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6 Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog Gates

It is exhausting to keep a dog in a house. This factor has led dog trainers to warn that even the best-trained dogs can cause injury or trouble. This statement is especially true for owners who do not have the time or ability to monitor and supervise their dogs constantly. You definitely can improve these cases by the use of top-quality dog gates, indoor and outdoor. Veterinarians opine that pet gates are the best way to keep your dog out of the house.

Pet gates are a great alternative to a dog crate. Although often called pet safety gates, you can use indoor dog gates for many reasons. There are gates of many sizes to keep your dog from wandering outside your home’s perimeter regardless of its size.

How to Choose the Best Dog Gates for Your Home

Puppies are more unpredictable than most dogs. Large homes can have pet gates that prevent dogs from entering or leaving a certain area, such as stairs. These gates will protect your pet from getting into any danger or trouble. You can make dog gates from metal, wood, or plastic.

A dog looking through bars of a gate

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Gate for Your Dog

  • Consider the purpose of the gate. This will help you choose the right size and type of gate for your dog (wood, plastic, or metal gates). The purpose of the gate ranges from traveling to barricade. You, therefore, have to choose a size that suits your purpose.
  • You want to choose a gate that can keep your dog safe as she grows. Even though your puppy is small, you want a gate that will work well when she grows up. A gate designed for small dogs may allow your dog to jump easily over it when she grows up.
  • Select the right size and strength. A gate should be strong enough to withstand the abuse your pet will put on it. Small breeds will struggle to overcome many gates. However, large breed dogs can easily overcome even the most formidable freestanding gates.

Types of Dog Gates for Pets

There are three types of dog gates for your pet. They are:

  • Hardware-mounted gates – These gates need hardware to attach to the walls or both sides of a doorway. You can open or close it by using a latching system. Hence, you cannot remove them at will. The major drawback is the fact that you have to embed them permanently in walls and doors.
  • Freestanding gates – These are self-supporting gates. You can use them to create a boundary line for your dog. They are ideal for older pets or dogs that have undergone training.
  • Pressure-mounted gates – These gates are required to be installed between two walls or through a doorway. You can increase their width in small increments. The gate puts more pressure on the wall or doorway. The moment you make the final adjustments, the gate will be held in place by enough pressure on both sides.

Best Dog Gates for Indoor and Outdoor

Having researched the different options available, I brought to you the top 5 gates available today. These gates are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and they have been tested for effectiveness, durability, cost-effectiveness, ease of usage, price, and affordability. These are the best dog gates available today.

1. Richell One-Touch II Gates:

The first choice indoor dog gates come in mahogany or white. The manufacturer designed these pet safety gates to fit into openings between 3 and 5 feet with a tension-mount construction to ensure the gates don’t move when your dog attempts to break them.

The indoor dog gates are easy to open and secure from your Fido. It opens in both directions and contains solid wood. It has a total weight of 15 pounds.

2. Richell One-Touch 150 Model Wide Expandable Dog Gates:

This is a top-rated indoor dog gate. It has various wood finishes that make it easy for dog owners to choose the best match for their home. Its rating is due to its tension mount design that is extremely sturdy.

Richell One-Touch 150 Model Wide Expandable Dog Gate has received very high reviews from pet parents. They praise the gate’s elegant design and compliment the structure.

This gate contains steel and wood; hence, it can withstand larger dogs. The best indoor dog gates are flexible in their length and can work with three to five feet wide doors.

It is super annoying to spend money on a pet product only to find out it does not fit your needs. This pet safety gate will fit most doorways. According to most customers, these best indoor dog gates are simple to install and take very little time to put up.

Although it is expensive, the pet gate is worth every penny. It is a great investment for anyone that seeks freedom for their dogs. The thumb slide on the latch can be confusing for young children that try to climb in. It is dog-proof and may even be childproof in certain cases.

Also, the doggy door doesn’t open at full 180 degrees. It is possible to maneuver the gap, despite not creating it from a vertical angle. It is a solid, sturdy pet safety gate that will be a great investment regardless of whether your apartment is larger or smaller.

3. Freestanding, 5-Panel, Walk-Through Gates:

This 5-Panel, Walk-Through Standing Gate from Dynamic Accents is the second-best indoor dog gate for pet safety. The company claims that it is pet-friendly with its mahogany finish. It is 32 inches tall, which is a bit less than the average three-year-old.

These indoor dog gates have double hinges and five panels that form a “zigzag” effect. This panel allows you to adjust the length of your dog gate according to your preference. It will fit doors up to 9 feet in width.

The powder-coated steel dog door and tension-spring hinge prevent dogs from opening the door by pushing it open. Poplar hardwood is the gate’s overall material. It is sturdy thanks to its powder-coated steel and hardwood construction.

