds like it’s a monthly subscription in addition to buying the product. Is that correct? 


    • Hi Lynn,

      Yes I have often thought of having one of these for my children, especially around dinner time when they are supposed to be home LOL.

      Once you have the Fi GPS tracker you simply download the free App.

      I hope that helped?


  2. Hi, Mark,

    I wholeheartedly agree. Dogs are part of our families, and we have to care for them.

    My cousin’s Pomeranian ran away last year, and she never found it. Most likely, somebody saw her on the street and took it with them. It was such a pity.

    The device is not that expensive, but let me ask you something. What happens if they take the collar off? I’m curious.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Mark, to have a GPS tracker on a dog that likes to wander off, is crucial. And it is as you mention, a microchip will help to reunite a dog with its owner, but that could be days or weeks after your dog ran off. 

    We live in the countryside and used to look after a friend’s beagle, who was a real escape artist, even at their own house. We would have to get in the car and drive around looking and calling for the dog. If I think of the hours that we would have saved looking for that beagle, if we had a GPS tracker. 

    I will certainly recommend a GPS tracker for peace of mind. Thanks, Liné

  4. I liked you comment that we might never need a GPS tracker for our dog, but its good to have it.  Our dog is very obedient, but sometimes, if given the chance, will run after a bird or cat.  We often take her to a leash free beach.  There have been times when she will take off after a seagull.  A tracker would be great if we lost sight of her. I also like the idea of the medical applications to track activity and sleep.  We are going to act on the advice of your article.

  5. I’ve actually never considered a GPS tracker for my dog Mark. But it makes perfect sense if you have a dog that is prone to wandering. My little dog can easily get lost if he is distracted by other dogs or cats. I watch him like a hawk as he is a rescue dog and I’m sure it’s because his owner couldn’t find him after he ran away. We’ve been lucky so far, but one day? The Tractive sounds very reasonable and so helpful in tracking your special friends.

    Great review thanks.


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