This fence can close off large areas with wide entrance-ways, which is very useful for dog owners who plan to take their dogs out in places that have large enclosures. The latch makes these indoor dog gates second-best.

They are easy to remove when they’re not in use. It is easy to open and close but will still hold its shape if your dog attempts to smash it.

These indoor dog gates can be problematic if your dog is very clever. Your dog might be smart enough to figure out how to get out of the dog playpen. You can avoid this by putting toys and treats for your dog in the dog playpen.

If your dog doesn’t have an incentive to leave, such as boredom or curiosity, she will not be motivated to do so. She won’t be able to escape the security of the gated area because she isn’t motivated.

4. Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Gates:

This indoor dog safety gate is ideal for small dogs as its owner can fold it up into a small enclosure they can put the dog in, such as a pet playpen. It covers approximately 15 feet and has six panels.

It measures almost 32 inches high and serves as a gate for your dog. You can remove the panels to adjust the size of your home. Depending on your needs, the panels of this indoor dog fence lock at 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

It is lockable but simple enough to understand for humans if they need to move from one room to another. The panels can lock at either right or straight angles, so it reduces flexibility. It was great for homes that have floor plans to allow it.

Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate is easy to assemble. Dog owners who have had enough of trying to put together complicated pieces of equipment for their dogs will be happy to know that they can use the pins and caps to move the pet gate into the desired position.

You can adjust the indoor dog gates to fit your needs by adding or removing pieces. You can also disassemble the panels to make smaller sections that you can use in different house parts. This flexibility in configuration is possible because the linking mechanism is simple enough. It is well-built, and the wood is beautiful enough not to be an eyesore.

Although this doggy gate can be quite expensive, customers agree that it is worth the cost. The pieces are a bit heavy to transport, according to several customer reviews. It weighs in at 50 pounds and has a shipping weight that is 58 pounds.

However, the linking mechanism works well. Indoor dog gates are best for small dogs. If your dog is an avid climber, this could pose a problem.

5. Richell One-Touch Gates II

This one is less well-known among customers who are looking for indoor dog gates. The pet gate is now wider to fit through doors up to three feet in width. It is suitable for dogs weighing between 8 and 44 pounds. It measures 34.6 inches in height.

The dog safety gate is made from hardwood and comes with rubber stoppers to prevent the dog from damaging your floors or walls. As indicated by the title, this design is tension-mount, and it is impervious to slippage or being easily jostled. You can operate the pet safety gate lock with one hand. There is also a 90-day warranty.

Richell-Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate was my choice for the fifth-best indoor dog gates. It is well-designed, but the size range is limited. This pet gate is not suitable for larger dogs, but it works well for smaller dogs.

Its durability is an added benefit. The hardwood is beautiful and not an eyesore. Additionally, the stoppers protect your floors and walls from scratches. This is a big plus for pet owners who are tired of removing scrapes and scratches.

These indoor dog gates are easy to use. Although the lock is easy to use, it doesn’t compromise the security of your pet safety gate. Tension mounts will keep your dogs safe from getting out of the gate. The Richell gate was a great choice for customers who wanted to leave their dogs alone.

The indoor pet gate can only be used by dogs under 44 pounds. If your dog is larger than that, it may not work well. It’s also important to clearly describe the sizes, as some customers felt that they needed to be more precise.

These indoor dog gates hallways are the sixth-best. They can be ordered in sizes three, four, or six feet. The gate won’t fit if your doorway is not within these ranges. One customer suggested that you might need to do some “redneck engineering” to resize the gate.

6. Perfect Fit Gate for 4 Cardinals

The Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate is just as good as the Richell version. You can fold it into a hexagon-shaped enclosure, or you may use it in its full length (12 feet). You can also use it as a playpen, gate, or in any other way you like with the panels.

A built-in puppy door is available. It can be folded like an accordion and made from painted wood or black steel. The gate-door latch for the doggy door is installed on an existing panel and is spring-loaded.

Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate was my fourth choice for indoor dog gates. However, the hexagon size is too small to fit larger dogs.

Many customers have rated the Pet Gate as one of the best indoor dog gates. These pet safety gates can be made into any shape you like with the six panels.

Dog owners with young dogs who need to get in and out of an indoor dog gate enclosure
can also use the puppy door. This dog gate can hold puppies securely and keep them contained. The attractive materials used to make the pet gate will fit in with any home decor.

These fifth-best indoor dog gates are well-constructed and versatile. It is definitely worth the investment. The pet safety gate is approximately two feet high. If your dog is taller than that, it might be possible to climb or jump over the gate.

The gate is also heavy and difficult to maneuver even in folded mode. Its strength is what contributes to its weight, so it should be considered when lifting it.

Let’s Shut The Gate On This

There are many reasons for owning a pet gate and it is definitely going to be a great addition to your home.

So, if you own a large dog, a small dog, or a dog you are sure is a reincarnation of Houdini the gates I have mentioned in this article are definitely the best pet gates for the job.

As we always say here at Our Dogs World 101, “May Your Home Be Filled With Love And Dog Hair”


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  1. Hello there! This is an interesting read. I personally do not own a dog, but I was asked to dog-sit a couple of years back for a Pit-bull breed. Wow, they are super strong animals! I can definitely see that a strong gate is essential for protecting people from such an aggressive dog. The Richell One-Touch II Gate seems like a great option for such dogs. I think I will forward this article to my friend that owns the Pit-bull and see what he thinks. Thanks for compiling this list of the best dog gates. 

  2. I actually never had a dog gate when I had dogs! Though when my last buddy was a puppy, my grandparents did end up having to get one to barricade the stairs to the basement. It was amusing to watch the pup try and go down, but it became clear that he was not ready to do so without supervision. If I remember correctly, the cats also enjoyed having downstairs all to themselves!

  3. My daughter has been pestering us for a dog for years. Since she is older now and know her responsibilities, it is about time to get her one. Then, we should need an indoor door gate as we have stairs in the house. I’m glad to have come across your recommendations and the factors to take into consideration when buying is very helpful. Thank you!   

  4. We have a basset hound lab mix that looks just like a Bassett hound except with a lab head. So he is pretty low to the ground. I am thinking that the Freestanding, 5-Panel, Walk-Through Gate would be the best option for him. We are looking for a gate so that we can keep it upstairs when maintenance comes to fix something.

    • HI ALS,

      Of the 6 best indoor and outdoor dog gates the free-standing 5 panel walk-through gate would be ideally suited to your basset hound mix.


  5. I have never actually used a dog gate for my dogs inside the house, so this reminded me of using a stair gate for my boys when they were little. Outside we have used gates mainly to prevent the dogs from going where they might be hurt or to keep them out the chicken run, or run off to chase the sheep in the neighbor’s field. 

    Next time I need a gate, I will certainly refer to your list to get the best gate to do the job. 

  6. I have learned the hard way how it is to have a dog in the house. And not just any dog but a big male German Shepherd! And if the house is more or less small there is a lot of trouble coming without making some plans that will make the stay of both you and the dog better. A dog gate is one of the most essential items you have to buy in such situations and I strongly advice to anyone that plans to have a dog in the house to get one.

  7. Hi Mark. Thank you for very interesting article. Its not easy to keep large dog in home all the time and dog gate can make my life much easier. Its not easy to choose with so many options on market, but looking on your post Richell One-Touch gate is interesting product, with great quality and functionality. Its not cheap but still I believe it will be great fit to my house and Im looking forward to test it in practice.

  8. Good Morning,

    First of all, I am a forever dog lover. I am head over heels for my Morkie and couldn’t imagine having any other pet.

    I don’t have many issues keeping my small dog fenced in, as you mentioned in your article, it’s easy to contain a small dog haha! I wish I had this article when I had my Border Collie Australian Sheppard because I went through soo many different fences trying to contain him. I am sure I spent upwards of $1000 just on fencing alone! Eventually we went with a very high wood paneled fence and had the posts dug really deep. This kept the fence upright every time he would bounce off of it.

    Thanks for the article, hopefully it will save someone a lot of money and time.



  9. My dog, Princess, was stuck with a human mom who worked up to 17 hours per day, so being able to “hold it” for that long was unreasonable.  My yard is fully fenced and escape-proof, so I used this to my advantage to installing a suitable gate so she could come and go as she pleases, regardless if I was home or not.  When I first got her I was a teenager, so there were no issues spending much time with her.  However, the installation of a door gate for her was a logical choice as not only did it give her the convenience to come and go as she pleased, it was also convenient for us so we didn’t always have to get up and let her out when she needed to go potty.  This was really appreciated during more inconvenient times like the middle of the night.  This is actually what sparked it because when she was still just a puppy that lacked bladder control, she peed on my pillow, right next to my head.  So, yeah, this prompted the gate idea.

    Anybody who has a fully fenced yard they know securely keeps their dog in should honestly consider the gate idea for their dog.  Again, this comes in handy.  Of the times where I’d be away for a huge chunk of the day, I actually left the door gate unlocked so she could come and go as she pleases.  My dog was a Chihuahua, mixed with Welsch Corgi, so she was small.  Finding the right-sized gate saw to it only an animal her size can fit through.

  10. With being a new dog owner myself and also have a younger child, looking for doggy/baby gates is something I have been working on for a while. I have had experience buying a couple in the past that did not perform as they said they were. This article is absolutely perfect for me right now as now I know what type of dog gate to lean towards that is best for my dog and my daughter. Great article, thank you!


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